Saturday, March 14, 2009

Long Eaton - 49F but 10mph W.wind - Pictures


I went to Long Eaton as planned and had a lovely time with David and Helen. I was sad not to see the girls but they were having a pre-planned sleep-over at Helen's Mum and Dad's. Lots of lovely news though and both of them are doing SO well at School and elsewhere. Not only are they avid readers but both like writing things too. I read some outstandingly good poetry by Sky (which I haven't got clearance to publish yet) and one of Brooke's recent certificates is at the centre bottom row of the collage.

One day recently, over a meal, David said he was no good at drawing faces. They always finished looking like miserable men. Brooke disappeared to her room and wrote him an illustrated manual - with suggested curves for eyebrows and things. His efforts should improve now.

This collage shows a 'new' extension to the dolls house and also a table made by Helen's Dad who is brilliant at making things. There are some pastries manufactured by David for the bread shop (please note the convincing cornish pasties, a skill David learned when working as a manager for Northern Foods) the £1 coin was for scale.

On arrival home I decided to take a nap and arose to the afternoon sun.

Appearing on the wardrobe door, my lay figure is making it up with the crocodile.

I must admit to a little stage-management with this one. What I really wanted was a clear bit of sky where hand approaches snout for a Michelangelo Cistine Chapel Roof moment. But I got fed up with waiting.

Another task was opening a bag of Maris Piper potatoes and putting them in storage boxes. When I lifted the one illustrated out of the bag I really took heart.

A few days ago I had put a £1 in a British Heart Foundation collection box and here was my reward.

Yet another picture I'm afraid. Reg told me yesterday he had been party to a conversation at EPS where it was suggested that my pictures might be sharper if I moved the pinhole further away from the picture-plane.

So, this afternoon I tried it mounted on the front of about 1½ inches of Kenko ext.rings.

Here is the result - and I do believe it is sharper. Nowhere near as good as Tim's results on film. But an improvement.

My responses to your previous comments

David .... Indeed Yes ! Reminiscent of Mitchells who, when I drove past yesterday, are still trading, with their usual selection of wares laid out on the pavement.

Wasn't it great when you asked for something and a Mitchell disappeared (as you say somewhere, under the castle rock) and then returned with exactly what you needed - those were the days.

Jill ..... We find, re Les Dennis, that most prominent entertainers are possessed of greater depth than their stage persona indicates.

You would certainly be welcome for breakfast. Re the 'ten months'. I'm afraid it is just one of my silly literary affectations. Like 'idea 6,324'. I consider non-specific qualifiers like several, many, few etc. are boring.

Yvonne .... You are quite right to be furious with Decathlon. If it is their anti-shoplifting policy to only display empty boxes they should have told you so. And potentially so disappointing to a little girl.

I can just see you vaulting the barrier at Kings Cross. Perhaps if you took a run at it !

Bob ..... Funny thing about colour rendition in cameras. And blue is so much affected by light. But do agree that some look in keeping with some structures and out of place on others.

Glad you recall The Reverend David Jones.


Quotation time .......

"If the King's English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me !"

Ma Ferguson

Governor of Texas circa 1920

I had a go at some flower pictures earlier today but the strong gusty wind and intermittent cloud formed less than ideal conditions. Better luck tomorrow perhaps. Plus of course, some more messing-about.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"

Wells Fargo is specially for Y. Its one of her favourites.



Yvonne said...

Loved Wells Fargo and so did the girls. Ruby had just done a bar chart analysing results of how children get to school ....... all of these young ones are so clever these days. What happens in mid-teens when they're always criticised because their exams are so easy?

Both the girls here have shawls that I made when they were born (yes, I used to knit too and Jill will remember!). Elli (aged 6) has just said out of the blue 'When you die, Grandma, I'll have my shawl to remember you by' ........Yvonne x

bob said...

Walking in woods (seeking Wrens - saw couple but unable to snap) came across teenage brothers (known for 30 years) metal-detecting, successfully, for buried treasure.
In my presence they found 16p.
Jeffrey, their 4-month-old Jack Russell wanted to leave with me.

Also spotted roughly 6’ cube, 2/3 person shelter
(too small for three-quarter person).

Eating frugally (apart from seven-course bedtime meal) but can’t lose 7lb excess.
Suggestions ?
Most successful diet tried was ‘F-Plan’.


Like David's little pasties – similar mine but less fattening.

Pity you haven’t Michelangelo’s patience but I like shadow picture.

Why take potatoes out of bag? Ours last minimum a month..
Nice heart spud but viewed differently could appear a load of … rubbish.

P’raps I’m somewhat Philistine but I don’t see point of reinventing pinhole (or film?).
Strikes me rather like rubbing-two-sticks-together-for-fire, manual gearboxes, and horse-riding (I’ll accept wattle-and–daub).

’Some’ prominent entertainers, yes.
Les D was great (more-or-less playing himself) in ‘Extras’ and Jimmy Jewel became excellent character actor.
Other comedians (characteristically) fail miserably.

Boots in trouble recently when toddler helped herself to Ibuprofen, making good case for displaying empty boxes.
But yes, customer should know.

Jill said...

Lovely dolls' house stuff, shame you didn't see the children!

I once came home with an empty box that should have had a video in it....sometimes I think the weight (or lack of it) would tell?

I don't think your pastry is conducive to weight-loss, Bob. But I thought you lost weight last year, has it come back with a vengeance?

I quite enjoyed the prog. last nignt on photography, more than I have any of the others. I thought the one on Captain Cook which followed it was dire - as soon as the (annoying) presenter said 'Whitby England' I knew it was a co-production pandering to the US market....

'Extras' was the name of the prog. I was trying to remember re Les Dennis - thank you Bob.

Y, I remember you knitting things for your little sister at college....