Thursday, March 12, 2009

Y at BJ - Me at Camera Club - 54F - 12mph W wind


I had more or less decided to keep the above in reserve for any upcoming 'most boring panorama' competition but decided instead to blog-it. It might interest Pete in the Isle of Man. Our County Hall is in a splendid position on the banks of the River Trent but, oh dear, that extension on the right-hand side of the picture. In my humble etc., it wrecks the looks of an imposing building.

This house, also on the riverside, looks most impressive.

The building seems to me reminiscent of either Le Corbusier or even Frank Lloyd Wright- and we have Helen C to thank for the snap.

My knowledge of architecture is not as thorough as Bob's and I hope he will put us right.

Y has been over to Burton Joyce today and will have been busy busy because Lisa is ill and isn't going shopping. I delivered her to the tram and we hope Steven will run her into town on the return journey. She has a jacket potato in the oven, on the timer, to look forward to when she gets home. Our paths might cross at 7pm when I shall set off for EPS.

Yesterday evening we watched and enjoyed The Baroque on BBC 4 Waldemar Januszczak, the presenter. has however some annoying characteristics. He insists on walking away with his back to the cameraman while talking over his shoulder. He no doubt thinks this looks good but after the tenth example it begins to pall. The content of the programme and the art-history was excellent though. But Baroque, for me, is too flamboyant and fussy. Simplicity and strong lines suits me best. Having said that, many individual artists of the period i.e. Velasquez, Caravaggio, and particularly Rembrandt are marvellous.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob ..... My single reliable commenter ! Thanks Bungus.

Glad that you at least had good weather yesterday. Ours was good in the late afternoon but by then we were home with cameras put away. Not that I can only be happy in my environment with a camera in my hand, I am not an under-training Japanese tourist..

I loved your 'fishermen link'. Great pictures and a good read. Well found ! I'm pleased it is in the blog.

Re vicars. I am lucky because the Reverend David Jones has promised to do the necessary. Unless he pops off first of course. And he says it doesn't have to be a Christian occasion because he can take off his Anglican priest hat and don his 'chum' hat.


Tomorrow Y goes to London and I shall have a messing-about type 'shangri-la'. I just hope she doesn't overtire herself. Sometimes Debra thinks her Mum is in her 5os rather her 70s. On Saturday morning I'm going over to Long Eaton. Looking forward to that.

And I must think 'obesity clinic' and not nibble whilst unsupervised !

Quotation time ...............

"The first priest was the first rogue who met the first fool"


That Voltaire - now he knew a thing or two ! ....... I have several things I need to research and that will keep me out of mischief anyway. See you tomorrow.

p.s. I may reopen after EPS - depending
if there is anything I want to add. On the other hand, if 'done-for' I shan't. Don't be inhibited from comments however.



Jill said...

I know very little about architecture - but that extension is awful!

I just missed commenting yesterday, you were too quick for me.

I am not really into chocolate as choclate, have a box here half-eaten I had at Christmas. It has to be plain chocolate, not too bitter, and NOT truffle, this narrows down the field a bit. Bendicks peppermint selection fills the bill, but are hard to come by except at Christmas. I do like choc.brownies, and choc. Hobnobs and digestives though.

My latest thing to eat before bed is a tin of Ravioli - a very un-Italian activity! or porridge with honey and cream....

Video - I did use to knit very quickly, but not any more, I'm slow now. Don't know if it is old age or the fact that my left arm and hand don't work as well as they should. A combination of both, probably!

Couldn't get on with 'Baroque' last night, don't like presenter....shall try C4 thing about the police again tonight.

Voltaire certanly was a bright lad - all those bon-mots and sorting out electricity too.....

Hope Y has locked up the biscuits before she went.....and don't you eat her baked potato!

bob said...

On Wed I cooked a corned-beef hash to the simplest Manchester recipe (not Delia but Delicious).
On Thursday I made short-crust pastry and with the remaining hash produced pasties. Lovely.
At 7.15 I ate one for Friday breakfast (in order to lose weight).

Red Riding Pt2 enthralled but ended unconvincingly.
More melodrama than drama?
But a very gripping and speedy 2 hours viewing.

Sorry to disagree with you (and Jill).
I have always thought County Hall an anachronistic monstrosity.
I far prefer the extension and find it no more incongruous than a 15C extension to a 12C cathedral.

Like the house a lot but it will be difficult to maintain its ‘pristinity’
(‘pristine’ not in Roget and no noun form online).
Corb, yes, or Gropius. Definitely ‘Bauhaus’ influenced (anachronistic?).
But not FLW; his architecture was avowedly ‘organic’, less austere, more varied, eccentric and esoteric (although ‘Falling Water’ has a ‘modernist’ feel).

What a splendidly enlightened vicar, your David Jones (as was the TV one who went sampling round the world).

I am a Voltaire fan.
Candide is possibly my favourite book; certainly in top 5.

Have a jolly celery weekend.

Pasta should do it.

Yvonne said...

Jill: Don't even know where the biscuits are so can't lock them up! Don't eat them myself as they bring me out in spots. Graham is really into this anti-obesity thing - and I forgive the WOWers for ordering him a chip cob on Wednesday. They didn't know better at the time ........... but will in future.

P.S. Thought your Voltaire quip was the most witty I've ever seen on the blog!