Friday, March 06, 2009

A Good Friday - not the official one but Good anyway

As yesterday's crocuses found favour I thought you might like a few more........ My OTTP reputation is peerless. Many years ago I had a county-trial you know !

These flowers are on the roadside verge opposite and I haven't exhausted the possibilities. As we were driving home this morning I spotted yet another angle.

This morning was my first appointment with Dr Barrett our new GP. Y and I were both delighted . She is a mature lady with a charming hint of geordie accent and exuding common-sense and competence. She has upped my Fentanyl Patch dosage a little and I am to attend the obesity clinic. I knew it was bound to come and I will do my best - honest !

After the doctors we went to Lidl and Morrisons and shopped for Sunday when we are entertaining Helen and Julian, and Rob and Elaine, to lunch. I am cooking the Hairy Biker's Vegetable Curry that I kitchen tested a couple of weeks ago. After our Fish & Chips and Mushy peas I retired to my room for a lie down and almost immediately a man come to measure up for the new loose covers we are having in the big room. The existing ones are nearly 15 years old and beginning to look a little distressed. But they were well made by John Lewis and we have enjoyed them. The furniture is too good to ditch. We have chosen the material, and the man has measured the furniture so watch this space. But don't hold your breath because he estimated 6 to 8 weeks.

When I went back to my room the late afternoon sun had created an action tableau from the lay figure and a wardrobe door. I thought the picture could be entitled 'Don't jump'. The 'spectrum' by his right arm is the chance result of a prism on the Victorian mirror.

I won't start the 'pinhole' thread again. Suffice it to say that Reg took 2 sample pictures with my pinhole lens on his camera and there is far far less 'crud'., so it seems proven that the problem is within my Nikon. Yesterday evening Roy gave me the pinhole lens which Bill has drilled for me and at first try, it is as good, if not better than the commercially produced one.

I need to thank Bob (Bungus) for Picture 3. It is the Wikipedia Woolly Mammoth and his text inscription sounds most encouraging.

We could definitely use the creature on all future WoW trips, except perhaps for visiting Exhibitions in Libraries.

The quick-release hooks look ideal for camera bags, and Brian's tripod and perhaps even, a saddle could be fitted for my personal use. Isn't there something called a Howdah or similar which would be even better

Snap-tin I understand but what on earth is a 'dudley' ?

As you will have noticed I didn't reopen yesterday's blog-post. The EPS evening was most enjoyable as these 'skills evenings' usually are. It got going immediately and there was that pleasant hubbub which comes from contented camera club members. My modest Picasa 3 corner was very successful. Ernie was very taken with the programme - he didn't realise how function-full it was and we went through lots of things. Terry joined us with interest because his son-in-law has been sending him links to Picasa Web Album stuff. Ernie's pictures were excellent. He is a very good photographer but somewhat judge-shy ! I think Roy said that I should feel honoured to see them. But I became somewhat tired and uncomfortable so, after tea and a biscuit, I came home.

My responses to your previous comments

Jill .... Wendy Cope would always have been a good guess for the 'When I am old' poem. And for the 'spring poem' I had no idea.

In retrospect I agree about D'Artagnon 'dart'ing about. See remarks above re OTTP.

Re The Miners Strike, I couldn't face it. Doing the 'archive' for it was my responsibility and they weren't happy times.

An interesting menu at Fi's pub ! All I know about pigs cheek was that it was a constituent part of my Mum's brawn recipe. I always seemed to get the bits with hairs still attached. Not a favourite.

Pete (Mannanan) ..... We own the same Jenny Joseph 'When I am old...' book. Beautifully produced, small, and, as you say 'pride of place' stuff. n.b. I have made Pete's name a link to the Ramsay Ramblings blog bit of his website.

Bob ....... As above- thanks for the WoW Mammoth. I intend to publish your 'woodman' picture tomorrow. Pressures of space dear boy !

The Honeywood File sounds promising. 'Wry English humour' is a phrase which keeps cropping up in the reviews. Didn't realise it dated back to the 1920s though.

Please see above comment to Jill about the Miners Strike. Y found the police-torture in Red Riding too hard to take. From personal knowledge I can reassure people that it certainly didn't occur. Violence - Yes. Torture - No. If it had happened I would have known about it. And if John is reading the blog a comment would be helpful, because he was there, on the front line.

I must distance myself from your reproof of Jill with her walking stick. My stance would be "Go for it Gal !".


Quotation time .....

"A signature always reveals a man's character - and sometimes even his name"

Evan Esar

Not much to draw on for that link. Certainly no YouTube which surprised me.

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



Yvonne said...

I must have had a misspent youth as I've done all the things in "When I am old" ......... except perhaps the spitting!

bob said...

Extreme purple prospect.
I know OTT … but OTTP?

Pleased that your new doctor satisfies…
…and eagerly anticipate the inner Afghan to be revealed?

We have the ‘new settees / loose covers’ dilemma. The latter is likely to be more costly option but we LIKE the present furniture.

Your Lay-man will have to jump before the crocodile gets him.

I have been unable to dictionary source ‘dudley’ but I’m sure it’s a miner’s water bottle.

My mother made ‘unhairy’ brawn from pig’s head and rabbit.
Tasty but I didn’t like the jelly.

Sandra couldn’t watch concluding part of Red Riding either.
I only recall a pub customer giving a large sergeant trouble and being noisily removed.
He was brought back in for his coat with cheek grazed and bleeding.
“Fell against the wall.”

I know that my reproof of Jill will make not a jot… !

Jill said...

More lovely crocus - do you know who planted them?

Have a good time tomorrow, hope all goes well in the kitchen, as I am sure it will.

I am all for new loose covers, if the furniture still has some life in it and it is comfortable.

Woolly Mammoth - pity they didn't hang around, would have been a useful beast of burden....

Pleased that the new doctor seems on the ball - obesity clinic, they are obsesssed with that nowadays. I asked my dr. about putting on weight - he just looked blankly at me and said 'eat more food'. I went privately to a nutrionist, very helpful, told me all sorts of things I didn't know and hadn't thought of. If the clinic doesn't work for you, perhaps you could try someone similar? What a pity you can't e-mail me a stone or two......

Re my stick, no of course I shan't take any notice of Bob - does anybody?

TV prog - I found it dark, sordid, far too violent, the houses people lived in looked derelict, and perhaps naively I can't believe the way the police acted was true. I didn't like the mix of truth and fiction either.Thought Sean Bean was mis-cast. Not a laugh in it. I did stay till the end, but went out and made tea during torture scenes.....I don't think it was as good/ground-breaking as Channel 4 thinks it was. Remember the fuss when 'Z-cars' started? That WAS ground-breaking.