Wednesday, October 10, 2007

WoW at Vicar Water - some Sun -nice outing

Another successful WoW day (Walking on Wednesday - for new readers) and today we went to Vicar Water at Clipstone please click here for their excellent website.

There was lots to photograph but I can't really top those in the link I have given you.

I stayed in the bottom carpark with my coffee flask and laptop and wasn't short of picture opportunities I tried to follow an article in Digital Photo magazine, about using depth-of-field on a prime lens at f22, ignoring autofocus, in order to get sharpness front-to-rear. Load of cobblers. We could have told them in advance that at f22 with the camera on a tripod, it was going to be sharp front-to-rear whatever. I was pleased to see within the Vicar Water website an excellent photo of the old Clipstone Headstocks which are so dramatic. Many of the residents would like them demolished but there is a campaign in which Bungus is prominent, to retain them. I feel for both sides !

I haven't had chance to research it, and maybe there are details in the Vistors Centre, but the names of the authors of the various art-works were not shown.

Picture 2, The Hand, reminded me of the work of Jeff Koons and that is not necessarily a criticism. Wikipedia uses the word kitsch in its description of his work and I guess this 'hand' is a bit isn't it?

After Clipstone and calling in at Morco (photo suppliers) we had our cobs at the Bird in Hand at Blidworth and very nice it was too. Our arrival more or less coincided with the arrival of a pub-full of ramblers but we were served quickly enough. I couldn't find a web-page of it with a decent picture, so I haven't linked you to one. (perhaps an opportunity for a photo-colleague to sell them a snap).

Then it was home. No cooking to do because we finished off yesterday's spag/bol - as always it was tastier second day.

Although the time at the bottom shows quite early, it is in fact 21.10pm now because I broke off to watch Michael Palin repeated on BBC 4. An excellent series. He has a gift for meeting interesting people and some of his humour demonstrates that he hasn't lost his Python-esque wit. The link above was the best I could find !

"Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand"

Kurt Vonnegut

Sadly Kurt died earlier this year. Much missed by his many fans.

Stop press ....... Delighted to report an e-mail from Bungus; now back home - but not yet up to blogging. I won't steal his thunder by saying more. Just 'Welcome Back' and all the very very best.

Convenient spot to stop. Better night last night - here's hoping for another ......

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Jill said...

Very pleased to hear Bungus is home, tell him not to overdo it, he needs lots of rest and TLC....

Haven't time to look at the links, will save that as a later treat, in case it has passed you by it is National Knitting Week and I am involved in lots of activities culminating this week-end in a big Show/Exhibition at Alexandra Palace tomorrow and lasting the week-end. Unfortunately London Underground and British Rail are not co-operating, and getting around London takes some lateral thinking and a good map. So if you don't hear from me for a few days, I am fine, just occupied!

Hope your sleeping improves, I am useless without at least six hours.