Saturday, October 20, 2007

A beautiful dawn; just a 'trace of misty morning' and everything. I'm just a sucker for pictures with tonal recessions. It is of course from Elvis's 'Just can't help believing' and a funny thing - I googled 'trace of etc...' and in top place of the results was the relevant picture on Radiogandy's ephotozine page of last year.

Now chaps, there's fame!

And as the morning promised, it has been a super day. Y went out into the garden to cut back the roses; I suppose I mean 'prune' technically and Picture 2 is one she took pity on and brought in instead of binning it. For lunch I did scrambled eggs on toasted Ciabatta, topped with smoked salmon. And this evening I'm doing a crispy beef and prawn stir fry with all the relevant bits from water-chestnuts, beansprouts through to pak choi at the last minute. To repeat the recipe and method would be boring, but the meal is to coincide with Strictly come Dancing because it will be fork-able.

Thanks for the kind praise of the pictures Jill, and I think we are all interested in the outcome of the monkey's chin-hair yarn thread. Sixpence to whoever tracks it down first. Now I can't say fairer than that. And I guess AnonymousRob is Weekend Off. The 'warmth in the holes' must in principle be like the flavour in the Polos'.

Tomorrow I'm at the Royal Photographic Society day at Ravenshead and the programme looks marvellous. Half the day with Tony Penrose who runs the Lee Millar Archive. He is her son. The website is strong on the copyrighted nature of the material, but, as it is a google-able website I have linked you to it. The second half is Ray Spence FRPS and that again is a link to his website. It will be good to see everybody at RPS and no cooking for me tomorrow. Y is in the 'galley' and Roast Chicken is rumoured or 'bruited' (a word I just like)

An irresistible quote for the day:-

"I have left orders to be awakened at any time in case of national emergency, even if I'm in a cabinet meeting"

Ronald Reagan

Off to do my stir fry now. Hope everybody has a good weekend.


Pete said...

Graham, just love the misty morning picture and the track by Elvis was pretty good as well....

Jill said...

It's a chirru antelope (not monkey) and apparently steps have now been taken to make it a protected species (from all us knitters chasing after it?).

I did a beef stew from Sainsburys 'Taste the Difference' braising steak (no mention which part of the animal it was, but it looked fine). Cooked for a total of eight hours (last four I added tin of tomatoes in the vain hope they would tenderise it a bit) and it was just about edible. Tough, tough, tough. Shan't be buying that again.

Liked the photo - and thank you for my artichoke head postcard which arrived today, only 6 days after you sent it.....

bungus said...

I like the misty morning shot; ‘thangyou ver much.’ Until enlarged I had not picked out the hint of red in the foliage – not too bright either.

Q. Why is a stir-fry supper like ‘Strictly Come Dancing’?
A. They both want …

Thanks Jill for the ‘chirru’. The following google search suggests you needn’t worry.

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"Black Sun is useful, but it is also like a chirru: cut off its head and another will appear to replace it."
―Palpatine to Darth Vader[src]
A chirru was a creature with the natural ability to regrow its own head if it was decapitated.

I presume you had not salted the beef too early?