Thursday, March 19, 2009

Y at BJ - Pleasant Spring Day - 46F - E wind 6mph


One of Reg's lovely Panoramas (4 shots in this one) and the subject is Monsal Head during yesterday's WoW. I chanced upon Duggie in Eastwood this morning and he told me they'd had a great day. Weather good, light good and pub good. What more could you wish for ? We really are lucky to live so close to such beautiful countryside.

I took Y to the tram en route for Burton Joyce and today's light wasn't bad so I decided to see if I could locate all the different varieties of daff which Y has planted and 'collage' them. She is very good with bulbs and can succeed with snowdrops where no-one else can. She swears by 'planting in the green' but last year planted snowdrop bulbs and they did will too. Grape hyacinths (muscari) flourish all over the place.

We both love daffs, and tulips and we have the latter to look forward to. Outside a front window is a miscellany border with some flamboyant reds and yellows all mixed up. Y feels they are a litle brash but I enjoy their vigour. A sort of Marxist/Lenninist bed.

I don't usually comment on current events or celebrities but I feel I must mention the death, after a minor ski-ing accident, of Natasha Richardson. One can only sympathise deeply with Vanessa Redgrave her mother.

To lose a child under such tragic circumstances must be about the worst thing that can happen. One would much prefer to die ones-self.

My responses to your previous comments

Pete ..... I think cardboard policemen are an excellent idea ! They don't need refreshment breaks, they don't get into marital difficulties but, most importantly, they don't qualify for large pensions. I bet canteen banter is a little flat though.

Jill .... Y's back-ache is much improved but she is talking of going in the garden tomorrow. If for pleasure I can only wish her well, for half an hour, but if because she feels she must - I have already got agreement from Karen to spend some hours each week doing routine stuff, in addition to the lawns.

Glad you feel the same about some aspects of TV News.

Keep attacking the claim forms ! ...... and the 'tent' quote is definitely LBJ.

Bob ...... Did you really have to stand in the bus all the way from Mansfield to Ollerton ? I think I would have emulated Jill and sat on the floor. Otherwise I would have been wrecked for a week. Anyway I would have found it physically impossible !

If you look at my photo of the veg. curry recipe you will see I have added a note to be careful not to overcook because the veg will go mushy. Mine never went into the oven at all, I oven topped it. Much more controlable. I'm surprised at the slow-cooker getting it wrong though.

Maybe my glitch wasn't googlemail's fault after all, Maybe it was my PC. but I thought not.

JBW..... Hazlitt was a man well to the forefront of his times. How marvellous though of your uncle to be able to recite an essay verbatim. Most impressive. Hazlitt's essay on The Monarchy formed the basis of my own views, and I've seen little cause to change them since.

Thank you very much for solving the "It simply come to pieces in my hand" phrase and I have taken the liberty of fwd-ing your e-mail to Reg.

It was a line in a Roger McGough poem in the Mersey Sound anthology.
  • there is a mushroom cloud in the back garden
    i did i tried to bring in the
    but it simply came to pieces in my hand
    i did i tried to whitewa
    sh the windows
    but there weren't any
    • "Mother the Wardrobe is Full of Infantrymen", from The Mersey Sound (1967)
Having looked at several links I realise they have changed the book's cover. And I can't find my original copy.

Thanks again.


I don't think I need a quote this evening. When Roger McGough has provided one.

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"

The old barometer in the hall looks promising for the next few days.



bob said...

I like daffs but not tulips (except mini-ones - and very dark purple ones as cut flowers).
When do narcissi become daffs?

Hospitals have cardboard nurses. I don’t remember why.

Blog 'word limit' prevented full bus journey explanation.
I obtained anti-penultimate seat before bus left station. At first stop one person obliged to stand – and another later.

I had to leave slow-cooker on high. But I LIKED the dissolve.
(historical event ‘Dissolution of the Vegetables’)

I enjoyed subtitles 60 years ago on foreign films, esp ‘la Ronde’.
I have them on TV most of time, except, usually, the News (unless I want amusement).

Keep on trucking…

I thought final episode of 'Red Riding' a melodramatic mess. Very disappointing.

re JBW comment:
I quite like Hazlett too.
Preferably with wholemeal bread & butter and a generous spoonful of chutney.

I am a great admirer of Roger McGough but unfamiliar with that poem.
My own yesterday ‘quote’ predates him by some 20 years though!

jbw said...

To BOB - Have you tried Onion Marmalade on your hazlett ?
It is not quite the taste you expect from its name.

Jill said...

Daffs are lovely, my favourites are the ones with orange trumpets - middle row left. Salmon pink one interesting though and new to me.I planted some narcissus, but they didn't come up - I like the sort with very white petals and a little yellow trumpet with a frilly red edge, think it is called pheasant eye?

Natasha Richardson - I saw her once on the stage, a not-very-good production of the musical 'High Society' opposite Trevor Eve - both mis-cast (they are not song-and-dance people)but they did their best....

Red riding - last night's was awful, couldn't follow it....

Panoramic photo - I used to have a camera that did photos like that - is that a viaduct I can see? Road or rail?

Reg said...

Jill It was a railway main line, but Dr beeching saw that off, its now a walking trail, but their are plans to reinstate the railway lots of publicity many years ago Goverment support etc., but nothing has happened yet.

Pete said...

Pink daffs I've never seen anything like before but what an amazing collection. My wife Gail would love all of them as daffs are her favourite hence me buying bunches each week. Anyway glad I haven't posted earlier when I was at work 'cause I came upon an item that I thought you might be interested in though on second thoughts you may have seen it seeing as it was in the Telegraph...Anyway here is the link....

Not sure how to do it properly..sorry....