Monday, March 02, 2009

Computer jobs - problems sorted - 45F - 9mph SW wind

I have been playing with my pinhole again ! One thing I love about the system is the colour-rendition. Someone, more knowledgeable than I, will perhaps explain to me why it is so.

The 'pinhole solutions chap' hasn't answered my e-mail query yet about the large number of 'blemishes'. They appear in the digital file very sharply focused - and I don't know if that indicates crud on the sensor or crud elsewhere.

Opinions will be welcomed !

Mike sent me a very witty e-mail please click here I hope it isn't considered yet more racism by we infidels because it seems to make a valid point.

My computer jobs were simply the installation of something from David, putting RegCure on Y's laptop after sorting out the 3rd licence number. Plus routine tidying up and security check functions. Tomorrow we have a full National Trust day, over to Mansfield for a Committee Meeting in the morning at Jean's, followed by committee-lunch at The Hardwick Inn, and finally, back to Mansfield for the AGM in the evening. But then, it's hand over the reins to someone else.

In the collage on the left, bottom left corner you will see a USB lead hanging over the top rim of my 'wheels' bag. When I saw the snap it made me think that maybe what I need is a full recharge - perhaps a slow trickle !

You learn something every day ! In the weekend Telegraph was an extended piece about Brian Eno who is always interesting to people interested in Art, or Pictures, or, in his case the two melded together. Anyway - it was he who wrote the Microsoft Windows introductory jingle. It is 3.25 seconds long and just think how many millions of times a day it must be heard, all over the world.

My responses to your previous comments

Jill ...... I think that current orchids have been bred to be more tolerant than traditional varieties. Many years ago I had an orchid-growing pal and his plants were housed in a dimly lit, hot and humid greenhouse. Heating costs were high but he more than recouped them by selling individual flowers for exotic flower displays or wedding bouquets etc. and I distinctly remember that then, in the 60s, a single bloom was several £s.

But Y and I both love the current generation of the genus. And the blooms seem to look less 'creepy' than they once did !

Although Y didn't think so, I am with you in finding the Willow Creek Christians scary and the well-sunbedded leader was not a man I would choose to spend an hour in a pub with ! However I did think Cherie Blair did a tidy presentation job and she is obviously a woman of conviction.

Yvonne .... You are quite right that I didn't 'do' Julius Caesar for O levels. Henry 1vth Part one was my Shakespeare I'm afraid - Hotspur and Falstaff et al. I was a year earlier than you. In fact the first year that 'O' levels replaced School Certificate.

Lucky old you though, seeing Richard Burton live !


Quotation time ......

"If not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled"

P. G. Wodehouse

The link is to a Jeeves and Wooster extract. More fun than a Wiki-page, even if less informative.

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow - unless Committee-ed out"



jbw said...

English Language could always be awkward. I remember that one of my set pieces was Milton's Paradise Lost. I couldn't make sense of it back in 1952 and I have had several attempts over the years since. It is still completely incomprehensible to me.
Not sure whether it is me or the piece. I am sure somebody will tell me !!

bob said...

You are, as they say, a bugger for your pinhole.
A woman came in the pub the other night and asked for a Double Entendre.
So I gave her one.

Mike’s e-mail is amusing which should be the main matter, provided it does not actually hurt anyone (and if we can laugh at Morris dancers…).

A slow trickle? Here we go again!
True story.
In the roof of the marquee in which we were sleeping were the flags of all nations.
Murphy asks:
“Where’s the Irish tricolour?” Richard replies:
“Ten inches below your belly-button.”

I want nothing to do with cults like the Willow-Creek Christians.

I thought Hotspur was in HenryIV-2? But so many of the characters are in both HenryIVs, HenryV and Merry Wives.

Please also see Sunday Comment

Yvonne said...

JBW: I also did Paradise Lost (as well as Julius Caesar and Mansfield Park). Like you, I never understood a word of P.L. and have hated Mansfield Park ever since though I love all the other works of Jane Austen.

Jill said...

I did the same set texts as you Yvonne, with much the same results! I went the following year to the Old Vic a lot, saw Richard Burton as Othello, Iago, Hamlet, Coriolanus, Caliban, Henry V and Prince Hal, Falstaff, Romeo as well as Brutus - you name it, he did it. Claire Bloom was the leading lady, John Neville the other lead. JN disappeared for years, to the Nat.Theatre of Canada, turned up regularly in The X Files!

Willow Creek - I run a mile from organised religions. Esp. American ones....

Meant to tell that R has found a new C. & W. Music Club, in Greenford, some of the members from the closed-down one were there. This is every Friday, they seem to get about 70/80 people, so at the moment at least it is financially viable.

AOL can't/won't download Mike's e-mail.....too big and not configured properly....

I have made a pork casserole in the saucepan with the silicone handles - in the oven for about two and a half hours, at about 130 - handles etc. are fine! I did keep an eye on them. but it is a help being able to brown them off etc. all in the same pan.

Helen C. said...

I also did Julius Caesar for 'o' level and the follow up, Antony and Cleopatra, for 'a'. I envy those of you who have seen Richard Burton on stage as I never did!

I've just returned from the 2nd leg of our Ilkeston v. Eastwood photo battle and am pleased to report a win for Eastwood and a much more rational judge this time (judging from the chit-chat, I don't think that was only my opinion).