Sunday, March 01, 2009

Very pleasant Sunday - Sun - and Son came

Collage 1 is the bulbs in the ringaround. Top frame is from the front door and the bottom frame is from the opposite side.

When I spoke to David early this morning he said they would like to call in for coffee. It was lovely to see them all and hear more about Center Parcs, Dolls House, School, the Best Monster Competition and all sorts of family news which was great. They brought Sky's Shield and also a framed certificate. Sky has been fund-raising again and collected £115 for the Jeans for Genes project which helps children with genetic disorders.

The Best Monster shield was the subject of a blog-post on 12th February and it was nice to actually see it. It weighs a ton and we thought that the two side by side would make a good picture.

An ideal 'family record' shot. I didn't take people pictures but they all looked so nice and Sky and Brooke are so bright

A good time was had by all, exchanging You Tube favourites. and we had lots of laughs. We gave them Brave Little Tom, see previous blog-post and they gave us The Mom song which, believe me, is first class. Please open the link and play it. And then I'll bet you 50p you'll play it again. That lady is unbelievably good.

The collage on the left is just more flowers, some garden, some window-sill and there seems little doubt that Spring is on the way.

'Something Understood' this morning was devoted to Spring, and the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem 'Spring' was read.

On Friday our 'boiler' man Trevor came and fixed the problem which had been causing the pressure to nosedive alarmingly. Apparently a fault was causing water to be discharged through the overflow outlet. Anyway, he has fixed it and it was good this morning to see the pressure exactly where it had been last night when the system shut down.

This evening is the last programme in the Christianity: A History series and is to be presented by Cherie Blair. Neither of us like her much but we are open-minded enough to see how she gets on. And later we have Jeremy Paxman about The Victorians and their Art.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob..... Can't find a single thing to disagree with you over.

I do hope that, in your busy schedule, you will find time to not run ONE marathon at least. If I feel at the top of my game I might even go for not running two. And I'm quite willing to fit in with your proscription of Kale. Until recently I think it was mainly used as cattle-fodder ? And I always assumed that Curly Kale was a character in a soap opera.

Your assessment of Incredimail is also spot-on. Let us hope that Jill's computer escapes.


Quotation time ...... Shakespeare enjoined us in Julius Caesar to -

"Beware the Ides of March"

The Ides, according to google, because I didn't know, is the 15th of a month. Although I've never formally read Julius Caesar I'd always assumed it was some mark of foreboding to do with JC's assassination.

We live and learn.

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"


Jill said...

I missed commenting yesterday - meant to say we don't get Barnsley chops down here although I know what they are - sounds a bit like a Glasgow kiss! And the orchid photo - the leaves look entirely different to the orchid I had in that colour, and to the one I have now (greeny brown) - all I have is two small fat fleshy leaves at ground level.

I heard the Mom Song a couple of weeks ago, think it is very clever!

Watched Cherie B on the christianity prog, don't like her, she has very pop eyes, I thought the American section was interesting - and scary..... And watched Paxman, why do these presenters always have to drive the train, fire the gun, etc. I didn't know much about Earl Cardigan, and public reaction to the Light Brigade, didn't realise that started us off having a professional army. R is watching 'The 39 steps' - I watched 'The Lady Vanishes' last night.....

Yvonne said...

Jill: I've always thought the last person I'd want to spend an evening in a pub with would be Cherie Blair (the other being Jonathan Ross) but I honestly thought she was rather good in the Christianity programme. (Her pop eyes might be due to a thyroid problem which perhaps she ought to have investigated).

Graham: You obviously didn't do Julius Caesar for O level ......... I did and saw Richard Burton playing Brutus at the Old Vic in London.

bob said...

Bright Sky.
Hope Brooke doesn’t feel overshadowed.
What ages?

Liked Mom Song but you owe me 50p.

We once had similar boiler problem which caused water in cistern to boil.
It sounded like a train coming through the house.

You can't find a single thing to disagree over?
Are you running a temperature? To bed at once!.

Wasn’t Curly Kale in Oklahoma?

Sandra’s birthday, on March 13th, misses The Ides – but it is a Friday!
I saw Caesar at Theatre Royal (with bloke who played Chief Constable).
Did Macbeth at School-Cert 1946and ‘A’Level 1988/89 (also Henry IV Pt 2, Tempest and Othello at ‘A’ 1988/89).

I’d like Barnsley chops if they weren't made of mutton or lamb!
But I recall having one in a canteen-like first-floor Sheffield restaurant in the late 1940s/early 50s – and it was excellent.

Yvonne beat me to Cherie B thyroid analysis.
That maybe the problem with King Charles Spaniels unless it’s just their overbred skulls being too small.

I watched remake of ‘Lady Vanishes’ recently. Not as good but interesting.
I watched ‘The Man Who Would Be King’. Entertaining; Connery & Caine excellent as Masons.