Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Y back safely - 43F with 5mph E wind - coolish


This great picture is by Trevor Naylor at EPS who organises the Competitions. The picture is entitled "Instructions from Above" which says it all really. It appeared last week in Trevor's '10 picture Essay' and as soon as I saw it I wanted it for the blog because I felt you would all enjoy it.

I collected Y from the tram on time and she has had a grand time but, as usual, is happy tired. She felt she had been really useful as well as having loved seeing everyone.

The following Panorama was from pictures yesterday just by the side of The Great Northern pub and people are beginning to arrive now to sort out their boats for the coming season.

My responses to your previous comments

Pete (Mannanan)..... Glad you enjoyed the canal pic, so I guess you will enjoy the above one too. Wish there had been a little more sparkle in the light but we can't control the weather. Not as nice as yours. BTW what lovely daffodil pictures in your Ramsey Ramblings. (please open this link to see them folks).

Bob ..... It is amazing what a little touch on the Picasa pedal will achieve. I thought your pictures were very interesting but I guess the 'wood shapes' need to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated to the full.

I spoke to Roy on the phone this afternoon and he also feels that Helen's Duck is a sort of hybrid Mallard and not of some exotic species.

The aircraft that fly east must I suppose return in a westerly direction. When you think about it I suppose it is only where the sun is low in the sky that they become interesting and noticeable.

Shame about our swimming girl Rebecca coming second. She did after all break the world record but the winner broke it by more. I heard her interviewed on the radio and she is a lovely modest and demure girl.

Yvonne ..... I remember our Birmingham Canal outing very well. Most enjoyable and I think we knew Pete's point about their miles of waterways outstripping Venice. And the Art Galleries are good too. And less tourists.

Jill...... Glad the 'process' continues. I would be very surprised if an address could be excluded for a 'writ serving'. Things might have changed I suppose but it used to be very straightforward. The Officer pursued the person and gave him the writ. If they refused to accept it in their hand, it was OK to sort of throw it at them which was accepted as valid service. Refusal to accept was not an option.

The bees will have staggered back to their homes today considering themselves foolish for venturing out in the first place.

Your Spring sproutings are well in front of ours up here in the Nottingham Tundra.


Quotation time ......

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade."

Charles Dickens

I have decided against WoW-ing tomorrow. Y has been away for several days and I don't want effectively to walk out of the house just as she is walking in. An unwinding type Rest Day is called for. Lots of jobs to do anyway.

I seem to have accepted that I was wrong about Wells Fargo but I wasn't sure so I decided on abit of research. If you open this link please click you wont see much evidence in the early days of Railway Trains and cow-catchers. In fact the stage-coach depicted in the header looks remarkably akin to my smiley. So there !

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



Pete said...

Thanks for another great piccie of the local canal.... Haven't been in the fantastic museum and art gallery in Brum for a number of years now. I myself used to love visiting the science museum which used to be beside the canal in Newhall Street but that has been moved years ago to the new build at Millennium Point and I haven't had the chance to visit.

bob said...

Does anyone else ever watch the TV subtitles when the News is on?
Some strange interpretations, eg:'...introduced a new vegetable variety, Epping Cunnion...” (a pink onion).

Into Mansfield on the bus today (Wed) to get mower blade sharpened (only £3.50 and, surprisingly, just a modest £12 if replacement blade is required).
I shall get some almonds for Charlie and no doubt enjoy a cheap pint in Wetherspoons as well as visiting the museum.

I wonder if ‘Silent Order’ nuns are permitted texting?
(I like the photo).

400m is not Becky’s distance, of course (it was a surprise when she won the Olympics race).
She will be testing her speed-training even more tonight (Wed) in the 200m.

Other sport:
Forest in relegation zone again and County no wins in five matches.

In terms of Spring growth, even within Notts, Southwell is always
3 weeks ahead of Mansfield.

You shouldn’t have drawn my eye to it;
“little yellow balls” are not to be sniffed at.

Yvonne said...

I never mind Graham's WOWing as they are such a nice crowd and are so helpful with his mobility problems. But, after being away for so many days, it's nice to have him here on a Wednesday ...... he's just cooking lunch. Otherwise, I'd have to do it!

Pete said...

Second visit of the day......Great first photo, love it. How quick of the photographer to catch it. Thanks for the great link giving info on the canal system in your area. Also thanks for your very kind comment on my site. If you visit the main Ramsey rambling page today you will see more pics of fantastic yekkow daffs on the coast road out of Ramsey.