Saturday, June 24, 2006

Last pre-holiday Blog

This is testing my new system (for the present) of only using one picture, in order to avoid page-design problems. I shall doubtless receive advice via 'comments' on its status.

Our Creeping Thyme is particularly vigorous this year. Not only do I have it in tubs close to the kitchen door but tend to pop sprigs in all over the place. It also has an excellent flavour. I suppose that if it didn't have those characteristics I would have got rid of it by now.

I've still got my Syst/Rest. problem but I'm shelving it now till after the holiday. Big, big concession from senior-management. - My beloved 'lappy' is to be allowed, for the purposes of photo-handling - and I have given an undertaking not to go 'net surfing'. Seems reasonable.

I seem to remember from previous visits to Wales that there are no digital radio signals, so I must pack an FM set and my MP3. We have received so may people's 'good wishes' for our Holiday and so many pro-Tenby comments. Looking forward to it, is a big understatement. We do need a break from preoccupation with 'moving' I just desperately hope against hope that I don't snore too much.

The shortest of short Blogs but I'm so excited I want to do my packing. Catch you all in just over a week.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Rest Day - Nice Weather

Just leaving a few centimetres to the right of the image, so that readers are not 'off-put' by 'strag words' at the side of the pictures. It happens because 'Preview' doesn't often give an accurate portrayal, and what appears on my page isn't necessarily what appears on yours.

A more reliable way of ensuring a more attractive page would be to use one picture only, or to place them vertically instead of horizontally. But I want it to look as professional as possible so I shall continue to experiment. The picture above is probably our favourite rose - "Ballerina" and here you see about 2 thirds of the bush. She is far too mature to consider moving and it's just the wrong time of year. But she has been in flower for 10 days or so, and will continue giving of her best till late October. I know they are still in David Austin's catologue and, when we have moved. we will find room for another.

Ou Rest Day wasn't completely inactive. We needed to go to the Bank and to take a load of books to the Hospice Charity bookshop. And we managed to buy fewer than we took! But there was a John Betjeman collection I couldn't resist and Yvonne found a recent John Grisham which she doesn't think she's read. After that our customary Fish, Chips and Peas.

After watering the herbs and the house-plants and ringing Karen with instructions for next week I managed to turn on my lappy. I'd had the problem again of System/Restore not working so I ploughed through the WU stuff again and eventually cleared all my old points and created a new one. I shall see tomorrow if I can successfully restore to it. Then I downloaded several bbc radio programmes onto my computer and then transferred them all onto my Sanyo MP3. I followed RichieP's instructions to the letter (printed from WUforums) and it all came to pass smoothly. And I did remember about the 'safely remove' icon and I have checked by listening to the start of 'Start the Week' that they are actually working.

A brief Blog - but I think that is about it.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Burton Joyce Day - Colder - Ready for Day-Off

Not messing about. Put some text in. Publish. Then 'Dashboard', 'Edit' and upload pictures.

I only include this for the benefit of 'bloggers' or 'future bloggers'. The Blogger Help Forum is full of people moaning about how difficult pictures are. And they are but the above is a 'workaround'; I'm sure there are others.

Picture 1 is the door on the extreme left of yesterday's picture, as seen from the garden-entrance ; and Picture 2 is a close-up of some worn sandstone in a wall. I thought it looked like a landscape! But I was told at school that I had "an over-active imagination". Nothing much to report on the moving-front today. Some agents rang to see if we were still looking. I said 'No' and 10 minutes later the same office rang again. They said not to worry about it, it would be a duplicated call. Ho hum!

Normal BJ day, Y to tram, some shopping, mess about with computer, make up some more cardboard boxes, lunch, prepare evening-meal, collect Y. Bytheway - Before freezing it, I added a bought-jar of Fahita sauce to my bland pasta-job. I know it's cheating but it certainly has livened it up. Y tasted it and pronounced it not too hot for her; that means it will prolly have me reaching for the fire-extinguisher. I must remember to have a pint of ice-cold water at my right hand when we eat it tomorrow. Perhaps a litre would be wiser.

We played a good game with the children at BJ called "What am I". You have a card saying 'potato' for instance in a headband, so that others can see it but you can't. You then ask questions - am I alive? how many legs have I got? what colour am I? etc., until you either get it or not, within a time limit (set by a little egg-timer). As with most popular games it involves a lot of shouting. There is also fierce competition to be the one who turns over the egg-timer.

Bit tired now. Y certainly will be tomorrow. We are promising ourselves a day-off but one never knows. And of course, we are off to Tenby on Sunday. Being picked up by taxi at 7.20am. This particular coach company pick you up at the door and then take you to the main depot, around 5 miles away where you actually board the coach. It's a great idea because you then 'set off' on your holiday. There isn't any tedious business with feeder coaches, or touring round countless different pick-up points.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

National Trust Wightwick Manor

Just registering a 'post' which I will edit later. Had internet probs. but fixed using the much-maligned NTL 'Broadband Medic'. Experts deride it but it 'talks' me through what I need to do to recapture my internet connection and it saves writing things down. More importantly - it actually works.

Although its looks belie the fact, the Manor was only built in 1888 by the Manders family (fortune out of paint) and was inspired by William Morris. The house is a treasure-chest of William Morris and PreRaphaelite Brotherhood memorobilia which Y loved. She is v.keen on PRB and although less keen, I realised on the way round that I am fairly well-informed about it. There was a pre-painting sketch of one of the faces in "The Last of England" which I recognised for instance. Nothing to do with PRB but there was a portrait in oils, of one of the Manders' daughters, by Felix Topolski, and I was able to tell the guide (I know, sorry!) about his line-drawings.

I just learnt, via my Gmail 'summaries' that Bungus has managed to comment on this post before I have finished writing it !! No wonder he gets RSI. I will answer his query :-

" Wightwick Manor, Wightwick Bank, Wolverhampton WV6 8EE "

This procedure will probably send '' into a tail-spin. Anyway, to continue.

The coach driver was Chris, the chap who drove us on our Morecombe holiday. A pleasant surprise because he is smashing and has a great sense of humour. He announced over the microphone that new EU regulations required him to test at least one of any sweets that were to be eaten on the coach, as some were harmful. And chocolat-eclairs are considered especially dodgy. Yet again we were lucky with the weather. The drive took us through Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Shropshire and was very pleasant. Nice being able to peek into people's gardens. The house and gardens when we arrived were a joy.

