Friday, October 05, 2007

Wollaton Hall - Renovations - Lovely Sun

Decided against conventional views of the Hall because they are easy to find but this roof in the Great Hall is eye-catching since its renovation. One can only assume that this how it looked in the 16th Century. There was a dearth of stewards to ask questions. However, the grounds, the gardens, and the lake were impeccable - mind you the brilliant sun, clear blue sky, and no wind, helped a lot. With such a wonderful place to explore within the city boundary makes one wonder why we travel all day to see something less good !

But, as entrance to everywhere was free I suppose that corners have to be cut. The restaurant allegedly sold hot meals but at 12.30pm the 'cod loin' we fancied had all gone. Also, people were having to wait ages and some gave up after about 10 minutes. We finished up with toasted bagel and cream cheese and smoked salmon. It was very nice actually. My new stronger patches worked well and I was able to move around quite firmly.

Picture 2 is the famous gorilla who used to stand on a landing halfway up a flight of stairs and frighten children of all ages. Now he has a glass case all to himself and shares a room with a giraffe and cases of stuffed animals and birds.

We didn't manage a full tour of the Hall but we did visit the Nottingham Industrial Museum, full of lace and knitting machines, Raleigh bicycles and Brough Superior motor-bikes.

There are tours to the Prospect Room twice a day, right at the top of the building with marvellous views over the city, but we felt we had done enough for one day. However, we shall return.

Comments now. Thanks Pete for the 'rhymes'. Don't apologise- they are lovely. And I accept that I must have dreamt the bit about your age and lifeboating . I apologise. Glad you enjoyed the 'misty Derbyshire' snaps and it is on our doorstep so to speak. I will indeed pass on to Bungus your best wishes !

Madeline. Thank you very much for your clarity re Roy's accessing blog pictures. I am sure that, if he follows your instructions, he will be able to sort it.

..... Catch you all later. Have a nice weekend.

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