Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Abnormal Wednesday - Not WoW-ing - 54F and Mild

Although I didn't WoW myself I wanted to open with this picture of Brian S's. As I said yesterday they visited Nottingham's canal and I guess this is some modern development of expensive waterfront apartments. They look good though.

I love the light. As a sucker for good architectural photos - if you throw in some water and reflections, not to mention a bit of foliage breaking up the sky in the corner, well .........

I took Y to the tram this morning as she was meeting Joan for lunch at The Bell, they secured their favourite table (previously booked) in the window overlooking the square and they had a great time.

On the bit of dual carriageway, just before turning into Phoenix Park tram station, I spotted this bed of wild primroses. So I went back after dropping Y.

Not since boyhood have I seen such an extensive bed. The Ashbourne ones always used to flourish on a particular slightly sloping bank. The genuine wild ones seem to enjoy a slight tilt to their environment. Guess it is to do with drainage.

Had a good day doing all sorts of things. Finished the Telegraph crossword, listened to the afternoon play which starred Ricky Tomlinson and Johnny Vegas -

A Question of Royalty - By Andrew Lynch

Two bungling losers, self-employed plasterers, blithely ignorant of the constitutional crisis their action could precipitate, steal The Queen's wedding certificate while working on the refurbishment of the Public Records Office

A funny play which I recommend if you listen to radio at all. Please click here

You might like the love-birds on the left.

It seems to have got to that time of year doesn't it ?

They will soon be at it up in Boughton I've no doubt. My x2 converter works, but focussing is a helluva problem. Without autofocus it seems very easy to get the twigs in front sharp and the birds fuzzy.

I've also fixed a couple of computer problems which I won't bore you with. It also came to my attention that Twitter is to restrict people to one tweet a day, and their word-count is 149 characters. Characters folks, not Words. (I suppose this also could be an April Fool's joke, but we don't 'twitter' so we don't know).

At my request Y has swapped my winter duvet for my summer-weight one. I hope I haven't been hasty.

Tomorrow Y is at Burton Joyce so I shall, as usual, do plenty of 'messing about'. I also think I may give EPS a miss and save myself for the following week when our young ladies Millie and Frankie are having the evening to themselves. It'll be standing room only.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob ..... I assume your Jessica story about 'gullible' was an April Fools day joke !

Re Collages - I think this is the answer. When you open 'collages', set 'picture pile'. With Picasa 3 you can left button and drag each picture to exactly where you want it to be. At the side of each picture is a red button, via this you can tilt and enlarge each constituent picture separately, and finish up with just what you want. Try experimenting with it. Let me know how you get on.

Yvonne ..... I think we were both fooled to begin with. Before we looked at the calendar.

Tracy ..... How nice of you to put in a guest appearance.

Jill .... I was fooled by almost all the news-stories. When I read about the fish generating electricity by twanging the wires I actually thought "They will hardly generate anything at all". I never thought April Fool. So I certainly was gullible !

The 'high up the ankle' boots are OK for walking in or sitting in. But dangerous to drive in. They are rather insensitive under-foot. As I've found, managing to depress accelerator instead of brake. I was in the drive fortunately. and immediately moved my foot.


Quotation time ...... I've heard this one before but I don't think I've used it here...

"There is no reciprocity. Men love women, women love children, children love hamsters."

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"

1 comment:

bob said...

Beautiful 1st April.

Consequence of Univers(al)ity Education?
‘(the defendant)... had a degree of financial difficulty...’
(Chad 1 Apr)

Next lateral development could be mnemonics in haiku form?

Brian’s photo: I prefer the buildings on far right.

Nice Primroses.
I must visit Wellow Woods for the Wood Anemones (and, later, Bluebells).

Sorry! I tried the radio play which only confirmed my extreme prejudice!
ie, half hour of largely ‘school concert’ level performance with 3 good laughs.

Love birds.
Always did.
We’ve got ‘em too.
2.24pm saw first butterfly of year (Peacock).

Twitter’s 149 characters is correct.

“Ne’er cast a clout…” (I think that includes duvets?)

Thanks for collage tips – I’ll try.

TV News: woman hit accelerator instead of brake (on her steep drive) and ended up down 100ft ravine (unhurt).

Nice quote BUT... men and dogs?.

Who'd believe it?
'Grant Us Long Life In Boozers (Local Establishments)'.

Anonymous (Tracey):
I must be in my second childhood or never have grown up.
Jessica’s 13.
And I’m old enough to remember seeing, when on guard duty, Richard Dimbleby’s splendid 1957‘Spaghetti Harvest’ spoof on Panorama.
Long live frivolity !!