On the way back Y did the raffle, and I was pleased that the Morecombe trip 'group-photo' prints which I had printed, were very popular. I only did three and it extended the number of winners a bit and was a change from Bath Fluid, Paper-Handkerchieves, and slightly-foxed books about Laura Ashley curtains. A noteworthy prize from a few months ago was a collection of cooking-spices with a sale-by-date of 1996. No-one noticed and fortunately won by Kathy who has a sense of humour. As she told Y she was torn between using them, because they would probably have been fine, and putting them back in a future raffle - He He! In fact the 'bin' won in the end.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A picture is worth a 1,000 words

I don't know who coined the phrase - but I don't need to add anything do I?

The agents rang first thing to tell us that the buyer's surveyor had reported and that there were no 'issues'. That is obviously 'mod speak' for 'there's nothing wrong with the bungalow'.

We decided on a trip down town because we both needed things. I wanted a Flash Drive to move photos about on. Y needed to go to the Station to book her upcoming train-tickets. I needed Waterstones. And we both needed St Peters for lunch. While passing, I nipped into Millets for a better 'bum bag' for holidays. When I went in, I asked for a 'body bag' forgetting that they are what they move dead bodies around in. Soon sorted though. The one I have already, and struggle with, isn't deep enough for my note-book plus camera, mobile, and DAB radio. This new one is perfect and I checked that the strap was long enough to go around my ultra-slim waist. It was a bright sunny morning and Nottingham has always had a reputation for pretty girls and today was no exception. When Y joined me in St. Peter's she told me about one girl, who was displaying so much cleavage that Y had nearly walked into a lamp-post. I hope that Mrs Radiogandy isn't developing 'tendencies'.

When we arrived home I began making-up cardboard boxes. My chum at the cheap shop had given me loads of collapsed ones; different shapes and sizes and all I needed was a roll of that wide brown tape to resurrect them. I did around ten and it was strangely satisfying. Tracy is keen for us to leave it all to the removal men and basically we will. But Y wants to have another 'book sort out' so as to only take what we actually need. And I agree with that; and it makes us both feel as if we are getting-on with it. Then I cooked a pasta-sauce. Basically, mince, tomato, marscapone and lots of fresh oregano. It would be nice to report a triumph but unfortunately it was bland. Plenty left - there would be wouldn't there? And I shall either think of some way to cheer it up - or ditch it.

Tomorrow we are off with Mansfield National Trust on a coach-outing to Wightwick Manor. No idea where it is and I'm too busy to look it up. More tomorrow evening

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ancient Furniture Gone - Cooler Day

The working title of this picture is 'Red, White and Blue' and I do realise how corny that is. So I might change it - depending on the amount of flak it attracts. It was taken on one of those ultra-bright mornings we had last week and is completely un-enhanced, un-tinkered with, no graduated filter etc.: I have cropped it to improve its structure, but otherwise it's just 'as is'. The day began by sitting with Beryl while she had another drive. And, to be fair, she was OK. A great improvement on last time. She drove slowly but not toot-inducingly so, and after country lanes we tackled Eastwood and the traffic. She was fine. I suppose now she will resume her 'running about after people' activities but it's what she loves to do and at her age, who should tell her not to?

The Woodthorpe vendor's agents rang to say she had missed-out on the one she was keen on but had resumed 'actively looking' at others. A little set-back but it is early days. Then we did a little shopping and just after lunch Neale's removal people came to take the antiques we are disposing of to the sale room. Strangely enough, neither of us feel saddened that they've gone. My room has a certain 'japanese look' apart from the cardboard boxes of course. And, when we had readjusted furniture placings in the big room, you hardly noticed that that enormous sideboard, four chairs, and an octagonal table, had gone! I guess we were over-cluttered anyway. Then to the Bank and the ISAs had arrived and been paid in, so we have set up this Instant access account which pays a little interest.

Spring Lamb chops for main-meal, new potatoes with fresh mint, plus normal veg and gravy. Fortunately, the day has been cooler, because we both started off with hang-over type headaches but obviously no drink. Y says it's tension. So, short Blog and early night.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day Lunch at Tracy's

The pictures need perhaps some explanation. No.1 is a Gertrude Jeykell bloom that fell victim to over-zealous dead heading and Y couldn't bear to put it in with the compost. The little glass jug is usually used for serving mint-sauce in. Don't ask me why; it just is! Anyway, it fitted the bill as a makeshift vase and I photographed it on a dark sheet - no clever manipulation. No.2 is the teapot I mentioned (part of the set the valuer described as 'of little value') and which I now use as the everyday teapot in my room. My guess is that it hasn't actually been used for 100years or so. My Gran had them as an ornament only, and she was an 1860s girl. So I serve myself the most elegant tea at 3.30am! In a way, I think the single bloom and the teapot seem to go together.

Everybody rang to wish me 'Happy Father's Day' and Debra told me a story sure to bring a lump to the throat. Elli had been stung by a bee she had accidentally stood on, in the grass just before bedtime and was suffering quite a bit. Debra comforted her saying "The bee didn't mean to sting you; it would just be scared when you trod on it". With a sob in her voice, the little mite said "Tomorrow Mummy, I want to go and find the bee and say 'sorry' for standing on it". I think there is hope for the world! My cards were smashing, and witty - the one from TJ is designed to hang on my doorhandle and has a picture of a computer and the words "Do not disturb - files being downloaded". The girl must spend ages finding appropriate ones.

We set off quite early to go to Tracy's and went first to the tip with cracked steamers, ex-toasters etc., and then to Woodthorpe because we wanted to check distances and things. Then to Tracy's to unload things to be stored in her loft (I was excused duty). She had done a lovely lunch - Yorkshires with a beef-based filling and veg., followed by fruit salad and cream and finally a very good cheese board with a brie that was coming to meet me. Served with some oatmeal biscuits which she knows I love.

