Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jobs sorted – bedroom tidier - 48F W wind 0 mph


If the title intrigues you, my 'weather page' intrigued me too. How can you have a West Wind at 0 mph ? How do they know ? I must ask Tim at the Club - he works in the Met Office locally.

An ‘at home day’ for relaxing together.

This morning I spent an hour plus, trying to make my bedroom tidier and I think I’ve succeeded. My photo-mounting boards and equipment are under my bed. (I once had a pal who kept welding rods under his bed so perhaps not that unusual a place for picture-mounts).

If you were unkind enough to think 'it doesn't look very tidy to me' - you should have seen it before !

We both did all sorts of jobs and by afternoon Y had back-ache so we both decided on a lie-down. Of course, carrying a 6yr old up the stairs at Palmers Green couldn't possibly be anything to do with it !

For main meal we had a Fray Bentos chick & mushroom pie, shredded sweetheart cabbage together with sliced leeks, carrots, and Maris Piper mash with swede mixed in. And although I’m trying to be ‘obesity-clinic’ aware, I mashed the potato with around half an ounce of butter. Not much, but it made a difference. Y did Angel Delight for pudding, delicious, so real cordon bleu stuff in the Radiogandy household. It is lovely to have her back – although I got told off for taking a picture of the African Violet on the kitchen window-sill while she was washing up.

The African Violet immediately made me think of Jill's/Bob's comment about hairy little yellow balls. Don't know why.

If the font does strange things today it's because there's been another googlemail 'outage' and I started the blog in Word and then copy/pasted when I got a connection. Google mail will loose many many customers if this happens much more. It is the third in around 6 weeks. It doesn't affect me greatly but if you are running a busy commercial Office it just wouldn't be good enough. Come back Mr. Gates. all is forgiven.

Two things I must remember to mention. Our 'S' registered Honda sailed through it's MOT test again.

Another is that Reg can remember a radio catch-phrase from wayback when, about

'It simply come to pieces in my hand !'

I think I also sort of remember it but its source eludes me. Google can't solve it, being convinced that I want to know about piano pieces played with the left hand, and arpeggios. Perhaps a job for 'nifty googler' !

My last picture, taken this evening and looking West, shows the vapour trails left by the aircraft returning from yesterday's Eastbound mission,

They seem to converge on the setting sun, as yesterday's converged on the rising sun. This is a little weird and explanations would be welcomed.

My responses to your previous comments

Pete ..... Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is well thought of and has the best collection in the country of the work of the Pre-Raphaelites. Y's favourite artistic grouping.

Like you, we are both Museum lovers, as is Bob, and I think Jill. And I would guess, the others too. If you love beauty, and photographers do, they are a must. Having said all that I suspect that Brian S isn't 100% in favour. Places of endless fascination though and I would demonstrate to keep access free. It is what 'knowledge' should be all about.

p.s. I have 'accepted' your second comment, just for today. But I set up a bog rule of ONE comment per day and if I bend it for you, I would have to bend it for everyone else. cheers Graham.

BTW Pete, do you know you can now obtain White Blu Tack which doesn't show through even lightweight paper.

Bob..... I don't watch the sub-titles and radio doesn't go in for them much. The news on telly irritates me because of the journalists waving their arms abolut pointlessly. And I know it makes us bad people but neither of us can watch when someone is 'signing for the deaf'. I've threatened to cut a piece of cardboard just to fit over the right hand bit of the screen.

I also find annoying News 24's habit of repeating the same clips of film endlessly. After I've seen the same bit 4 times I tactfully retreat to another room.

Your Mansfield day by bus sounds good fun ! Particularly the Museum. BTW I understand Wetherspoons may be in trouble. I do hope they survive. The founder has contributed a lot.

Yvonne ..... Always a pleasure to cook for you darlin' ..... And yes, my fellow WoW-ers are very good re my mobility problems. When planning a walk they always bear in mind photo-opportunities for me and somewhere interesting to park. And there is always an offer of help with my wheels.

I hope they had a good day today and that someone sends me pictures for the Picasa Web Album portfolio.


Quotation time ..... A little philospohical this, but cunning and I like it .....

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Better to have him 'inside the tent p***ing out, than outside the tent p***ing in' as LBJ memorably said.

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



Pete said...

OOPS...sorry about the second post yesterday I forgot about the new rules....Anyway thought that as you are retired officer of the law you might find the IOM constabulary's latest weapon in the war against errant drivers which I've reported on my blog today interesting. Thanks for the links to the Birmingham museums and the tip about the white-tac. No doubt there will be a good use for it. keep up the good work. regards to Y....

Jill said...

Didn't get round to commenting yesterday, I loved the Nuns photograph though. I failed to identify the flower on today's until I read what you said. Hope Y's back-ache is improved. Your room looks immaculate compared with here....

I also find sub-titles and people signing very distracting. It sends me back to the radio.

I have managed to download more claims forms, they will be re-done this week-end and it is back to small claims court on Monday. Persistence is the name of the game.....

Is that saying LBJ? It's one I use/give credence to - think bringing Peter Mandelson - sorry, Lord Mandelson back comes under that category!

bob said...

Just three on top deck for journey into Mansfield, a few downstairs.
Single decker returning home; standing room only.
Largely full of French students
(£105 fare !).

Had mower blade sharpened, bought Charlie’s almonds, consumed 99p pint of Ruddles and visited museum - historic documents (‘Some people are born lucky, most of us are just born’) and photos of Mansfield Colliery (‘Crownie’). Also exhibition of large
(c 4’ x 2’) photos, mainly derelict industrial inc 3 of Clipstone headstocks (by Andrew Tebbs(?)).

Noticed wind didn’t blow me over

Left veg curry in slow cooker; sweet potato dissolved completely. Added lots more coconut milk.
I enjoyed; Sandra less keen.

Jessica again doing school’s
’50-mile sponsored-run’ challenge.
20 miles first 3 days (inc 9 on Wednesday).

We keep all sorts under beds, especially things I’ve lost.

Your diet sounds less restrictive than mine!


I see no good reason for buying new cars.

Reg’s catchphrase totally unfamiliar but I recall using
“It just came off in my hand, Mr Warner.” (a 'swung-upon' banister rail).

Easy! The sun sets over Manchester.

“White Blu Tack”?
A Michael Jackson Production?

is your favourite note a crotchet?
News 24? Off-switch?

Neat Nietzsche.

jbw said...

Your comment a couple of days ago about being hooked on Hazlett's Essays brings a memory to me of walking along the top of Curbar Edge many years ago with my uncle who while walking recited the whole of Hazlett's "On going a Journey" from memory. It aroused my interest in reading them and I too have been 'hooked' on some wonderful reading.