Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ikea for Breakfast - Obesity Clinic - No wind - 46F


Morrisons Carpark view at just after 5pm after my trip to the Obesity Clinic of which more later.

Today was a Karen day and we decided to leave her to get on with it and go to Ikea for breakfast. We both had the small version and the bill was £1.86p for the two of us, including coffee. And the coffee was unusually good this morning. Most surprising, the shop was not busy. No parking porblems. We bought book and magazine storage boxes and my 'tidy up bedroom and office' venture continues. After Ikea Y went to Decathlon for some swimming goggles for Ruby and I tried unsuccessfully to track down a mini vacuum cleaner at Comet, for my cameras. Reg is going to 'do' my Nikon tomorrow but I ought to have one and keep the insides clean and dust free on a regular basis. Then we did general shopping and had lunch.

Just after 4pm I attended the Obesity Clinic. It was in fact a one-to-one interview and weigh-in with one of the senior practice nurses. She was conscientious and thorough and I am going to do my best. We know most of it anyway and I am to keep a food-diary and have another appointment in a fortnight. One thing of great interest is that our bathroom scales show half a stone heavier than the one at the Doctors. This pleases Y greatly.

I aim to WoW tomorrow and the weather-forecast is better for the south of the County than it is for Derbyshire. So appropriate decisions will be made outside Reg's just before 10am.

Nothing on the telly this evening which appeals to me, so I'll stick with my radio. I try to watch the TV News, in order to be sociable. But this constant and OTT gesticulating of the reporters is a major annoyance. Radio reporters may do it, I don't know, but at least I can't see them. Thanks to the BBC's wonderful 'Listen Again' service I actually listen to what I select and at a time to suit me.

On Radio 7, in Big Toe Books, Tony Robinson is reading The Toby Man by Dick King-Smith. I know it is a children's book but I'm enthralled. I want to be having adventures on the open road with Digby the dog and Evil the ferret, while making cooking fires with collected wood and my 'tinder box, flint and steel' which we have stolen from a tinker.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ..... I must accept your version of the Brittany trip. How ungallant of us ! Now, you shall always have a window-seat.

Good news about the bathroom scales isn't it ? You have instantly lost a ½ stone. Perhaps we should courier them to Jill and then she can instantly gain ½ a stone.

Bob .... Pity about the Wren. Any wren-picture is guaranteed immediate publication in this organ. Eventually I shall snap one myself. I must research their favoured 'snap' and then put some down in a photogenic spot.

I have heard about yokeless eggs before. The link is an interesting read. One word for them is 'fart' eggs which is kind of logical.

You have interpreted my remark about 'pain killers' and a side-effect correctly. Forward planning is necessary.

Segue to Art Criticism. I've never understood it either.

Complete conceptual leap now but there must have been a connection. On the radio this morning (where else) there was a useful discussion about young people and 'Text speak'. Will Self made the excellent point that we have in fact moved back 300 years or so when people spelled words and phrases as they sounded and as they saw fit. A gr8 time was had by all don't u no ? To begin with I was completely anti, but have now softened my attitude. I don't suppose it matters much - it is what people have to say that is important.


Quotation slot ..........

"Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power".

Erich Hoffer

The link takes you to a YouTube of a few more quotes.

"Sleep tight etc.........."



Jill said...

Rob, I should have saved the nutritionist's fees and asked you - that's exactly what she said, 'eat last thing at night' which I have been trying to do. Can't do pastry or cheese, they keep me awake, but nothing else has so far.

I do not like 'text-speak' except in it's right place, in a text....

I have been watching Heston Blumenthal cooking up historical feasts on Channel 4.Have decided he is really a mad scientist! Guests are varied and interesting - last night at the medieval feast it was Germaine Greer and the judge from 'Strictly' (double-barrelled name) amongst others.

Hope you have a pleasant WOW today, sun is shining here but it is cold,I'm going to KOW.

Could do with your scales, I wonder how accurate ours are!

bob said...

Funeral of partner of longtime friend from Wellow.
Rubbish vicar – if he’d been paid for any other sort of service you’d demand your money back.

Forgot to mention:
Durham Ox (the pub we had in Wellow) closed last week.
Then reopened this week with same landlord !!??... but furniture replaced (cheaply) as, according to gossip, bailiffs removed cast-iron tables, etc, which we acquired.
And Ollerton’s Plough has also reopened (presumed brewery have installed manager).
Funeral wake was at Red Lion (Wellow). Truly excellent unpretentious buffet (and Timothy Taylor’s ‘Landlord’).

Another duff egg!
(all white, it’s no yolk).
This one from different hen 4 miles away (as chicken flies).


What a cracking cloud photo !

A desktop Henry is obtainable for crumbs n’that.

Our scales also weigh heavy, about 5lb. But once you know...
I envisage the obesity clinic as a series of ever narrower doors.
Good luck.

Liverpool efficiently and enthusiastically disposed of Real Madrid, 4-0.

As a rebel I want to go along with anarchic spelling but it IS sloppy.
I think correct spelling, like Latin, is good training
(but unlike Latin, I have always found it easy!).

Pete said...

Cracking piccie Graham.