Then we drove home the pretty route and when we arrived I grabbed a nap. This heat doesn't really suit me and I feel as if I could do with being 'hosed down'. We've managed to empty a chest of drawers which is going in the morning, so a lot of my clothes are in cardboard boxes on the floor. How awful.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Long Eaton Carnival - Lovely Day

Just a little text to introduce the pictures. No.1 is the story of Sleeping Beauty (on the left is the spinning wheel. In the middle is the princess and, if you look really carefully you can see the speck of blood on her finger. Why she seems to have a moustache is anybody's guess; and on the right is the evil fairy). Picture No.2 is the artist Brooke (5yrs) and No.3 is her sister Sky playing us 'Merrily' on the recorder. I took lots of actual Carnival pictures but the above 3 were more important to me. Some of the rest I emailed back to David and the others are just safely on disc. David and Helen always make us so welcome and we had a super picnic-lunch out in the back garden. They know how to please Grandad! I've adored picnics as long as I can remember. Y tends to worry about flies and sand in her sandwiches (well, not sand at Long Eaton) but she humours me. I personally think that is the origin of the term 'sandwich' and the convoluted story about the Earl of Sandwich at the gaming-tables is not true!

When we got home Y had a further blitz on picture-packing because we are taking special stuff over to Tracy's tomorrow for safe storage in her loft. I made up some more boxes and then dealt with advertising a coal effect electric fire and a piano accordian, online in the Evening Post. A good alternative to ringing them, which they warn you, costs a £1 a minute! It was straighforward and within minutes I had confirmations for both items, ref.nos. etc., and a little picture of what each ad would look like. Ain't technology great?

Then, just as we were having a corned beef and pickle sandwich for tea, John arrived and parked his motorway patrol car on the front. The neighbours are used to it by now. They no longer think we are in some sort of trouble. It will be a shock for our new neighbours I suppose, but it doesn't happen more than a couple of times a year and it is Father's Day tomorrow and he knows we shall be over at Tracy's.

While researching blogging I chanced upon a glossary of 'blog jargon' two of which were amusing. You, dear readers, are my Blaudience; and I shall have to be careful not to suffer from Blogorrhea ! Poor Bungus has gone down with RSI in his right hand, which he blames on 'too much computering'. At first I thought RSI was something to do with supporting a roof ! But I do understand and sympathise. I'm sure he will be just as witty left-handed.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Too Busy - Be glad when we've moved

Just a piccy of the roses in the early morning sun. I know I shall have another view from my bedroom window when we move, and I shall soon grow to love it. But this one has been great.

I've had all sorts of computer problems today. Firefox horrid. Had to use IE6 to access my Blog and even then it kept telling me I had 'runtime errors' or 'Windows cannot open this page' and assorted guff. And I've been too busy to really tackle it. I just wanted it to work. Anyway, I'm here now. As planned I sat in Beryl's car while she had a go at driving. She wasn't bad but I haven't changed my opinion - and she is so forgetful. Asked me if my car was new? and seems to have completely forgotten the details of her stroke etc.. We only ventured down the country roads she knows, but she got lost and insisted on 20mph, which didn't please the queue of traffic behind us. I didn't feel I could bluntly say that I didn't think she was up to it, so I said "I think I ought to come out with you a few more times before you risk going solo!" She accepts that.

Then we had the 'antique furniture' valuer. He obviously knew his stuff but told us that, when things are valued for insurance purposes, the estimate is around 4 times what the items would make in auction. After talking things through we decided to sell most of the things. With having 5 , it would be impossible to be 'fair', if we left different things to different children. Some of the E.P.N.S stuff is of such low value that we've decided to keep it and use it. I now have a most elegant tea-pot in my room! I'll take a photo of it and Blog it. Just a catch-up note re last night's 'springwatch' (unfortunately the last) but they showed a lovely goldfinch nest, high up in a tree. I'd never seen a goldfinch nest, even during my boyhood 'birds egg' collection days. I know. I am ashamed but it was what boys did. When I saw how high up in the tree the nest was, I'm not suprised I never found one. During the morning I called at my 'cheap shop man' because he had promised me as many cardboard-boxes as we needed. It saves him having to dispose of them. I loaded up lots and when we arrived home I made up a selection. Although Y has finally agreed in principle that we will have the removal firm do most of the packing; there are precious things she wants to deal with herself and I understand that. I just don't want her to tire herself out unnecessarily.

A lovely highlight this! We called in at IKEA because if we move in as planned, there are several things we shall need, and we both like IKEA. We had heard about them employing retired Gurkhas as security people, and we met one! He was only small but obviously not to be messed-with. He had a radio-link and was dealing with someone illegally parked in the disabled-bays. I bet they don't do it again. After he'd sorted it, we stopped for a chat and it gave me great pleasure to shake his hand. They have fought for us so loyally over the years, and as far as we are concerned, our borders should be open to them. We both had salads in the restaurant for lunch and, as salads go, mine was OK.

When we had a pot of tea at home we sat in the big room and on the front lawn was a pied-wagtail. Isn't it strange how they walk everywhere? Magpies do it too. I've always wondered why? It was my intention to deal with Bungus's comments yesterday by adding 'comments' but, as I can't access it, they will have to wait.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Burton Joyce Day - England win 2 - 0

Just had to share this field of poppies with you. I know they are blurry and the only detail in the sky is a power-cable. But it was that sort of morning. In the 1950s I had a Leica , bought in Germany during National Service. With that you would have seen each poppy; only snag - they would have been black & white !!

Managed to find some good pictures of the new bungalow on Windows Live which is a sort of Google Earth thing but clearer. Sent them round to folk and I think I messed it up.

Difficult to know what to Blog. Bungus doesn't like 'computer stuff', Steve doesn't want to hear about 'aches and pains' and now Tracy says she's 'not interested in what we had for dinner'. I'm not serious - I shall just carry on 'blogging' to suit myself, or 'mesen' as they say in Nottingham/Mansfield. On the subject of food, yesterday I made a chicken curry (with the left-over chicken), a Delia recipe. I didn't have a green pepper so I used red; no Madras curry-powder so I used Jalfreezi, no cream so I used coconut-milk. Delia would have been proud of me - anyway, it was great. Y said it was Thai-ish. That would be the influence of the coconut milk.

An experiment now; I'm going to try to introduce a non-photo image. And it seems to have worked. Matt's daily cartoons in the Telegraph continue to delight. His wit is like a rapier. How he manages to keep it up day after day is a mystery. He can't have a stock to hand because he is always topical.

And he's so right! They are in such a mess! And to think that Y and I were nearly moved to tears when we saw Tony Blair standing on the steps of No.10.

Anyway, I'd better not start being 'political' because I would no doubt alienate further readers. Debra for one, more than likely.

