Sunday, October 14, 2007

TJ for lunch - Sky's charity Zip pulls

A panorama of the 'galley' during sunday lunch preparation. OK - so the door into the dining room isn't really that shape, it's one of the botherations of creating panoramas. The programme has no concept of doorways being rectangular - it is solely concerned with merging the clock and the top of the door-frame seamlessly. With a lot of elbow-grease in Photoshop I guess I could straighten it, but is only a record shot for the blog. And as such it conveys the morning and the cooking of TJ's favourite barnsley chops with onion sauce and mashed potato. Which turned out well by the way.

Picture 2 is to do with a charity called 'Jeans for Genes' which David and family have got involved with for reasons which I won't blog because it concerns a neighbour of theirs. There are these little zip pulls with flowers from 'Fifi and the flowertots.' attached to them.

Sky, in her thoughtful way, said "I could sell some of them at School" So David ordered a box of 50 expecting to have about 40 left over. Sky took them to School and after asking the Head Teacher's permission, stood up in Assembly, demonstrated them, explained the Charity and has sold 82. As I said to her Dad "She is going to be a formidable young lady isn't she?" He wholeheartedly agreed. He said "We will put you down for a couple". Echoing Dave Brubeck I said "We'll take five".

Please click here and hopefully I have linked you to the original track. Woweeee - I've just checked the preview and it's worked. On this blog we try not to let you get bored. Just hope that Bungus's speakers are working.

Off now to watch 'Strictly come Dancing' but I shall return. Duly watched and I'm back. Stephanie Beecham was the one voted out and she seemed greatly relieved! I know she is an actress but there was an air of sincerity about her response.

"The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you've got it made"

Jean Giraudoux

That's nice. A quotation presenting itself so to speak. And to add to Bungus's famous quote:-

Ungleby Cowpertrew; 1961. "“Old rabbits die hard. ............and tough"

Don't even try to research it folks - his sense of humour is back in full swing! Pleased to hear Jill that you like "Strictly come...... " too. Brucie does annoy many people but I just rate him as a hangover from the old vaudeville days and enjoy seeing him in action, bad jokes and all. Anyway Jill, we all want to hear more about your National Knitting Week !

Little jobs to do tomorrow. Some shopping, nip over to see Joan, perhaps lunch in the Cheesecake Shop - all sorts of possibilities. Purchaser's electrician visiting at 5.30pm.....
I'm off for an early night. Catch you tomorrow......

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Jill said...

I was working out how old Stephanie Beacham must be - over 60 at least. I thought she looked fabulous, but she obviously found the training etc. very hard work and as you said, seemed genuinely pleased to be voted out.

National Knitting Week now officially over. I spent two long tiring days at Alexanra Palace (it's the most marvellous building) and yesterday we could see for miles, over to the Surrey Hills. Very well attended this year to the point of being really over-crowded and appallingly hot. I spent sessions each day on the Learn to Knit stand. teaching mostly school children - was amazed at the number of thirteen/fourteen year old boys who wanted to learn. The stand (actually on sofas, that's one of the reasons I volunteer, there is a great shortage of chairs!)was really a victim of its own success, at one time there were 55 youngsters all over the floor and every available sitting space, and only 6 volunteers....we ran out of knitting kits provided by various spinners by Friday night and had to beg and borrow from other stands and our own stash. Luckily one of the big spinners gave us a huge box of needles.
I've spent today recovering and gloating over my purchases (Yak wool, quiviet yarn (under-belly of musk-ox, finer and softer than cashmere and priced accordingly) some cashmere and some silk. All from small producers who mostly sell on line, only opportunity you get to actually see and handle the stuff. Hand-dyed sock yarn in gorgeous colours. Nearly bought some knitting needles that have lights built in....oh, it's a whole new world out there!

Ungleby Cowpertrew - I don't believe it - sounds like a name from 'Round the Horn' or an anagram.....

Anonymous said...

Hello all. I saw a brief amount of Strictly.... last night whilst surfing the channels. How old is Brucie now?
Also enjoyed the rugby on Saturday and the period towards the end when Jonny Wilkinson took over reminded me of Jack Nicholson's line from The Shining (? I think, not sure)..."Here's Jonny..........."
More of the same next Saturday I hope.

bungus said...

How can anyone enjoy 'Take Five' (esp the Joe Morello solo) while claiming to have no sense of rhythm?

I have never tasted under-belly of musk ox but have been instructed to eat more meat, so ...

I am an Association Football fan but must admit that the closing minutes of England's last 2 Rugby World Cup matches were fantastically exciting. I too hope they can keep it up but did you see the way that South African took the ball out of the air to score an amazing try?