Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Better Day - Super WoW - Heavy Rain - Then Sun

After my blood test the rain was torrential and we were on the point of not going to Cromford. But we did and we were pleased that we did.

The skies cleared and we had lovely crystal clear light bathing Cromford shortly after we arrived. Arkwrights Mill is full of history and we had no difficulty filling our time while we waited for the others to return from their walk. Where we parked, a stone face opposite was full of what looked like alyssum-gone-wild. I s'pose if cats, and youths can go feral there's nothing to stop Alyssum.

Just below was some interesting curved walling which Helen later explained was the remains of 'The Barracks' where non local apprentices were housed during the Mill's heyday.

n.b. I'd better mention my blood result before I forget. Late afternoon the clinic rang and my INR had dropped to 4.5 so I don't need hospitalising. The concern when it is way high, like the 6.5 it was yesterday, is the risk of internal bleeding. So, the treatment is, careful warfarin dosage and another test on Monday 30th March.

In the Cromford complex there was an interesting second hand/remaindered book shop and I bought Y a splendid mint condition, book about books which should keep her out of mischief for a week or two.

When we had met up with 'the chaps' we adjourned to The Cliff Inn. Yesterday's link wasn't very good so I decided to take my own picture. Please see left . Y entered into the spirit of the thing and had a chip cob, which she thoroughly enjoyed, I didn't. I settled for a rather staid ham cob as a less fattening alternative.

The landlady was her normal cheerful, helpful best but the barmaid wasn't a bundle of laughs. There was a distinct feeling that serving 70yr olds wasn't high on her list of chosen pursuits.

We had some good chats and the usual laughs.

This evening for main meal I cooked two pieces of fresh cod loin, no batter etc., and some tasty pan-fried potatoes. Followed in my case by Icecream in wafers, and for Y some fresh fruit.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob ..... Re Warfarin. The dosage is checked very precisely. I've had mine changed by as little as half a tablet per week. But they ring me, not vice versa and I have confidence in the system.

A tufted blackbird would certainly be one for my collection. Pity the strain dyed out ! You could have had it named after you.

Changing your 'desktop' in Picasa is simplicity itself. Select an image, go up to 'create' on the second line down from the top, click that and in a drop-down menu you will see 'set as desktop'. Click that and the job is done. I change mine quite often because I like a new picture to look at.

Re - The Polar Bear cartoon - when you are reduced to challenging the spelling in a cartoon character's speech it may be time to consider your position. Rather like complaining that Dennis The Menace isn't terribly well-spoken.

Jill ..... Poor cartoonist ! His characters don't speak very well, and he can't draw either. Oh dear !

Thank you for your concern over my 'blood' and health in general. I did enjoy WoW-ing and so did Y. She didn't ramble with them but she loved the company and she and Helen get on well anyway. They had good chats and Helen and Bill Saxton filled us in on Quorn meat-substitute. Spoken highly of by my 'obesity-clinic' young lady. Helen says it is too much like meat for her liking. Helen is a vegetarian of many years standing and seems a mine of info on the subject.


Another cartoon from Squiffy's House of Fun, Multiple Sclerosis site

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



Pete said...

Graham, hope the blood level drops and then stays under control. Love the cartoon brilliant play on words.

bob said...

Did anyone else see Heston Blumenthal’s Roman Feast with the amazing ejaculating cake?

Nice alyssum.

So you didn’t date your unamused Cliff Inn barmaid (did you ask ‘Where’s Cliff?’ or ‘Is Cliff in?’) but my granddaughters frequently do not appear to understand what I am talking about – a patronising smile being the best I can usually hope for.
But I often had the same effect on teenage girls when I was in my early twenties so it may not be an age thing.

The tufted blackbirds predated digital photography, unfortunately.

Thanks for the 'desktop' info.
My present one arrived from nowhere.

Pedantry requires practice.

Sandra’s no quorn fan. Like Helen she doesn’t demand meat substitutes.
Quorn, I think, lacks significant self-flavour; simply takes from its surroundings, adding protein bulk.
“It’s made from puffballs which have not much flavour.”

Is the black cat a bit of a rake?

Thanks for your support re polar bear.
You must now be considered an expert and rechristened ‘Ice Flo’.

I find Yorkshire Tea very acceptable although not quite as good as, and more expensive than, discontinued Morrisons Gold

Jill said...

Yes, hope the blood levels stabilise.

Pleased you did get to do a bit of WOWing. Do I take it you didn't actually have any chips? That alyssum seems to be flowering quite early, perhaps the wall was sheltered, or the brickwork warm.

Loved the cat cartoon....

What part of the fish are loins? I asked once in M & S - you are not the only one who calls them that - but they didn't know.

Yes, Bob, I saw Heston's ejaculating cake.....I think he is just a mad scientist! It was the pig and the entrails I had to turn away from - bet you loved that bit!

We used to have a partly-white blackbird around here, then one year there were three or four also partly white (but more black than white) presumably his off-spring.