Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Monday - 52F - little wind - feels cold though

These are nice to look at from Yvonne's Office, at the other end of the bungalow.

I was helping her with something this morning and took a snap.

The variety, I think, is either Jack Snipe, or Tête à Tête. As I've said before Y is very good with bulbs and at the moment the garden is a picture for lovers of daffs and narcissus. To estimate the number of different varieties at 30 plus, would not be an exaggeration.

Picture 2 is some narcissus in Y's woodland area and for a short time span each morning the sun shines between us and the neighbours and illuminates them.

We have both done a lot this morning and I'm afraid it is backaches-ville. I finished off sorting-out the printers. The HP one was difficult to uninstall but I finally managed it. And then re-installed it which took ages. Just glad I did it on the PC - on the laptops I would still be waiting !

I've also done good work with the WoW Picasa Web Albums. The pictures from Trent Bridge, Monsal Dale, and Cromford are now amalgamated into one Album. It will be simplicity itself in the future to add to it.

Carrying on the Mnenomic thread -
Y has contributed - "Does It Always Run Regularly Hourly or Every Afternoon .

Everybody at some time has suffered but few can spell it. So, there's a method.

My blood test was this morning and, so far, I haven't had a call from the clinic. This is a good sign. It means I shan't have to be admitted and it will be next Monday at least before another test.

The appearance of AnnonymousAnne on the blog is due to her posting a problem on WebUser forums about trouble she was having with the blog-comments system (now resolved fortunately). I suggested that, as a test piece she was welcome to leave a comment on Radiogandy, even if she only said 'boo'. So she did.

My responses to your previous comments

Rob ..... Lovely to have you back. We've missed your acerbic wit and the Sports Desk updates, although Bob has struggled manfully to fill in, and all within his irksome word-limit.

Mind you, I think my position was justified when I heard on Andrew Marr this morning, in a piece about 'oratory' that The Gettysburg Address was 229 words long. Just outside the limit I'm afraid - I would have to have rejected it !

I don't know if A. A. Milne was dyslexic. but I think Pooh Bear and Eyeore might have been.

Your liking of Thai food is noted. Do you do any Thai cooking? I have a small jar of Green Thai Curry paste, bought in a frivolous moment and now I don't know what to do with it. Just watch it fellas !

Thanks for the Panthers updates. We haven't seen Margaret, Lachs' grandma, for some weeks so we haven't any inside stories to share with you.

Jill ..... Yes, I meant extensive, thinking of the ex Eastern bloc countries like Slovenia etc. But I'm sure you are right that they are expensive too.

'Google images' found me the Mrs Bullfinch picture and I can't attribute it because we weren't told the author. The bird though, seems to be running true to form by wrecking somebody's fruit buds.

Until I saw the picture I couldn't really visualise 'taupe' but now I understand it. I am sure she does visit the garden and I must be sure to be camera-ready in the morning.

Bob..... Glad your fishpie was a wow ! Mine has a potato crust on top which goes lovely dappled brown and gold. I make it in a large oval earthenware crock which is attractive to dib into, with a large serving spoon. It's certainly fattening - butter in all sorts of places, cream, prawns - need I say more ?

Your expansion of my Europe definition was spot on. Except for Israel ? Explain please !

I hope you don't mind me sharing (I know it should be 'my' sharing, but please....) my handiwork with your portrait. I'm quite proud of it.

Yvonne ..... You DO look like a pixie when Alannah/John/Laura stoop down to give you a hug. I'm glad you didn't use 'gnome' - unfortunate connotations. Elf would have been OK though.

I agree - I'm sure Jill started you off on Precious Ramotse. Alexander McCall Smith has recently read some of his own stuff on radio, and very good it has been too. He sounds like an extremely nice chap.

AnnonymousAnne ...... Reg will be pleased you liked the look of his Tiger Bread. - Don't hesitate to visit us again. We have wide-ranging discussions from photography, though cookery and all the way to knitting.

I've tried to explain above how you arrived in the first place.


I hope this cartoon isn't too sexist. It's from Squiffy's Multitple Sclerosis Website

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"


And thanks Ray for this one, its a beaut !



ray said...

You're welcome to the 'Blog man' but I didn't think he would put in an appearance so soon. LOL

Yvonne said...

'My office' at the other end of the bungalow that Graham refers to is - the dining room table, whereas G.'s office is a whole room with all the equipment you'd expect! But then I don't do a daily blog and mess about with photos, so I suppose it's fair really.

Pete said...

Love the mnenomic of Y's and just to put my two penny worth in here are a couple that have come in very handy whilst I do my navigation course..CADET....Compass ADd East = True......

True Virgins Make Dull Company
True + Variation = Magnetic + Deviation = Compass......

Both are relative to the Variation between True North (that on the chart) and Magnetic North. The variation being on the compass rose printed on the chart in the vacinity you are in. This is variable from area to area as well as over a period of time....Deviation is the difference your boats compass shows due to interferance

Jill said...

Y, my office is smaller than yours, I've only got one end of the table!

Never fear, I recorded Precious Ramotswe, will watch it tonight.

We now have a narcissus with pale yellow petals and a small salmin pink orange-edged trumpet We also have some pretty white ones, that come two or three to a stem. I counted eight different sorts in garden yesterday.

Taupe used to be the description of a colour of shoe/handbag/glove I used to be fond of, it went with everything. Something else that has disappeared.

Good that you have managed to keep out of hospital.

jbw said...

You all seem to have extensive offices and are making me rather envious. My office used to be the coal-shed and has been described as petite, bijou, compact but I think the most appropriate is cramped.

bob said...

Saw my surgeon (smashing bloke) today (Tue) at King’s Mill 9.00am.
Said he wants to ‘insert telescope’.
Sandra says, ‘Up periscope.’
But AOK.
Lidl/Aldi/BargainShop then White Post on return for fish/chips/mushies. Truly EXCELLENT (and <£8 for 2).

Nice daffs/narcissi.
I presume the ’other end of the bungalow’ is like ‘the far end of Shirebrook Market’ (but less far away unless you're here in which case it is further).

Alternative mnemonic:
Today Henry, Expect Trousers Right Off To S***.

Now I feel obliged to précis the Gettysburg Address!

Surely prawns aren’t fattening?

Israel compete in the European Song Contest (I think). And European Cup?

Honoured to be featured. Should I change my name to Bill Board?

Great cartoon.

King Lear ain’t cosy either!
I only realised yesterday that ‘That Damned United’ is by author of ‘Red Riding’.

As with Shirebrook Market Place, ‘the other end’ turns out to be ‘this end’!

And I once thought I should have become a navigator!

I enjoyed the first Lady Detective book but that was enough. Undecided about the TV version (but it brings tears…).

My office was more properly a dressing table and chest with shelf added above, plus bed.

Anonymous said...

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