Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cttee Meeting - lunch - weather awful - Nat Trst AGM


I hope the above snap on my mobile phone captures the feel of an awful day weatherwise. In all other respects things went fine. This morning was our last cttee meeting at Jean's and we handed over boxes of files, raffle stuff, and nearly everything. As Y was to take a minute of the AGM in the evening we retained what she needed for that specific purpose. Although we have all offered to help the new committee in any way we can it is a relief to be passing on the responsibility.

After Jean's we adjourned to The Hardwick Inn for lunch as an outgoing committee. The food was good, the staff welcoming and most helpful, and there was much laughter. So that can't be bad. Then back home for a quick 'lie down' and then back to Mansfield for the AGM followed by a talk with pictures by Rachel who is the Property Manager at The Workhouse, Southwell.

Peter has been an excellent Chairman and we have enjoyed the last four years. We have made new friends who we certainly shan't lose touch with.

My responses to your previous comments

JBW ...... Whilst personally liking all that punchy language and those flowing cadences in Milton, I agree it never was suitable text to put in front of school children at 'O' level age. As a dramatic epic it goes well with Andy Hamilton's Old Harry's Game on Radio 4.

Bob .... As you say about my 'pinhole' ......... Youv'e got to admit I feed you some great 'straight' lines though. Re the lady who requested the Double Entendre .... I'm glad you still felt up to it !

I don't consider 'slow' otiose in relation to 'trickle'.

The leader of the Willow Creek Christians did sound like abit of a 'cult'.

Re Hotspur. As you say, he was in both. But in Part 1 mostly having a rollicking good time with Falstaff in the Boars Head Tavern.

Yvonne ..... What good advice you received during your degree, not to 'do' the 19th Century novel. As with Mansfield Park it would have wrecked your enjoyment of so much.

I'm, as you know, currently enjoying Thackeray's The Yellowplush papers on Radio 4. Previously I thought Thackeray a dry old stick but these are really good.

Jill ..... Weren't you all lucky down in London seeing Richard Burton live in so much, and Claire Bloom. I know Y is going to sort you out re John Neville !

Pleased Ro is happy with his new C & W club. Let's hope it works out long term because I know how much he enjoys it. Also, tell him 'all the best' for tomorrow, I think.

Re Mike's e-mail. It is a two-slide slideshow. Are you clicking the right arrow at the top of the first page ?

Glad to hear that your silicone handles survived 130. My guess is that they will be OK up to 200C and lets face it, nothing needs to be casseroled at anything like that temperature.

At our Mansfield Centre Meeting this evening one of the ladies admired my mittens so I explained about them. She is a keen knitter and asked me to ask you if you are familiar with Baroque wool ? She has knitted herself a top in it and says she looks like some sort of long-haired pet animal. But colourful with it !

Helen C ..... Thanks for the update about the picture-battle with Ilkeston and I'm glad the judge was OK.

I'm hoping to WoW in the morning and you will be able to tell me more then. If you are turning out that is ? I'll give you a ring in the morning to check. Perhaps just before 9am ?


Quotation time ...... I know Y really enjoyed this one because it appeared on her homepage too.

"If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style."

Quentin Crisp

The link is to a YouTube of him talking about 'glamour'.


"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"

I just know the weather is going to be good, and not a bit like the forecast.



Yvonne said...

Jill: Before John Neville went to Canada in 1972, he was Artistic Director (l961 - 1968) at The Nottingham Playhouse. He was marvellous, putting on plays that people wanted to see, and is still remembered here with great affection.

Rob said...

Hello everyone, we're back from a week in Fuerteventura where we had plenty of hot weather along with a bit of cloud and rain one night. It was a good holiday despite taking my pinhole camera and film but forgetting filters to reduce the brightness of the light which meant I couldn't use it. A quarter of a second is hard to guage on a pinhole camera. Whilst in Fuerte we went to the Imagine Live Music Bar; check out Eric Sijpestijn on You Tube.

I've now finished my first 'week' in my new job (thanks for all the good wishes) as Elaine goes into hospital today for a minor op, so I'll be nurse for a couple of days. Early indications are that I shall enjoy the job if not the travelling to Lincoln every day.

Despite only rarely entering photo competitions, I'd be interested in the detailed results of the 'battle' with Ilkeston if anyone has them and can be bothered to pass them on.


bob said...

Yes, a right nourishing soup day. I had a Covent Garden Pea & Ham; very good.
(Sandra slow-roasted me some delicious pork belly (on a trivet) the other day. Unctuously satisfying.)

Tried woodsculpting on successive days and realised God got it wrong.
It should be ‘work one day, take six off’.
P’raps, if he’s listening, he’ll try it next time he creates a universe. After all, he’ll have plenty of time and a rush job’s never perfect.
I’ve decided to call a halt to the idol (it takes one to know one, as the punster said) – enough is enough and less is more ‘n’ all that.

‘Feeds’ acknowledged and gratefully seized upon.

Willow Creek leader even abit of ‘occult’??

John Neville…

Pleased your casserole handles didn’t melt.
I still prefer to decant to the slow cooker for most things.

Please knit Graham a Baroque sweater.
I see him as a sort of multi-coloured Afghan.