Thursday, March 26, 2009

Typical Thursday - 49F - W at 9mph - Y at BJ

The picture on the left is one of Yvonne's.

I had installed myself in the car and didn't want to get out again, just before we left the car park at Cromford Mill. So I asked Y if she would nip out and take a photo of the Church through all the shrubbery.

This was the result and I love it. It so sets the time of year with the daffs and just a hint of green on the trees. In a month you won't be able to see the Church at all for the foliage.

Likewise with picture 2 which is looking from Cromford Mill towards the distant hills. You can just see the hole in the wall where the gate was (centre bottom) and you can imagine the hundreds of thousands of people over the years who have been so happy to see this view at the end of a shift.

My viewpoint is high to exclude the atmosphere-wrecking cars.

Today has been a rest-day although I am going to EPS this evening. The NEMPF Exhibition is being shown and it will be an interesting evening. I know we have at least one member with accepted work. Y, as usual has been over at Burton Joyce and I dropped her at the tram this morning after collecting an undelivered package from the GPO place. We were quite let down when we discovered it was a pile of National Trust Secretarial stuff. Eventually it will end !

My responses to your previous comments

Pete ..... Thanks for your good wishes. My INR level has done this sort of thing before. It is usually associated with some medication change and I have recently had my Fentanyl patches strength changed. I guess it is that.

Bob ..... Unfortunately I missed Heston Blumenthal. I heard his name in the pub yesterday lunchtime and I guess it was that programme they were discussing. My ability to process 3 conversations at the same time is diminishing. Nowadays I can only manage 2.

Alyssum is unfortunately close to asylum don't you think ? I'm not going to set any this year, just in case.

I suspect I knew about the 'puffball' source of some vegetarian foods but hadn't associated it with Quorn.

Jill ..... You are right. Not even one chip - tempting though they were, served in a communal rectangular crock which was passed round.

The wall with the alyssum was very sheltered and seemed in full sun at midday.

I agree that the use of the word 'loin' in fish seems something of a misnomer, this linked picture shows exactly what they looked like though.

Witty old you - about the blackbird's off-spring. Logically you should, by that process finish up with a white blackbird ha ha!


Quotation time ..... I often have this feeling too ....

"I don't necessarily agree with everything I say."

Marshall McLuhan

The latest from the MS website Squiffy


"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"


Yvonne said...

Thank you for using my photo but I wouldn't want anyone to think I have aspirations in that direction. I'm the person who, 15 years ago in Egypt, didn't realise you could tilt a camera and so cut the top off the Great Pyramid, the statues at Abu Simbel and a camel ........... No one at Eastwood Photographic Club need fear me!

Lovely day yesterday, thank you to WOWers for making me so welcome.

Glad we've stopped using rude words on the MS website Squiffy - I was ever a prude .......

Jill said...

Hope you had a good evening yesterday.

Great photos, includng Y's, I like the church through the trees with their hint of green.

Heston's Roman Feast is repeated on Sunday at 7.00.

I think you are doing jolly well if you can keep up with two conversations at once, I sometimes have trouble with one....

I bought two cod loins yesterday, they look just like your link, did you just bake yours in the oven? I think I shall want some sauce with mine (R will cover his in HP) perhaps some parsley in a white sauce. - a great photograph of a peach tree in full blossom - I don't think I knew what peach blossom looked like, I certainly didn't think it looked like this.

bob said...

Yvonne's daffodil/branches/church photo is very appealing. Casio?

I saw the NEMPF Exhibition a few weeks ago at Mansfield Museum.
My non-expert opinion?
Some superb, a few ‘why bother?’

Like Jill, I often experience difficulty understanding just one conversation (or even my own contribution to it).

Before we get the full detailed explanation/correction, I confess that the Puffball was my own idea –although Quorn is derived from a British fungus.

James the Fish, the first I encountered using the term, says that a ‘loin’ is ‘a skinless, boneless premium thick cut of the fillet’.

Yes, Heston's mad – but entertaining. And people do seem to enjoy his food. I thought the sausages looked good, if obvious.

We had successive generations of piebald sparrows.
I understand white blackbirds are not infrequently recorded.


CA Lejeune’s 1943 review of the film ‘Millions Like Us’ was
‘And millions don’t’.
My favourite was by Kenneth Tynan:
Of ‘I Am a Camera’,
he wrote simply,
‘Me no Leica’