Monday, March 23, 2009

Nat Trst Minutes - Wet & Windy - 45F - NW at 15mph

As Y's comment says, she had a lovely Mothers Day at Burton Joyce and the children did the 'waiting-on' role, having produced and printed the menu on the left.

TJ did the transport run both ways so I was able to mess-about at home at will. They brought me back some nice beef for a sandwich and a slice of moist, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cake. Home-made choco cake 2 days running. Woweeee !

Glad everyone liked the 'Y as cover-girl' pic. Actually it isn't difficult. Somebody on WebUser forums posted a link to this programme and, once you have decided on a suitable portrait, its child's play. The title is a link by they way and I have checked out the programme for viruses and malware etc., - its as clean as a whistle.

On the right is Hannah in her 'long socks' 'tights' or whatever their proper name is. I just love that vibrant colour.

Our morning has been preoccupied with the National Trust Minutes for our last Committee meeting. We decided to compose them on Y's laptop and then e-mail them to me and print from my PC in the office. Bad idea. All sorts of calamities betook us, layout wrong, double-spacing where we didn't want it. Paper jam in the HP Printer (unheard of previously).

We got there in the end but we still have one final set of minutes ( the AGM) and these will completed, start to finish, on the big computer.

For lunch I cooked fresh Rainbow Trout with green beans and Jamie Oliver type potato discs baked in the oven. It all worked very well and we had peach halves and cold custard for pudding.

As you will see from the title, today has been very windy. Y went round to the paper-shop for milk and to pay the papers and was nearly blown over. I've told her not to diet so much.

The picture on the left is of some flowers from Tennerife which Helen C e-mailed me on her return.

I have joined them together solely to save '' storage space, and I'm hoping Helen will add a comment about the relevant size of the crook stem which appears to be growing out of a yucca type plant. The flower on the left looks just like some exotic bird about to peck something offstage left. I once knew the name of them but have forgotten.

This afternoon we watched the second part of the programme Brian S recommended about Yellowstone. This part was about summer and autumn. The photography has been amazingly good. I'd love to see a programme about how they did it. How long a camera-man had to spend in one spot waiting for a bear and her cubs to emerge from their winter lair etc. The 'geyser-gazers' were a weird bunch though. I think they realised that themselves though !

My responses to your previous comments

Helen C.... Sorry about your experiences with Dogues de Bordeaux the title of which I have linked to the breed's UK website. Although lacking the customary 50p piece in its teeth, they look fearsomely large although probably not vicious. Sorry you have found it necessary to change your route though.

Bob .... Thank you for a very witty 'comment' . You have me confused though over 'faltless'. Does he mean fatless, faithless, fartless or even faultless I asked myself.

Yvonne ..... I think you will just have to succumb to Tracy-power over what you have on such occasions. Your protests are of no avail.

I'm sure you are right over the blog and the 'comment-moderating'. It is nice for people to have instant access to their wit and humour. We prose writers are such a vain lot ! Rather like Oscar Wilde always taking his diary on a long train journey so he had sometheing decently written and exciting to read, he said.

Jill .... I think Shakespeare wrote "Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything" - I suppose the last bit incorporates sans legs.

You are no doubt right about the pitiful state of the 'mitten thief'. But I have not one jot of sympathy for him.

Please see above for the programme which produced the 'Esquire' cover. You see, I'm not really that clever.


Quotation time .....

"The winds and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators"

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"

"I'll end with another cartoon from my MS site - I hope my lady readers will excuse the bad language - and of course, those men of a gentle persuasion"



jbw said...

Bob: I don’t know how old you are either but us old fogeys do get confused at times although I have also been accused of being a grumpy old man, a doddering old so-and-so and various other titles some of which were extremely uncomplimentary.
Still us olduns have to stick together.

Yvonne said...

Graham: I confess I thought nostalgically of old-fashioned typewriters and stencils (Jill will know what I mean) when we had all that unexpected trouble with the minutes! But thanks for your help.

Helen C.: Honestly, I translated Dogues de Bordeaux as French poodles and wondered why they caused you so much trouble. Having opened G.'s link - I know now!

Helen C. said...

Yvonne, I wish they were French poodles! Thanks for the link Graham, it was most interesting, especially the bit in the code of ethics which said dogs shouldn't be allowed to wander at will and be a nuisance to neighbours!

The flower on the left is the Strelizia or bird of paradise. The other one was huge - about 10 feet tall and the name sounded like ecum - no idea how it's spelt. One of the guides told us there are many different varieties of this on Tenerife.

Jill said...

Yes, Y, well I remember those purple Roneo stencils....

Loved the cartoon again, they seem to be a good source - keep 'em coming!

Yellowstone, I preferred the first episode, more fauna, less people. I got irritated by their pronounciation of 'geysers' as 'guysers'. The photpgraphy is fantastic, though I can't get very enthusiastic about watching hot water, seen one, seen them all.....

I watched the programme about Cleopatra last night, not very impressed, they shouted a lot....

Trout not popular here, there always seems to be little bones that take us by surprise. Sea-trout seems better in this respect!

What a great menu provided on Sunday - lovely.

bob said...

Backtrack – Burning Bush:
My plant encyclopaedia gives 2 possibilities;
Kochia scoparia ‘Trichophylla’ (Summer cypress)
Dictamus albus (which is flammable)

Nice menu by the girls.

Perhaps better to transfer documents by memory stick?

You haven’t forgotten at all.
‘Bird’ is the right name.

The Bordeaux Dog looks fearsomely overbred and unhealthy to me. Poor sod.

In case you really are confused (and why not?) ‘faltless’ means simply ‘does not falter’.

I try to be mostly ‘sans fairy-anne’ (AKA ‘nitchevo’ or ‘Allah-keefik’)

I’m not sure about sticking together. RG’s cartoon suggests something less than pleasant about it.

"Roneo, Roneo, wherefore art thou...?

Of course they shouted a lot; you try making yourself heard from the top of a pyramid.

First time a colleague of mine had trout, out for dinner with a client to impress, he ended up in Derby Infirmary with a bone in his throat.