Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WoW at Trent Bridge - Busy Day - Short Blog Post

"WoW-ers preparing to storm Trent Bridge".

Ten WoW-ers decided to chance the uncertain weather forecast and we were reasonably lucky.

The light wasn't brilliant, but enough for some photographs and we had our chip cobs in The Nurseryman at Beeston (I couldn't find a decent link, so there isn't one). The baguettes were first-rate but had been ordered before Helen and I reached the pub. I was intending to have something a little more 'obesity-clinic'. However, I only ate a few chips and Reg took a snap of my leftovers (which he has kindly e-mailed to Y in support of my story).

I suspended publication at that point intending to return, but was overtaken by sleep. So it is now 7.30am the following day, if that makes sense. Although the picture on the left was with a conventional lens I was able to try out my pinhole after Reg's 'housekeeping' and can report an enormous improvement. It is a relief to know that it was free-floating crud within the camera body and on the sensor and not some deep seated problem. Thanks Reg !!

Getting onto the embankment was a problem. All the ways I knew 50 years ago have been altered and I finished up doing a hair-raising and doubtless illegal u-turn and a sharp left to get to roughly from where this snap was taken.

Firstly I had tried to approach via The Meadows but each road leading to our destination was blocked off and we finished up back on London Road.

I have undertaken the job of 'collator' of WoW pictures and the pictures (I shall have time now Nat Trust free) are already coming in. Thanks chaps. WoW-ers are encouraged to send me up to three pictures from every outing whereupon I will standardise the sizing to 1024 x 768 pxs and create a WebAlbums folder for each WoW. It is a job I shall enjoy doing. I intend to make the folder only be accessible to named people which should deal with any potential picture- thieves and copyright.

My responses to your previous comments

Jill..... What about chocolate at night ? Easy to digest, fattening and satisfying. Only snag is it goes all over the pillow if one dribbles. I'm constantly in trouble for this. Anyway, I'm giving it up because it isn't quite 'obesity clinic' which should make it ideal for you.

Those progs about Heston Blumenthal with guests are a hoot. He is quite dotty but very entertaining and he does explode quite a few cooking myths I find.

Bob ..... Thanks for the picture-plaudits. Agree about most vicars. They just seem disinclined to take the trouble to research enough biographical info about the deceased. So painful and inadequate for the family particularly.

Pete (Mannanan) ...... Thanks for the praise. n.b. That's a link to Pete's website folks.....editor


Quotation time .......

"The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it"

Patrick Young

I haven't given a link to his name because Google presented me with 22,300,000 pages and I couldn't decide which Patrick Young.


"Have a nice day - catch you tomorrow"


1 comment:

bob said...

Monday afternoon I watched ‘All About Eve’. Brilliant film.

But Wednesday’s ‘DOA’ (1949)was not good. They didn’t even credit the musicians in the (Chicago?) jazz band which was the best bit.
Please google (esp Rob):
It’s VERY amusingly accurate with a twist at the end).

And Wed night’s ‘Ladies of Letters’ didn’t work – we switched over.

You were unlucky with the weather.
It was a lovely sunny spring day here.

I had much the same sort of traffic problem when they introduced the one-way system to Mansfield.
Arranged to meet a friend at his office (the ‘Top House’ or ‘William IV’ on Sutton Road) and couldn’t get there. I went home instead.

Chocolate biscuits even better (but before going to bed – crumbs).
And I reckon I heard recently that late eating being fattening is a myth – it doesn’t matter when you eat. ??
Any facts? (not theories).

Tuesday’s funeral vicar was especially bad.
I’ve heard a few good ones, including a natural comedian, but I think the best was a humanist, brought in just to do the business, who made a really, really good job of it.