Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beset by problems - Wet and windy - Blood Test


This is a 'blogger experiment'. I won't bore you with technical details but by ticking a 'none' button I have managed to display 4 separate images side by side so each should be responsive to a 'click' and thereby enlarge to a readable size. So far so good. This blend appealed to me in Bulwell Morrisons and it is very pleasant. A mash-up of Assam, and Darjeeling with a hint of fermented Oolong. Interesting and attractive flavour. Mentioned in my big 'Tea' book

The problem of the day stems from my routine INR blood test first thing this morning. Around mid-afternoon the Clinic rang to say my INR level had rocketed to 6.5 from its proper level of 3. The last time this happened I had to be admitted till they got it down. But this time I have been counselled to miss completely my Warfarin this evening and I am booked in for another test at 10.25am tomorrow. And they will play it from there.

And I was desperately keen to WoW tomorrow and all the arrangements had been finalised. The walk is being led by Helen C, in her familiar territory of Cromford where she is a volunteer guide at Awkright's Mill. Reg had worked out where I could park and take snaps in Cromford without moving far and in any case I know it quite well and would like a record-shot or two of the pond, and the Mill itself etc. My first thought was that WoW was out, but Y suggested that, after my blood test, I could drive over to Cromford and join them on their return from their walk. Moreover she would come with me for supervision purposes. She will enjoy it anyway because they all make a fuss of her. So that is the plan. No doubt we will finish up at the Cliff Inn which is always popular. The link is to the best site I could find.

I won't detail the rest of the problems. Final AGM Minutes for the National Trust. The document insisted on reformatting itself into 'red' half way through. Then we had paper-feed problems again. All surmounted. My Epson scanner has gone on a playing-up outing. It simply won't scan. It keeps telling me that Microsoft has encountered a problem and needs to close. But it won't tell me what the problem is. This has the hallmarks of a Brian S problem and fortunately I'm seeing him tomorrow. All being well.

The Chaffinch on the left was snapped through the kitchen window. I thought it first it was some strange sub-specie with a tuft on top of his head. But the tuft is merely a piece of twig behind his head. Never mind, he is a cheery chappie and at the moment I'm using the image as my 'desktop' because my 'icons' sit nicely in the kitchen-blind at the top of the frame - it looks 'made-for-the-job'.

The day hasn't been completely negative. At 3.20pm I had an appointment at the 'obesity clinc' and Amanda was pleased with me. On her proven scales, wearing the same clothes and shoes as last time, I have lost 5lbs in the fortnight. Not a lot but a sound start - she said. I no longer need to keep my food diary, which she went through with me, and I am to c0ntinue along the same lines. Mainly - smaller portions ! And I am to return in two weeks time.

My responses to your previous comments

JBW ..... I think Bob is a little older than you. But he never seems i, t and prefers not to brag about it.

Yvonne .... I also can remember old fashioned roneo skins and cranking those enormous machines which technicians visited to service. And the alterations in the skins that were sometimes necessary. We had a girl whose nickname was 'Snow-pake Sally'.

Helen C ..... Obviously the Dogues de Bordeaux owners are not of the responsible persuasion. Do your other neighbours share your concerns. It just isn't right that you should have to change your route.

The 'bird of paradise' is a fitting name for the flower. It really is like a bird with a pronounced beak and a tuft on top of its head. Rather more pronounced than my little Chaffinch.

A quick google seemed to suggest there is a flower called an Ecum - but the site was in French and time . etc.. If 'nifty-googler' chances by, he may help.

Jill ..... I think we agree about Yellowstone. Worth watching for the pictures. Y and I decided ages ago that what we really like is a 'lecture with pictures'. About almost anything that keeps our interest. The guy-ser geezers were off putting, but so weird as to be nearly compelling.

Y has always enjoyed Trout, and I don't dislike it. Prefer Salmon and really fresh Cod though. Caught by rod/line from a beach in Norfolk in November is good.

Bob ..... I like the idea herein that Moses must have been under the influence of hallucinogenic substances when he witnessed the 'burning bush' . Now that would explain an awful lot I think.

You are quite right about document transfer by 'memory stick'. I experiment too much. I admit it.


Quotation time ...... I always want to live in the present, with hopes and aims for the future, so this appealed to me .....

"I have a lot of great memories, but I can't imagine anything more exciting than the life I have now."


"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"

And now, by popular demand
Another Cartoon from our Squiffy's Mutliple Sclerosis excellent site


bob said...

Your 'blogger experiment' conveys much information effectively.
Assam/Darjeeling is a great blend.
Is there leaf tea?

Re blood problems. Gruelling.
I think our friend Alan has to ring up every day to be told how much Warfarin to take tomorrow.

I suspect that you are trying to dictate to your machinery what to do and it isn’t having any.
“I’m a scanner. I scan when and what I choose. Exterminate!”

Years ago we had a blackbird with a ‘tuft’, a feature repeated in diminishing form over several succeeding generations.

My ‘desktop’ has changed itself and I‘ve forgotten how to reconfigure it.
It doesn’t matter.

… ‘day hasn't been completely negative.’
“Monday, Nonday, Wednesday…”

Congratulations. 5lb a fortnight sounds good steady rate. Keep it up.

I don’t brag about my age because I deserve no credit for it and in my head I’m still 19.

Does Yellowstone fall into Dr Johnson’s Giants’ Causeway category?
“Worth seeing but not worth going to see”

I prefer haddock to cod.

Pedants’ Corner:
Although the idea is funny, the cartoon doesn’t quite work because it looks more like a dog than a bear.
And would not ‘lie’ be preferable to ‘lay’?

Jill said...

I like the cheery chaffinch. Although I like the humour behind the bipolar bear, I agree with Bob, it doesn't look at all bear-like, let alone a polar bear.

I hope you get good news at the hosp. today? And that you get to do a bit of WOWing, and a chip-butty to celebrate the success of your diet (in spite of at least two slices of choc. cake...).

We are Yorkshire tea fans, the gold ones although if I can find them we have the ones intended for use in hard-water areas (cheaper).