Wednesday, October 03, 2007

WoW at Curbar - Misty - Mild and damp

Even thought the light wasn't promising and didn't improve WoW decided to go into Derbyshire in search of autumn colour.

We didnt actually find much but around Curbar and Froggatt is beautiful even in less than ideal conditions.

I have entitled Photo 1, by Roy
"WoW photographer at work on the edge"
and it pictures Duggie engrossed in his picture-taking. Mike, Roy, Duggie and me turned out and we enjoyed our fairly fruitless round trip. We chip-cobbed at The Peacock again and used the laptop to look at some pictures. Last week the pub was bursting at the seams and this week it was almost deserted. Perhaps we were a little later but the difference was dramatic. I tried to send Reg a text-message including picture from my mobile but it didn't work.

When I had walked as far as I wanted to the others trekked off along the edge and I sat at a picnic table and enjoyed my flask of coffee. Roy was kind enough to walk back to the car and collect my bag and my tripod so I busied myself taking pictures across the valley.

Picture 2 captures the mistiness of the morning and, left to myself, I was able to try lots of things. Different lenses, different apertures and exposure compensation etc. and I was perfectly happy. There were 'mosses, lichens and liverworts' in abundance and Joan would have had a field-day. Yvonne must come with us again soon because she would have loved the walk.

On the way home I called in at Morrisons for milk and bread and they had both of our current favourite loaves. The Rustique and the Polish Bloomer.

Now to comments. The cooking appliance Jill is a Prestige Electric Steamer please click and it is in use most days. You put a litre of water in the bottom bit and cook the veg. above. Mostly things take the same time i.e. 25 minutes but occasionally you have to put things like broccoli in half way through. You can also used the bottom bit as a slow cooker and I do a very popular braised steak and onions in it. You would definitely want a round of bread to mop up the gravy! It is big enough to cook for say 8 people or small enough for just us two.

Jill - re raffle prizes. Y tries to arrange for 6 or 7 prizes to be on the table and aims for an assortment. Wine and biscuits and books are always popular and Y then adds less sought after items like hankies and bath-salts. You are right, NT people must be more 'upmarket' because 90% of the prizes are donated but occasionally we buy a bottle of wine etc.. We have a very aristocratic lady who always puts her £1 in the money-box but declines her tickets. Y once asked her "Do you not want the tickets because you may have to leave before the raffle is drawn? She replied most sweetly "No. It's because I don't want to run the risk of winning any of the prizes". Bless her !

Burton Joyce day for Y tomorrow and I have decided against the camera-club because it is predominantly about darkroom work and I personally don't want to go back to it. The computers available for others are only equipped with Paint Shop Pro, not PhotoShop - it's OK but not really that popular anymore. So, apart from venturing out on tram-courier service, I'm planning a lazy day. I'm due for one.

Sleep tight folks. Off to watch Michael Palin now.

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