David has just rung to invite us over on Saturday to sit outside their house and watch Long Eaton Carnival go past. That will be fun. And we are at Tracy's for lunch on Sunday and tomorrow we have the furniture valuer and Beryl wants me to go out with her in the morning, while she has a go at driving again. We don't think it is a good idea, but you have to admire her spirit.

More papers about the move in the post this morning. All good - thank goodness.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another busy day - Weather cooler

Just a quick Blog - as it were! Because, having established a daily routine, I don't want to break it.

The picture proved tricky - again but I've found a fairly foolproof method of forcing its hand. I wont bore you with the details but if anyone decides in the future to use 'blogger' I shall be on hand with 'ways and means'. In the old days, if anyone queried an Inspector's decision, they would invariably be told that it was a clause in the 'Ways and Means Act'. The photograph is an old rose which we don't know the name of. It always does well and is reasonably black-spot free which you can see from the rude health of the foliage. People wouldn't grow it now though because each bloom only lasts 3/4 days, if you are lucky. Everywhere in the garden there are old fashioned shrub roses, too mature to dig up and move and in any-case it is completely the wrong time of year. Let's hope the new owners enjoy them.

Our day has again been pre-occupied with 'moving' matters. I sorted my emails etc., this morning and the buyers' surveyor arrived around 9.30am. He was very thorough and did a survey for their mortgage and then a more detailed 'full survey'. He was here over an hour and we made him coffee. A very affable young man who, when he was completing his paperwork, volunteered the information that the property was 'structurally sound and nothing of substance needed doing to it'. What a relief eh? Then we went to Nottingham to take the completed forms she had requested plus ID, passport, driving licence, current utility bills etc. for photocopying. We drove down, due to the awful weather, and managed to park just outside Browne Jacobson, and it was the first time we had actually met the young lady who is handling the matter. The earliest we could move is Jul 18th due to commitments. She considered that to be reasonable for the purchasers and will put in hand searches, contracts et al. The solicitors is close to St. Peter's Church Hall so where else for a sandwich etc.?

At home we carried on. The TBD list is endless. I rang NTL and established that they have a cable on Longridge Road even though not to the particular address. But if I give them 10 days notice, and take my modem, with me they will install free. I'm pleased, because the service I've had from them has always been fine. Debra's computer is fixed so I redirected her to the Blog for a summary of current events. I was very happy to chat to her as well, of course, - having just re-read the previous sentence it sounded as if I didn't.

Tracy has just rung and she and I have agreed that we must persuade Yvonne to have the removal firm do the packing. Yvonne complained again tonight of back-ache, after having carried washing-baskets of clothes from the drier in the garage and then standing and ironing, so why she insists that she wants to do the packing defeats me. We will work on her!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A really busy day

A picture left over from yesterday. This beautiful Ford v8 Pilot lives just up the hill on Joan's road. The reason I publish it is that when I joined the Police in the 1950s these cars were in use as patrol-cars. In black of course, and I can't quite decide whether or not this is a genuine one - it looks much more glamorous than I remember. And I can't accept praise for the excellent photograph because Mrs Radiogandy nipped back up the road and took it for me. I was too done-for by that stage to get out of the car unnecessarily.

We have had quite a day. I went out early to do some shopping and obtain some tile-adhesive and grout to stick back 2 tiles in the shower cubicle. Our buyer's surveyor is coming at 9am and we thought we ought to do it. Likewise, getting a chap to fix the dishwasher which, as it's plumbed in behind the kitchen units, is classed as a fixture and is part of the sale. He arrived around 12.30pm and needed to tell us about the problems he is having with his Mum! We were desperate for a sandwich before leaving to arrive in time for the National Trust Committee meeting in Mansfield at 2pm. It was 1.30pm before we set off and I knew a short cut! Needless to say, I got lost, the road system has changed dramatically since I was posted there. And whereas last time they didn't start the meeting till 2.15pm, this time they started promptly at 2pm and Y had to make a 'dramatic entrance' around 2.10pm. Not to worry 'eh?. Then we had probs re cashing-in some Lloyds TSB ISAs. Y had been told on the phone that we needed surrender-forms from the branch. But at the Branch they said "Not so, as they are Tessa ISAs, you need to write to Worthing". It took them about half an hour to sort that out. Didn't Oscar Wilde have something to say about Worthing?

I had decided to cook Roast Chicken for main-meal so I started that when we returned from Mansfield. Did all the trimmings + some delightful looking oyster-mushrooms that had taken my fancy. Some yellow, some pink, some orange etc., and assorted sizes and shapes. They only needed 3 mins to cook and were well worth it. And I'm not even prepared to discuss Yorkshires. After dinner I decided on a quick kip and no sooner had I nodded off than Serif rang to try to interest me in some software. As politely as I could I declined. They've got a living to earn and couldn't reasonably be expected to anticipate a customer having a nap at 7.10pm! Far to busy to watch Springwatch tonight, with emails, my Blog, grouting to finish.

If anybody missed Bungus's comment about hearing-aids - please check-it out on yesterday's. It's hilarious.

Monday, June 12, 2006

We've Bought a Bungalow !!

This folks is, hopefully, our new bungalow. I decided not to publish the actual address because there are some strange people out there on the internet. The first 2 pictures are from the agents-details, showing the front view and a view to the rear garden. No.3 is one of mine, showing the view from what will be my bedroom. - Office, study, lair, cell - whatever you like to call it. One of my few requirements, was that I be able to see some sky, and I can. It was a pretty awful day weatherwise, and whilst brightening the pic enough to see some foreground and middle distance detail, I've burnt-out the sky. Fixable if the photograph was for something important but it would be a faff. We both liked the place from first going in. Built in the 1950s it has a good solid feel to it. Another non-negotiable demand was that there be a paved area just outside the kitchen door, where I can keep my herb-tubs. And there is!

As soon as we left, we went round to Joan's (less than a mile away as the crow flies) and Y started ringing round the family and texting. Tracy grilled me fairly closely as to 'did I actually like it, or was I just saying 'yes' to please Mum'. I was able to put her mind at rest and she is keen to come along when we next visit. The bungalow is in the bit of Woodthorpe closer to Mapperley Top, than Arnold, and there is a smashing variety of shops, restaurants, banks, building societies etc., etc., and we didn't notice a single empty shop. It looked thriving and prosperous compared with poor old Eastwood, which looks really sad these days.

