Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mild Tuesday - 58F - No Wind - Karen's Day

I tried for ages to position these two collages on the same line but I admit defeat. Life's too short etc......

Collage 1 is the finalé of 'Basil Rooting for Helen LE'. The picture reads clockwise 2,1,3 - but that is a compromise because 1, 2, 3 proved too complicated.

n.b. Cue for Mnemonic -

"Big Elephants Can't Always Understand Small Elephants".

The x2 converter I bought on ebay for £5.60 plus £5 p.p. arrived this morning and forms the subject of collage 2. A preliminary play reveals it to be completely manual, but that's fine for the purposes I intend for it. If I was doing sports photography it would be useless but with my birds I can set it up before-hand and wait for the bird to alight.

I hope to use it primarily with an old Vivitar 200mm prime giving me an effective lens length of 400mm plus the digital compensation.

Today, of course, was a Karen day and shortly after she arrived we nipped out. Special bulbs were required from Ikea and it made sense to avail ourselves of free coffee. Other things presented themselves, as they do, and we came away with plant-pot saucers, picture frames etc.

Then we went into Eastwood. We both needed slippers from Jonathon James and I wanted to buy something more robust for walking than ordinary shoes. These boots are just right. Laced up as far as shown, I can wear them as slip-ons. They are remarkably comfortable too.

I had an e-mail from John telling me that Laura and Joe had arrived safely in Mumbai. At 43C, he said the 'heat can only be described as undescribable'.

What a big adventure.

Full 'news day' today because we have discovered Quorn - already discussed last week with Helen and Bill and blogged about.

I cooked a spag/bol and we both thought it delightful. The bolognese sauce was basically a Ragu Traditional together with chopped onion, crushed garlic, and at the end loads of fresh basil and grated parmesan. Melted in the mouth - and at least as good as, if not better than the beef mince alternative.

Defintely acceptable to us for future meals. I must research recipes.

I've decided against WoW-ing tomorrow. The chaps are going down Nottingham to have a look at canals, and are getting there via the tram - which makes sense. But I would have to deal with my wheels on the tram and then steps at the railway station end. Discretion is the better part etc.......

My responses to your previous comments

Ray ...... Great to have a comment from you Ray. And I love the blog man with his megaphone. Thanks again. n.b. for other readers, Ray is 'Ourstanley' on WebUser forums and he has helped me and so many others, so much with computer matters. Originally he sent me a tutorial to explain about 'links' - I couldn't understand why mine went blue autonatically and I thought that was it !

Yvonne ...... I know I've got a whole room as an office, but you love your chosen spot. And your laptop, now you are becoming more accomplished.

Pete ..... The navigational mnemonics are great. Nobody is going to forget 'True Virgins Make Dull Company' are they ? I haven't a clue about the subject matter but I shall remember the mnemonic.

Jill....... I think having an 'office' spot is important, irrespective of size.

I love the narcissus that come multi headed. And for some strange reason their scent always seems more noticeable.

JBW ..... See above re Offices. Coal shed sounds fine. Especially if things are 'slack'. I was in London when the 'Miners Strike' broke out, and when I returned to Notts I found that my office had been requisitioned and all my stuff put outside in the corridor. Oh, the indignity !

Bob..... It is amazing where surgeons can find to 'insert telescopes' . Oh, the indignity ! again. Like the sound of your Aldi/Lidle...etc...mooch.

The other end is always open to misinterpretation n'est ce pas ?

I eventually worked out the mnemonic, but not easy.

Prawns aren't high in calories, but very high in Cholesterol.


Another cartoon from Squiffy's Multiple Sclerosis Site

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"




bob said...

Live and learn.
Jessica revealed this morning (Wed) that the word ‘gullible’ is not in the dictionary.

I have the same problem with collages (getting them complete/right size/required order).

Nice mnemonic.
(My Novice Engineer Might Organise Numerous Ink Cartridges).

Your new converter sounds a good tenner’s worth but what do I know?

Welcome to the trainer brigade!

Well I never!
Sandra also bought Quorn yesterday.
I am sure it will be healthier than minced beef and you can make it taste of whatever you like.
I mistrust beef mince completely so must try Quorn for Bolognese, Shepherds’ Pie, Lasagne, etc.

The ‘discretion’ (mis)quote seems appropriate to your present Falstaffian stature!
(You know I’m not one to proffer advice but please don’t go below seven stone).

Re teslescopic insertions; just like being back in Borstal? (joke).
I’m only hoping I don’t get to enjoy it!
(too late for new hobbies).

Changing subject;
your ‘other end’ is my ‘here’.

I’m on Statins so prawns OK then, in moderation?
(but I must remember not to surfeit on lampreys).

Yvonne said...

Bob: what sort of dictionary doesn't have gullible in it? Is the problem perhaps not knowing how to spell it?

Anonymous said...

From Tracy: Like you Mum I didn't think adults played April Fool jokes! Oh dear, oh dear!

Jill said...

Y, if it makes you feel better I got it only because we had been looking through papers to try to find the spoof story - and that is difficult because there were at least half-a-dozen that seemed improbable! I think I got the D.Tel. one ?power from salmon, and the leader has a clue, but we are arguing over the D.Mail one.

R wears similar boots, G, only not quite so high up round ankles.

Anonymous said...

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