Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy, rewarding, beautiful day - Definitely Spring

My first picture has to be Helen's Duck. She sent it me on 6th March for publication in the hope of identification. It was on the Cromford end of the Canal.

To my untutored eye it looks like a Mongrel Mallard. But we hope Roy may be able to 'name that duck'. It may be another of his 'Eh up me' s.

My second job is by way of an experiment.

Please click here and if it works you should be able to hear the birdsong I recorded at 4.30am yesterday morning. Again, I would be delighted if someone could say Robin or Chaffinch or Blackbird etc.

Sorry, it doesn't seem to work at this end. But I'll leave it live - it might work on somebody else's computer. ..... Back to the drawing-board.

The snap on the left intrigued me, it looked as if the vapour-trails were converging on the rising sun.

This morning I took some pictures, remembering Y's border where she needs a record of empty spaces. Then I sorted out the bird feeders. After a light lunch I went and shopped so we don't have to rush about tomorrow when Yvonne returns from her grannying duties.

It was fortunate she was there because Elli had to kept off school due to a bad cough and Y was able to do the necessary.

My afternoon photographs were the Langley Mill Boat Basin. always photogenic

The picture on the right appealed due to its symmetry, and proper water. If Pete (Mannanan) reads this post he will enjoy the picture. No canals on the Isle of Man you see.

My responses to your previous comments

..... Ha Ha ! Thats what comes of waking up feeling good !

I thought "just show me that dragon what's troubling my darlin' girl" and I'll sort the blighter out. I think I must have had one of those weird lucid dreams. It'll be nice to have you back tomorrow.

You are right about the weather. This afternoon was super here too. If you are game I would like to plan a trip to Montecute House (with overnight stay) and see the National Portrait Gallery Exhibition of portraits of Tudor Women. Your favourite period !

Bob .... I'm confused with the days now. If you say 'tomorrow' yesterday, is it 'today' today. If you catch my drift. I hope you enjoy your Veg Curry whenever you have it. Those Aubergines sound a real bargain. Can you freeze them?

For anyone who is interested in Urban Farming this is a link to last week's The Food Programme which was about Cuba's approach. please click I had sent it to Bob and Rob and both thought it important. Bob suggested blogging the link - so there it is.

Ages ago I said to Y "If the house remains unsold long enough, the large garden will prove a plus point rather than a disincentive"

I fully accept the deserved wrist-slap for my reference to americans being of caucasian stock. I was only thinking of the Pilgrim Fathers not everybody else. Sorry !! How prejudiced of me.

Rob ..... My apology is abject ! And I completely retract my caucasian description of americans. See above in my comment on Bob's comment.

Re ploughing with oxen. Hasn't Dennis a photo of similar in Spain ? Or are they towing a cart ? I remember one picture clearly, the cart one, but have a vague recollection of another.

I don't know if the Sports Desk would be intending to cover the Rugby ? If not I think we must record the English victory over the French. So nice to see Martin Johnson with a smile on his face.

Jill ..... I didn't think you were being racist at all. It just reminded me of my friend and his unwillingness to contemplate reading a book on racism by an american (it is Stewart A. who we are talking about Bob). Absolutely no need for apology, and I'm absolutely sure no-one was offended. Hides like rhinocerouses etc...

You are also right about the Wells Fargo cow catchers ! It was a convenient shorthand.

Oh dear oh dear, - as you say they are making it difficult for you. Doubtless on purpose ! ..... But you are intelligent and tenacious. Pity the poor people who are neither. They would have given up ages ago and the Council would have clocked another victory. You go for it gal ! ..... The blog is behind you.

Reg .... That's great stuff Reg. Jill will be delighted.

I would quite like the job of serving a writ on Boris if the chance arises. I can offer good work experience on this one. Not that I dislike Boris - he seems the sort of chap you could enjoy an hour with in the pub.

And he seems to have some very good ideas about London too.


Quotation time ............

"Patriotism is a kind of religion; it is the egg from which wars are hatched"

Guy de Maupassant

If anyone wanted to study the art of the Short Story writer they could do worse than buy a copy of his short stories. Each one a beautifully crafted jewel.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



Pete said...

Graham you are spot on about me enjoying the canal photo, thanks I love everything to do with canals and miss them terribly here on the IOM though we do have things that compensate. At least I get to go out on the lifeboat. Something I would never had chance to do in Brum, which by the way has more miles of canal than Venice.....

bob said...

Unexciting afternoon walk on old pit tip produced mundane snaps. Moderately Picasa-enhanced, they became ‘interesting'.

Doubt you viewed Stewart Lee last night/tonight* (on ‘Books’, BBC2 10.00pm).
Acute, amusing; merits watching on iplayer.

Nice mystery duck.???

Help! I’m totally de...

So your vapour trails go east. Ours go west !

Lovely canal reflections.

Frozen aubergines? Think not.

“And the days dwindle do...”
You’re confused !??...
Is today the day your blog is/was written? (in which case am I recording tomorrow’s news)...

In Libya (only 50 years ago) they ploughed with camels.

Yes; good English rugby victory. Also Stags. But Forest…
And Becky beaten!

I’d’ve guessed Stewart !

“Hides like rhinoceruses”?
Aren't they rather large?

Surely Wells Fargo smiley was Stagecoach, not Train?

Boris seems affable but I’d find it worrying t’have him on my side !

Hadn’t thought of BOTH American continents but most common US language now Spanish (from Mexico et...

If you were being racist I missed it !

I’m sure Blogmeister’ll support ‘thrift corner’.
(Tesco again: six sweet potatoes, 10p).

Hedge saga continues (solicitor Beth emailed to say she’ll be writing) so I empathise with your LA problems.

Yvonne said...

Pete: And Graham and I had a trip/meal on a narrow boat on one of the canals in Birmingham - a police do some years ago. And visited the excellent Art Gallery - no, not on the boat!

Home today to peace and quiet and perhaps a tot of whisky- don't drink at all when I'm in charge of children. So it's been a dry five days!

Jill said...

Y - bet you are glad your five dry days have come to an end - it's when I'm looking after children I NEED the drink.....

I would say it is a hyrbrid mallard too.

Reg, you are a star, thank you very much. I now have someone helping me to find forms to download, so am getting there. I quite like Boris, I voted for him....One for you. G. can people refuse to have a writ served at a certain address? The Bailiffs can argue that out with TFL.

I saw a bumble bee today too, looking exhausted (perhaps it had flown down from Brinsley?) I put some honey on the flower it was on. The old-fashioned tall purple iris are out, the first forgetmenots too, forsythia has gone mad and a shoot from next door's mimosa tree that they cut down last year came through the fence and I have been nurturing it and it has lovely vanilla-scented little balls of yellow fluff. (I dare you, Bob...)