Saturday, February 28, 2009

Butchers - Shopping - Barnsley Chop for TJ


The orchid above is for Jill, as is, in the evening sun, without phosphorescence. Admittedly posed in the corner of my bedroom but no 'photoshoppery' or any other arcane arts used.

My leg is a little better today and if a certain ill-temper tinged my blog-post yesterday I apologise.

This morning we set off early and went to the Butchers. He had some shin going suitably purple/black at the edges so I bought a couple of 1lbs of that and 4 Barnsley Chops, an inch thick sirloin steak (which we shall share) 8 links of his Pork & Sage sausage, 8 links of Best Back unsmoked, 2 x 450 grms beef mince. So we can withstand a siege for a week or two. The we did Lidl and finished up at Morrisons.

As it was Tracy, we permitted eating main meal in the evening. She is so stress-reducing and it was lovely to see her. We had the barnsley chops, mashed potato with swede in it and carrots. For greens I did finely shredded spring greens with finely sliced leek mixed in. And of course, gravy. The little mint-sauce jug is at least as old as me and I have always been charmed by it.

For pudding Y did some fruit filled pancakes and ice-cream. Delicious.

The snap of TJ's back is because I thought she had her 'top' on inside out, due to the label.

But it was just me having an old-fashioned view of the world where labels appeared on the inside of garments. I shall know better in future.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ...... Doubtless your songster would be a robin - although I have noted another more chirrupy contributor which might be a chaffinch. And there is also one which makes a sound rather like opening a crisp packet - not loud or harsh enough for a magpie. This year we really must research the' song of garden birds' - Roy is very good but he isn't around at 5am

R and Mo .... I've put a reminder on my phone so I don't miss the brand new 'Journey into Space'. Blakes 7 is currently running on BBC Radio 7 but, at 25 years old it is a mere strippling compared with some of their output. Round the Horn, The Navy Lark, and many others, but they also do excellent up-to-date readings of classic literature.

Thanks for the updates on Durban House. The situation gets more outrageous as each day passes. I may have to go and demonstrate. As Bungus will confirm I have done it before, in support of a writers club member who I felt had been unfairly fired. It was only a couple of years after my retirement and I knew some of the Officers sent to police the demo. Unusually for a demonstrator one of the Pc's addressed me as Sir ! - Bless him.

Instead of 'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' you would make a fine 'Nonplussed of Newthorpe'.

Bob .... I'm sure that your are spot-on re smorgaswhatsits. I always thought a sandwich had to be two slices of bread with something in-between. Due to it being invented by the 4th Earl of Sandwich but, reading the link, I now realise the story maybe an urban-myth.

Thanks for pointing out that it is Lent. I intend to give up marathon-running.

Jill .... Thanks. And, as you will see above Tracy's lunch eventually became an evening meal.

I heard on the Radio about the Picasso Exhibition and the absence of the relevant works at the side of. Apparently there are are small reproductions exhibited nearby. But that really isn't good enough. From being excited by the prospect I have relapsed into luke-warm at best.

I think a knitter-on-the-plinth is an excellent idea ! Correctly in line with Anthony Gormley's notion.

Re Incredimail. I sincerely hope you get away with it. Unfortunately the word on the streets is that the programme is insidious and causes trouble eventually. This link Don Davidson is to some of the problems people have had. Don't worry if you don't understand most of it, I'm sure you will get the drift.


Quotation time ........

"The Television, that insidious beast, that Medusa which freezes a billion people to stone every night."


bob said...

Your meat supplies would last me over 6 months!

Your little mint-sauce jug is delightful.

I share your dislike of visible labels and whenever possible remove them.
Why should I shell out money to advertise someone?
They should pay me.
I recall a 1940s' advert "Always look for the name Morley" with a dashing gentleman looking inside the top of a young lady's knitted vest or knickers.

I well remember your picket in support of John. *
If I hadn’t lived too far away I would have joined too, albeit against a friend of mine!
* John bought a student round-Europe train ticket. Following advice, he had his head shaved (in 1980s) and it worked; he always had a carriage to himself.

If I can find time I’ll join your non-Marathon (with an open kale sandwich to be thrown away en route).

That Incredimail sounds a vicious b*****d – Computer cancer.

Anonymous said...

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