We did a lot of admin things when we got home but there is going to be lots more. The really stressful bit starts now, surveyors, contracts, removal firms. It's SO understandable when older people (like us I suppose) think they can't be bothered to move. But we are all excited. Y says that this 'post' is perhaps a little premature. Let us hope not!

So much for the sunny day which was forecast. There was extremely heavy rain (the bouncing off the road sort) and thunder, and it remains head-achy humid and hot. Lots to do n the morning and National Trust Committee meeting in the afternoon. I reported last night "such excitements in the offing" but I wasn't expecting to buy a bungalow. Just as a little bit of interest - the word 'offing' comes from sailing-ship days and was an area of sea outside the harbour where large craft would wait for the right tide and wind to make it into port. So things were described as 'in the offing'. You all prolly knew that anyway.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another Sunny Day - Barometer High

I thought would publish these two side by side to show 'dusk yesterday' and 'dawn today'; more or less as an experiment in low-light photography. In both I used the cameras 'night-scene' setting. The setting doesn't fire a flash but just leaves the shutter open until the camera (in its infinite wisdom) decides that enough light as been absorbed. The shutter is open a long long time and a tripod is essential. I have a mini-tripod which stands comfortably on my bedroom window-sill. With regard to Picture 1, it would have been possible to brighten it muchly with Picasa, but in my opinion that would have defeated the whole object of the excercise. A change from Flowers, Trams, and Renishaw Hall at least. The flashing Picasa is just another experiment - in my newly discovered HTML code. But personally I think it is rather annoying and I can't see me using it very often. A change from 'bold' or 'italics' though. If Bungus gets hold of it, I shudder to think what will happen. .n.b. As I look out of my bedroom-window (7.50pm) those pigeons are 'at it' again. This time though, on the garage-roof - a much more stable platform for such activities!

David told me this morning that they had spent yesterday sailing at Carsington and had had a super time. Sky had tried a 'wind-surfing board' and had managed to remain upright for around 15ft. Roughly a thousand times further than her grand-dad could have achieved! Her friend Hervey though, had stayed up for 40ft - he obviously has the knack and a good sense of balance. A lovely day for it. The old barometer in the hall has been stuck between Fair and Very Dry for about a week now. And tapping it (absolutely essential - it's a man-thing) makes no difference.

A high honour for Ray. He has been made a Moderator on his Calendar-of-Updates forum. If we lose him from WUforums a 'period of introspection' by certain people is called for. He has helped so many people, in such depth, and with regard to so many problems. And all because of a school-kid who prolly needs a 'clip round the ear' more than anything else. I don't think I can be accused of 'trolling' on my own Blog - can I?

I have turned down Bungus's kind offer of some replacement Ants. But we do have a superfluity of flies at the moment. We don't use aerosol fly-sprays any longer - we whack the beasts with an old-fashioned 'fly squat'. Not only is it extremely satisfying when one gets a clean kill - it is infinitely better for the environment. We've got two - a green one and a blue one. Both from IKEA and beautifully designed - of course! Good balance, springy etc., Oh dear - Tracy will be saying "You should get out more". But we do, we do, love. She has invited me (and her Mum, naturally) for Sunday lunch on Fathers Day which is something to look forward to. National Trust Committee meeting on Tuesday, then Father's Day, then our Tenby Holiday. Such excitement.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another lovely summer's day

Wowee! Pictures uploaded like 'a rat up a drainpipe'. Surely people are not still watching the football. Still, I suppose I am glad England won rather than lost. During the match my broadband connection was as lightning. Nobody else fighting for contention I guess.

Pictures 1 and 3 are the basic wild version of Meadow Cranesbill which we prefer to the more cultivated varieties. The picture in the middle is of a lady blackbird relaxing on the back lawn. She looks as if she has been shot and mortally wounded but a few moments later got up and flew away, having enjoyed her time 'hanging loose' in the bright sunlight.

Very little to blog today. I exchanged a few emails this morning but I think people have gone into World Cup mode. One strange thing to report is about 'ant powder' - each year we are troubled by ants and Y very carefully goes round the outside-walls with this proprietary white powder to deter them. Also indoors if any are seen. This year, due to the need to show potential buyers round, we decided to omit the powder in case we drew attention to the need for it. And, wait for it, NO Ants.

A final little word on the pleasures of Firefox. I have a 'tab' set for my Blogger dashboard and yesterday evening for an hour, it announced 'Blogger - down for maintenance' I hadn't asked it to do that - but ten times more courteous than IE6 I thought. IE6 isn't into giving explanations is it? It just packs up doing things.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Renishaw Hall again - Super weather

Just a little text is necessary, before clicking the 'insert image' button. The programme seems to prefer it and is not too much of a faff. Easier by far to do it that way than spend ages trying to achieve the same result by the 'proper' method. Anyway, the pictures. The first is the lake with that peculiar 'urn' in the middle. There is no way I could get down to the lake-side to look. And if I was foolish enough to try, there is no way I could get back up again! The object is convenient to focus the camera on. Picture 2 is Mrs Radiogandy relaxing under the laburnam-arch which is just now 'going off' - last week would have been better. But one can't live one's life in terms of laburnam-arches can one? Number 3 is a sort of garden-ornament for the wealthy - but, nevertheless, makes for an interesting picture. Much enhanced by plenty sun and attractive shadows.

In the end Joan decided not to come with us even though she has never actually been to Renishaw Hall and was much looking forward to going. She woke with a bad throat and was concerned lest, in the confines of the car, she passed it on. Her ankle was also playing up after last night's ramble. Ah well - these symptoms of aging (should it be 'ageing'? I'm never sure). We had a letter from the agents saying that our 'buyers' are keen to proceed to the 'contracts' stage. So much for the 'dropping out' prediction. I spoke to Debra on the phone yesterday afternoon - she always forgets that Thursday is Burton Joyce day and she couldn't speak to her Mum. She was impressed with the firm line we had taken with the agents, and entirely agreed with us. Debra does 'cross' pretty well too. Must be a gene.

On a lighter note, when I looked out of my bedroom window this morning, circa 4.50am, two pigeons were copulating on the TV aerial I can see (the one I 'cloned' out of a picture a few days ago). Talk about making life difficult for ones-self. I don't know if they are the two who used to do the same thing in Bungus's guttering in the morning and they are here on holiday. Probably just relatives.

