Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WoW at Nttm Arboretum - Autumn Sun

Our 'Walking on Wednesday' outing to Nottingham Arboretum worked well. Reg had previously noticed a possible place to park, only a few yards from a gate in and sure enough I was able to park without any trouble.

It was a pleasant day with sun and blue sky, the occasional cloudy period and quite a boisterous West-wind. which managed to dislodge enough leaves to encourage eccentric photographers to try and capture them in flight! My 2 Pictures are an attempt to depict the feeling of the day. In No.1, you may see in the enlargement, a dramatic border of dahlias were still going strong, so late in October too. Obviously no frosts yet.

Picture 2 is an effort to show the leaves. I think Mike will have a better version and have succeeded in getting a few leaves sharp against the background. The best you can say for mine is 'it's blog material'. I didn't walk as much as the others and was, again, very happy with my flask of coffee and the use of a few benches. When we left the Arboretum we called in at Woodthorpe Park for a quick tour and that too was very interesting. Then it was down to The Horse and Groom at Basford for lunch. A great website (click the pub name) and see. I like the changing pictures of the different rooms, on the same page ! I don't know how to do that - but there is nothing to stop me finding out is there? It could be a powerpoint job, with those fading transitions.

That's got to be more or less it folks. My bedtime approaches. Don't care what time it shows at the bottom, it is in fact 10pm and I have had interuptions. Camera Club tomorrow night - a 'Close-Up' evening. Roy has it all in hand - so to speak !

Re Comments
  • AnonymousRob, - I couldn't find a link solely about the Papplewick Trail but this one about Papplewick and Linby please click here should help. You drive through Linby Village, keeping the pub on your left. As you leave the village and before you reach the Griffin's Head crossroads there is a substantial lay-by on your left. That is the start of part of the Trail. The other part is on the opposite side of the road, further up. I seem to remember us both noticing an attractive a barn nearly opposite the lay-by. A definite hint of French architecture. It seems to be a house now !
  • Don't know if your cowboys/indians story is an urban myth or not. But see Jill's comment some time ago, about attending a Country & Western concert with her husband who is a fan. They reported seeing some gentlemen, from a certain sub-continent, dressed as cowboys.
  • Bungus.- Yes we could certainly meet at The Papplewick Trail and could try the Horse and Groom at Linby for lunch. Couldn't find a decent link. We shall have to disagree about 'aviaries'. I simply don't like to see birds in pens. They should be free to leave !

..... Michael Pain was good again........ Catch you tomorrow.......


Jill said...

Liked the first picture, is there a reason why the dahlias are in pots rather than the ground?

The pub link and transitional pictures - clever stuff, I have seen similar for shops, sometimes instead of fading the camera moves all around the shop, can be a bit dizzy-making.....

bungus said...

Like the look of the Horse & Groom (possible venue for ex-colleuges' lunch). But is it in Basford or Linby?

Take your point about caged birds but have seen some wondrous sights which would otherwise have escaped me without a visit to the Andes. So pragmatism rules (given that cages large enough).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on Linby and Papplewick. I do like those villages but so do many others judging by the property prices.

How well I remember the happy hours we spent in the Horse and Groom in Linby during that year I was pretending to be a professional photographer. The last time I was there was summer last year when we sat outside with a drink. We had the dogs with us and one of them had rolled in fox mess on the way. Despite us throwing him in some water (he hates water so wouldn't go in voluntarily) he was still dirty. Then a woman, dressed up for a wedding, came out of the pub and before we could say anything, stroked the dog's neck. She didn't seem to notice anything but other wedding guests may have wondered where the smell was coming from.