Saturday, March 07, 2009

Satisfactory Saturday - Meal sorted - 50F but 13mph SW

I am coming to an end with my crocus pictures and anyway, they won't be around for much longer. Then come the daffs, tulips and hyacinths.

Herb-wise I've managed to keep some parsley going through the depths of the winter in a sheltered spot by covering it with a large plastic container. The chives have already started to grow and I have thyme and sage. Plus of course my prolific basil on the kitchen window-sill.

Today has been good. Y and I worked together in the kitchen to complete almost every stage of tomorrow's curry. There were 3 good reasons. (1) It was fun (2) curries improve overnight and (3) less faff in the morning allowing us to be relaxed with our guests.

The picture on the right is Bob's hand carved/sculpted 'woodman'. A delightful piece of Art and he definitely reminds me of someone - who, will eventually emerge.

I particularly like the slightly pained and bemused expression on his face. As if someone has tried, unsuccessfully, to kick him in the googles. That he has decided to wear a Jane Fonda type wonderbra also appeals.

In all seriousness Bob, it is great ! Congratulations !

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ..... The Jenny Joseph 'When I am old....' poem is wonderful isn't it ? It fully deserves the universal acclaim it has received. The link I have posted is to The Poetry Archive where there are recordings of some of her readings.

Bob ..... OTTP ? Think about it. Think P-hotography. I obviously need to telegraph my punches more clearly. Likewise the crocodile/alligator.

I think 'loose covers' is the better decision. No doubt new furniture could be obtained more cheaply but that is what it would be, cheap furniture - and you want at least 20/30 years wear out of it don't you ?

A certain type of crossbred Labrador can be called a 'dudley' apparently, but you wouldn't hang one from a mammoth's tusks I suppose.

Jill ...... Oh that it were possible - to e-mail you a couple of stones ! To be fair to Dr Barrett, she didn't introduce the obesity clinic. Y sort of 'steered the conversation' in that direction. Anyway, I freely accept that I would find moving about, rising from chairs, etc., easier and probably less painful if I shed a couple of 1lbs.

Likewise, if your doctor didn't tell you to put weight on I don't think you should be too concerned. You looked fine when we saw you at your wedding anniversary, and from your letters and blog comments, you seem to eat a varied diet, with protein and other essentials. And you don't smoke which I think is much more important.

This evening we watched a couple of the multiplicity of programmes about photography. Alan Bennett narrated one about Ravilious which was interesting. The narration and pictures were fine but the deeply unattractive people in it were abit off-putting. The one we enjoyed most however was about Lartigue The pictures had a magical quality and the presenters and interviewees were charming.

The crocuses were all planted by the local council plus volunteers, a few years ago. And all the work and expense have been worth it because the display has been ace ! And the daffs still to come.


Quotation time ......

"Photography is something you learn to love very quickly. I know that many, many things are going to ask me to have their pictures taken and I will take them all"

The link is to a YouTube interview with the great man. In French, but the bits you can't translate are covered in the sub-titles anyway. I included it because it was the best of several.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"


bob said...

Google says:
“Water Bottle, 1900-1920...
...cylindrical shaped metal flask...known locally as a 'Dudley...made by Ryland…popular manufacturer of domestic products...beginning...20th century.
...used by a miner to carry drinking water... In…1920's...discovered that miner's would drink up to four pints of water with their break time 'snap' to replace the fluids lost through working in high temperatures underground...”
Apparently of Leicestershire origin, it is still current north Notts jargon.

I started watching the War Photography programme but fell asleep halfway. Drat!

I shouldn’t worry about being thin.
I have put on about half a stone of the one-and-a-half I lost in hospital and am trying to lose it again.
I, and many others, now regard Sandra as skinny (from 14 to 10) but doctor says she is ideal weight.

”…take any notice of Bob - does anybody?”
Of course not. Why d’ya think I’m so crotchety?

Red Riding made Z-Cars seem like Dixon!
I thought Sean Bean good; extreme version of several people I knew in 60s.
I’M QUITE SURE not TYPICAL of police, but I suspect, as with MPs etc (Abu Ghraib), the force attracts, among others, power-mad sadists.
Fact/fiction? Shakespeare? Frederic Forsyth? Le Carre?


Nice moon again.

Rob said...

Drat! Bob has out-googled Nifty Googler. You can see a picture of a Dudley at and a painting, by Gilbert Daykin, entitled "The Dudley: Thirst - the end of a Shift, 1934" at

I, too, watched the Lartigue and Ravilious programmes but failed to spot any "deeply unattractive people" in the latter. There were some local characters who I thought were excellent and would still make great photographic subjects.

Sports Desk:
Another win for the Stags - but is it too late to clinch a play-off spot? I think so.
Brilliant win for the Panthers by 4-2 over arch-enemies (and "champions-elect") Sheffield Steelers.
Same old, same old with English football's top teams.


Jill said...

Thought of you with your veg.curry while we were eating roast beef etc...the pub we went to is more up-market and expensive than Fi's - we has the beef option with Yorkshire puds, v.g. roast potatoes, cauliflower, carrot and swede mash and sprouts (far too hard), puddings came on 'decorated' plates and were fancier, I had pear poached in red wine with clotted cream and tuiles, R was v.keen on his pear and almond crumble with toffee ice-cream. The place was fully booked, we saw then turn at least 10 people away. Several well-behaved dogs, no children, suited us fine.....

I started the Raviolus prog. but gave up - did anyone see Andrew Mar on Darwin? I found that very thought-provoking.

Lucky you with your council providing such flowers. We had an old horse trough near here, with two tubs, that the Council used to do, but no more. Horse trough allowed to fall into disrepair and been removed, tubs full of weeds.

I weigh just about 7 stone, used to be about 9 stone. Trouble is I am so skeletal and bony, esp. my shoulders and back, Patrick Moore could use my vertebra as a xylophone. It's what makes hard-backed chairs so uncomfortable, and lying down in the bath. I'm also a size 10. Dr. has no idea what I weigh, I'm about 5ft. 4 or 5, have shrunk a bit.