Just a brief computer note. When I was having Blogger trouble I thought that Firefox might be to blame and I angrily uninstalled it. Via 'add/remove programmes' in Control Panel. I knew it had gone because it vanished from that list and the shortcut icon etc. vanished from my 'desktop'. A couple of days later, after I had discovered that the problems were '' problems, I relented and decided to reinstall Firefox. It downloaded and reinstalled without any problem and, lo and behold, there were all my preset tabs, bookmarks, settings, assorted toolbars et al. What I don't understand is "Where on earth had they been stored? While I hadn't got the programme on my machine? I do hope a reader can enlighten me. I went on WUforums to ask but maybe the right people weren't around at the time!

No cookery today. I didn't cook a thing. At Renishaw Hall I had a poached-salmon salad with hot new potatoes. It was delicious! Some readers will be thinking "salad? he must be sickening for something". Yvonne had chicken-pie which also was very good.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Burton Joyce Day - Splendid Weather

Trouble loading images again. But so far OK if slow. And the font wasn't right. But it now is. I typed a sentence and 'published' and then accessed the Blog via my Edit procedure. Convoluted but effective. And as the old quaker saying goes " a way will open ". Picture 1 is of a resolute squirrel who, in his determination to reach the birds' peanuts, half wrecked a rose arch (right of shot). It was easily mended though with a couple of nails. Photo 2 is the crowd surrounding the street-theatre chap on Monday The white conical thingy just in front of it, is a piece of modern sculpture entitled 'Leaf Stem' and when it is working, water trickles down it. It has been there some years now and I have grown to love it. Number 3 is just the bird-bath and above it a weigelia which is approaching full bloom. For those who like to know these things I am assured that it is 'biers alla'. Hope I've spelt it right.

I would like to thank people for their encouraging comments and emails because I was pretty despondent about computers in general, 'blogger' in particular. dishwashers giving up etc. Ray said he thought I must have broken a mirror recently. Then yesterday - is it possible to flush a loo in anger? - because I broke the handle off. Resourcefully, first thing this morning, I sprayed the screws and things inside with WD40 because they were rusted, and after I'd dropped Y at the tram I went to B&Q and bought a new one. The whole excercise ran smoothly from start to finish and I now have a fully flushing loo again. Didn't cut myself, fall down, or break anything. "Things are on the up" I thought and, realising that yesterday's Blog problems were 'blogger's' fault and not Firefox's I decided to reinstall it. No trouble at all . But the weirdest thing. When it had completed it's install-procedure and opened the programme - there were my original tabs, bookmarks, settings etc.. The whole lot. Now, where on earth had it been storing them I wonder?

Back to food now. Yesterday's Spag. Bol was even better today. As so often happens, flavours seem to mellow and mature overnight. I may have blogged it before but I always recall one of the 'Street Cries of London' series about stew being "Seven Days in The Pot". I don't think we would dare go that far these days but the principle is the same. A particular Leek & Potato soup recipe I use (well I don't actually need the recipe anymore) is always better second day. Debra was charmed when I photo-copied the recipe for her, I'd written on it "If a skin forms be glad, it will taste even better when it's stirred in".

I daren't try to 'publish' becasue at the moment there is a message across the bottom saying 'could not connect to blogger - publishing my fail'. It's gone now so fingers crossed.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bad Day at Black Blogger

What a performance I've had with Blogger again. I'm seriously beginning to doubt if it is worth the hassle. It is very enjoyable but I am spending hours a day dealing with the problems. Eventually I got a message up saying "Blogger down due to unexpected technical problems etc........." If only it had told me that before I went to the trouble of uninstalling Firefox. There was, however, one good thing that came out of my research into the problems:- If you left-click one of the pictures a more viewable-sized version will open in a new window which, when closed takes you back to the Blog. Very handy for the street-theatre picture for instance, where there were complaints that little could be seen. And above right where, as it is, one can hardly see the bee.

Another thing which went wrong was the dishwasher. I did the usual manly things like checking the fuse, taking the front off, spraying locks etc. with WD40, sitting on the kitchen floor demanding mugs of tea - but nothing worked and then, when I was putting it back together, I cut my thumb which, due to my warfarin dosage, bled for 3 hours. But I will not dwell on these matters. Karen mowed the lawns which spruced the garden up. It was a lovely summer day and we are all still alive so what the hell 'eh?

Also on the plus side I made a 3 star Spag.Bol for lunch. My oregano is in full fig outside the kitchen door and was demanding a meal in which I could use lots. Strange thing about fresh herbs - you can be really free with them in a recipe, without the risk of the bitterness which I often associate with too much dried herb. The recipe, a family favourite, is from the hard backed (but falling apart) Toshiba recipe book which accompanied our first microwave oven - all those years ago when microwaves were enormous and cost around £250. I don't microwave the recipe nowadays though but oven-cook it real slow. I remembered to omit garlic, because Y was rambling in the evening and we didn't want to damage her 'good companion' status. She thoroughly enjoyed the ramble. Lovely weather and a pleasant group. I delivered her to the starting point at the Dixies Arms at Bagthorpe and Chris and Joan dropped her off, after staying for a drink at the Pub. Y so loves a bit of 'social'. I hope Bungus will find the above a better balance, 'cos he had requested 'more food less computer problems'.

The middle picture is 'poached egg' which Y finds easy to grow. Wherever she puts a trowel-full an enormous bed appears. I know some people find it difficult and it isn't due to soil-type because Betty next door can't grow it and our soils are the same. I said it was 'limnanthus' which is correct, but Mrs Radiogandy tells me that it is 'limnanthus douglasii' to distinguish it from t'other limnanthuses. The white stuff in front of it we only know as Richard Whiting because it was his garden that ours came from. Another good 'doo-er' from year to year without fail. The lupins I grew from seed and shall do so again in our new garden, because they are a joy. It's best to start again anyway after a couple of years or so - to have vigorous plants with long stems. Old beds tend to revert to 'robusta' colours and short stems.

Just 'hoping against hope' now, that this publishes. It did but I got the 'runtime' error warning again. I just ignored it and closed the window and all seems OK.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blogger probs. - Hey Nonny No!

