Sunday, March 15, 2009

Restful Day - 57F - Bumblebee appeared


No apology needed for reproducing Rembrandt's "Night Watch" which hangs in the Rijksmuseum. The reason for reproducing it is that some art-historian has finally unravelled the identities of all the militiamen, 365 years after Rembrandt painted them. They were all prominent Amsterdam businessmen and politicians. Great painting and if ever you have the chance to see it, please do.

My day has been mostly in bed with leg/back ache but my own fault. Today was the day to change my Fentanyl patches. I took the old ones off, put the new ones ready, had my shower and forgot all about them. And I suffered for it. Drug-dependent I'm afraid.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ..... Lovely to hear from you in London, via the blog. What fun !

Glad the girls enjoyed 'Wells Fargo', and Elli being very 'matter of fact' about her shawl being a memory of you when you've died. Kids can be very practically minded.

Bob ..... So people have a better idea of the 'hideaway' you discovered in the woods I am putting the picture you e-mailed me here, on the right.

I hope I'm not being obtuse but I was confused by your comment - 'teenage brothers (known for 30 years)" - how can this be ? I ask myself, and I haven't got Yvonne here to explain what is no doubt obvious to most people.

Jill..... I think many outlets favour the empty display box. DVDs and Computer Software nearly always. But there is usually a notice telling you to take the box to customer-services or similar to have the item put in your box.

I haven't watched the photography programme yet. It will be on BBC i player. I agree with you over most co-productions though. You reminded me of a colleague whose wife wanted him to read a book about racial-prejudice. "I'm not racially prejudiced at all" he announced and then, when she passed the book to him he said "I'm not reading that - its American".

However, I know you well enough to know you are not racially prejudiced at all. Being critical of an american approach to culture is NOT racial prejudice. Americans are, after all, of Caucasian stock. My blogger spell checker keeps telling me that american should have a capital A. An instruction I ignore by the way. "What insufferable cheek" I always think.


Quotation time .......

" Prejudice is the child of ignorance."

When I was a boy I chanced upon a collection of Hazlitt's Essays and have been hooked ever since. What an odd boy I must have been !

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"

For people who enjoyed the Wells Fargo smiley - here is the train



Yvonne said...

Jill: good thing we didn't arrange to meet - Elli has a very bad cough and has stayed home from school. If I wasn't here, other arrangements would have to be made but as I am ..........

Graham: I know you're feeling better today as you texted me asking if I had any dragons I wanted slaying!

Beautiful sunny day here in Palmers Green - summer seems to have come. x

bob said...

Looks like your veg curry tomorrow!
Tesco had loads of aubergines on Sunday’s reduced counter.
I got 3 for 7p (the others were 8p or 9p for 3).

I think you should publish the link to the Cuban urban farming.

Methinks you must be a non-wandering minstrel – “A thing of shreds and patches”?,

Children say…
”When you’re dead, can I have it?” springs to mind but I can’t recall who said it.

I remember the treasure-hunting brothers as I first knew them. And, like most people, they haven’t changed much, even in appearance.
They have another brother and the 3of them used to live in an Ollerton pit house where they kept Reliant Robins in the living room and burnt all the doors for fuel. But they would always help anyone if they could.

“Americans are… of Caucasian stock” ?
Not entirely (eg, Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali, the President).

I lost 1½ stone following my op (Sep 07) and kept it off until very recently, probably because I had difficulty eating until Xmas, since when I’ve put on 7lb and would like it off again.
I need more exercise (which makes one hungry).

Rob said...

I heard the Cuban Urban/Food programme on the way home from work today. Fascinating stuff. When Elaine and I went (almost 2 years ago now) we knew nothing of this. Monty Don did some TV progs about gardens around the world and I caught some of the one filmed in Cuba - a little similar to the Food Prog. Whilst we were in Cuba we saw a couple of farmers ploughing with oxen. We blamed the US blockade first and communism second. Maybe the collapse of communism was to blame.

I guess most Americans are not of Caucasian stock when you take into account all the people in South America - they, too, can claim to be American. And some white people can be, and are, racist towards other white people just as some black people can be, and are, racist towards other black people.

Now look what you've started :o)


Jill said...

It never crossed my mind that my being a bit snide about co-productions was racist.....culturist possibly? apologies if I offended anyone.

It's not a Wells Fargo train, they have cow-catchers on the front, G!

I think you ought to write a 'thrifty cooking' column somewhere Bob. This morning's wasted journey involved parking in Somerfields, don't usually go there, Baked Beans 5p a tin. We had a job to spend the neccessary £5.00 in order to park.

We had gone to local County Court to issue summons on Transport for London, all forms original (not photocopies) and filled in in triplicate, cash ready (no cheques or I had telephone agents for TFL who said they or TFL would not accept service of writ, it must go to their solicitors. Court would not accept this, said it must go to TFL. This means re-writing forms, and though I am sure you can download them I cannot find right one, nor can I find postal address for TFL. They do not make it very easy.....

Reg said...

Jill How about
TfL Customer Relations
Tel: 020 7222 5600 and ask to be put through to TfL Customer Relations
Post: 23rd Floor Empress State Building, Empress Approach, London SW6 1TR or as mAyor of London logo appears on the TfL web site write Direct to Boris