I think I will just write a few words and then leave it for tonight. All day there have been problems. Firefox wouldn't load, and then when loaded, wouldn't close. Couldn't open my Blog dashboard (from where one creates new posts) and then, yet again, can't upload pictures. At this moment there is a message just under the page saying "Transferring data from......" It's been saying that for half an hour. I dare'nt click 'stop' buttons or 'reload' for fear I lose the lot again. Next idea was to 'gmail' regular readers not to expect today's Blog. But 'errors' on Gmail too. Maybe it's the weather!

As you will see I did finally get a picture to upload but daren't tell you how long I've been messing about. Maybe you are right Bungus. It would drive you mad. The picture (larger than life-size) is a stray californian poppy in a bed of 'poached egg' (limnanthus) which is another plant Y is very good at. Wherever she puts it we finish up with an enormous bed, which amazes Betty next door because she can't grow it at all. I intended to publish 3 pictures again today but I'm afraid I lack the stamina. Whatever time shows at the bottom, it is in fact 21.50pm. At least my laptop clock is working correctly.

This must be the shortest Blogpost to date but I'm 'turning in' and will return to the fray tomorrow.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Estate Agents - Trip down Nottingham

The day started with our own version of "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face". I rang the solicitor first to establish that there is not any legal regulation which prevents one from continuing to market a property after having accepted an offer for it, but before contracts are exchanged. Then, armed with this, I rang the agents. Much back-pedalling and explanations that it is in internal 'company regulation' not to do so. When I drew attention to the 'small print' of their letter, the girl said "Well, we are obliged to point out to you that you can legally do it, if you insist" but she would get the 'head honcho' to ring us back. This took place moments after I had gone in the shower but I had heard the phone ring and quickly donned my bathrobe. Yvonne dealt with it superbly! Head Honcho said that the company regulation was to prevent 'gazumping'. My quick-witted wife pointed out that 'gazumping' was accepting a higher offer, after agreeing a sale at the full asking price! Not what we were doing at all. Head Honcho quickly changed the subject and said that continuing to market the property would probably result in our losing the present buyers. "Good" said Yvonne and "I didn't like them anyway". Where would we be without feminine logic?

After all this excitement we decided to have a coffee and then go down Nottingham for a mooch around. Yvonne needed to go to Bromley House and I just had to go to Waterstones for a Firefox book. I'm getting on fine with the programme but there is lots to learn. It definitely deals with my Blog differently, but quite OK. And as everyone who uses it seems to aver, there are many, many advantages over IE6. We also decided to have a light lunch in St. Peter's Church Hall again and found to our delight that one of the retiree-helpers was a fellow member of Bromley House; so that led to a pleasant chat. Just outside, down at the bottom of St. Peter's Gate there was a small crowd (first picture) surrounding this very lively 'street-theatre' guy. His act involved lying on a bed of nails and having someone stand on his midriff (second picture) and then jumping through a hoop lined with inward pointing knives. And they were real knives, one of our local 'Doubting Thomases' checked. After that we made our way back to the tram. The right-hand picture is of a plaited-bronze statue which graces the little square just outside the Theatre Royal. She welcomes you when you get off the tram. The tram just happened to be passing - honest!

We arrived back home shortly after 2pm and felt we had had a busy but rewarding day. Warm and sunny but with a slight breeze. Proper seaside weather. I tied up some roses and Yvonne started pulling up forget-me-nots. But she didn't feel inclined this year to go round scattering seed for next year. We will collect some for our new garden though. And tomorrow I really must water tubs and things because I don't like to see plants in distress any more than animals.

I have quite a lot of emails to deal with and haven't really managed more than a glance at WUforums today. But now I'm too tired. I shall prolly wake refreshed at 3am and then will be the time.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Not really a Rest Day - but enjoyable

Promised Gertrude Jeykyll and here she is, surrounding a solitary Cistus which is the first bud on the bush to open. The delicate crumpled paper effect of the petals is always attractive. Only a few blooms on the rose are shown but the whole climbing bush looks great. Should add £2,000 to the value of the house. Speaking of which we are very annoyed with the agents. When our purchasers offered us so much less than we wanted I told the agents to keep marketing it until contracts were exchanged and that if we got a bigger offer, we would take that one instead. 'You can't do that anymore' I was told, there are now regulations to prevent gazumping. When we read the small print (or more accurately D/Sgt Y did) of the 'offer document' we had from the agents - there was a paragraph saying clearly that they had to continue marketing the property until contracts were exchanged.

On Monday morning, after checking with the solicitor, I intend to ring up and be very cross indeed and to say that if they aren't prepared to continue to market it, we will withdraw our acceptance of the offer. Not such a difficult decision because we went to look at a few, from the outside, this evening and there is nothing in the same league as ours. They are all tiny and hemmed in and two were on what looked like privately built council estate. I would have had great difficulty finding my own house. Peas in a pod, is the cliche I'm looking for. With regard to the agents in the morning, I do 'cross' rather well; I was trained in it!

Sorry to hear about Madeline's low-flying aircraft. They really do sound like a serious nuisance, not to mention the noisy sheep. Bungus has been adventurous and used a 'Holbeach at Sunset' picture as a 'desktop' to replace the 'plain green' he had. He will be putting things in a 'favorites' file next!! David rang to say they had returned from their caravanning week at the Peterborough Caravan Club site which had been good, but his Ford Galaxy is poorly. A reluctance to start reliably and apparently it's all to do with electronic chips and electronic keys and things. And to think, I once had a Morris 8 with a starting handle! Electronic keys has reminded me. Alex called in to borrow Yvonne's electronic key to Steve's electric gates so he can get in next week, and his wife Emma brought us half-a-dozen eggs from their own chickens. We had two for tea ad they were gorgeous. At lunchtime we had a full scale Sunday dinner, pork and all the trimmings, roast potatoes, and, -ignoring Bungus's disapproval-, Yorkshires. Traditionally pork should only be eaten when there is an 'r' in the month. However, it had been in the freezer since April so I guess that is OK. But I'd better stop banging-on about food.

Getting on well with Firefox. Once it is loaded it is much faster. When uploading pictures into the Blog the 'clock face icon' fairly zooms round. I'm sure that the time it takes to load is down to my machine, not the programme. I've printed some pages from the 'Welcome to Firefox' site because quite a few 'words' have a different meaning from IE and they need getting used to. Copy/paste for instance and Options etc., but I shall get there.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Yes - We get the occasional aeroplane!

If asked, we would have to admit that we do get the occasional aeroplane flying over. But they are high enough up, when they reach Brinsley, not to be a nuisance. I suppose the vapour trails spoil what would be a clear blue sky but hey, worse things happen. If the view at the rear doesn't suit we can always go and stand at the front door and sniff the Gertrude Jekyll growing round it. Maybe include a picture soon and it is such a shame one cannot send a 'link' to smells.

It is so nice to have Yvonne home; I collected her from the tram around 6.15pm and, you will all be relieved to learn, resisted the temptation to take yet another tram-shot. She is tired but has had a super time and explained to the girls about the house-move. Elli (not 4 yet) is so sharp but was a little worried. She asked "But Mummy will know where to find you, won't she Granny?" Difficult concepts for little minds I suppose but a reasonable enough point. We have loads of house-details to pore over in hard copy, let alone those from the 'net'. A firm called Rightmove emails me each day as anything new comes on the market so, if our dream house comes along, we shouldn't miss it. We've decided to record The Culture Show because there is lots to talk about, and additionally it gives us the chance to zoom through the bits we don't like.

Bungus will no doubt be critical of the strain on my 'lappy' but I have gone over to Firefox. Still lots to learn but at first sight it seems great. Much, much faster than IE and I've already learnt how to open a set of 'tabs' of things I use all the time and then save them as my home-page so that next time I boot-up and open Firefox, there they are, ready for instant use. I've also downloaded my Google and Yahoo Toolbars because I have got valuable stuff on both (such as Autofill and Saveto My Web and Yahoo mail etc.). Maybe, as I become Firefox proficient, I shall find I don't need them. Ray is very keen on Maxthon but my young US chums on the GoogleisAwesome forum say it is 'active.ex' based (whatever that means) and is therefore as vulnerable to attack as IE. I'm sure that when Ray reads this he will have something to say!! He sent me a lovely picture of Dylan sitting on the lawn in his England sun-hat. Bless him!

Back to normal tomorrow and a Rest Day is called for I think. Tracy has been checking regularly that I'm OK and we have had 'useful chats' about housing requirements etc. She also is most insistent that I try to 'get my feet higher than my hips' to combat this swollen ankle and discoloured feet phenomenon. I suspect that should be the plural, but who cares?

Enough excitement for one day. An early shower, I think - then milk, choccy, radio and my new book 'Teach yourself Blogging'. That 'Teach Yourself ..... series' is as old as the hills but no worse for that.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Last night's Sunset - Clear Hot Day

The sunset yesterday evening promised a good day and so it has proved. I put the camera on it's sunset setting which ensures colour saturation and, I think, puts either a red or an indigo filter on. Apart from that. all I've done is crop to above the bungalows at the bottom of the garden and 'clone' out a TV aerial. Not really faked though. Probably the visually acute amongst my readers will be able to see where the TV aerial was. Maybe I ought to run it as a sort of 'spot the ball' competition.

The temperature outside is 19c and no wind, so it feels pretty warm. And it has been the clearest and bluest sky for some time. If it is like this in Palmers Green, Yvonne will have done some 'park time'. The Park is very close to Debra's, maybe 250 yards. and has the usual swings etc., and mature trees. Last year I found some mushrooms which I picked, to Ruby's disapproval, she considered it some sort of theft. But worse than that nobody would eat them! Ah well!.

I'll try to avoid 'banging on' about computer matters, as Bungus puts it. But I've still got problems with my syst/restore. Having printed off and worked through the WUforum stuff I've created a new restore point for today (again!) and I shall see tomorrow if I can restore to it. Steve has just rung for Alex's phone number. He wants to ring him to make some future arrangment and he is very pleased with what he has done already. Steve said "It isn't often that I look at a job and think 'that has been done better and quicker than I could have done it'. Praise indeed. Alex has been here today to finish off the manhole cover surround; we must remember to tell the new owners where it is because, at the moment it is covered in gravel for aesthetic reasons. Again, I won't go on about it but 'Miss Blogger' is in a bit of a mood. Picture uploaded OK but when I tried to 'publish' while I did something else I got the dreaded "This page cannot be found....." message. Not to worry it will sort itself out I'm sure. Likewise with my 'profile picture' which seems to be missing at the moment.

Springwatch was a bit boring last night and I've decided that I might give it a miss tonight. LOts of other things to do and reading to catch up on etc. I had a look at what is in The Culture Show tomorrow evening and even that seems less than rivetting.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bob for Lunch - House offer In Writing

This the colour the irises should have looked yesterday and this morning I thought that, in the rain, the light might be better than strong sun, for the colour. And I think it is.

I know it's abit early again but I'm operating on my 'get pictures in sooner' principle because, post 9pm my 'patience has worn thin'. Don't you just lurve cliches. They have only become cliches because they are just right to express what people want to express. If one could always think of something original which was as powerful, one would be a well-published poet by now.

In MS Office 2003, and no doubt others, you can switch on a cliche-checker as well as a spell-checker. Well, I ask you !! He He! Yet another one rolls off my Blog-pen.

The title of today's post is maybe misleading as we didn't actually have Bob for lunch; Bob and I ate Broccoli and Stilton soup, part-baked rolls and a cheese board. I only point this out because Bungus can nit-pick a bit. As always, we had a super time and discussed loads of things. One thing he said which I must include, was how much he had enjoyed Madeline's comment and to encourage her to 'post' a few more. So, there you are M !

Tracy rang to see if I was OK and when I told her Bob was over for lunch she said "I'll let you get back to your boy's talk then" I assured her we weren't poring over girlie-magazines to which "Wouldn't bother me if you were" was her riposte. It was very sweet of her to ring - she likes to check that I'm OK when her Mum is away. I must remember to tell Yvonne this evening that an official-looking form arrived in the mail, from the Estate Agents confirming the 'Offer' in writing. Yet another inch forward. Long distance yet though; surveys, contracts, removals and on and on. But we shall get there; but we are both glad we are doing this at 70 and not 75. It is quite understandable that people think they just can't face it.

The computer seems to be particularly well behaved today but I have set up a point via Ray's vbs method. It really is quick and easy, just a single click in effect, and it almost immediately told me that it had done the necessary and gave me a reference. Tomorrow I shall check out whether or not I can do a syst'rest because at the moment it keeps telling me that it was 'unable'. There is a thread about this very subject in WUforums so I will 'mark' it and if things are the same tomorrow, I'll work through it.

Going to end there. If I think of something else I can return. That is one of the easy bits.