Thursday, October 11, 2007

EPS - Lecturer Geoff Young - House Move

This fisherman photograph appealed. The hobby has never attracted me, unless it is angling for food like sea-fishing or salmon/trout.

Strange thing though - when I was a young bobby-on-the-beat, at night I used to enjoy looking in fishing-shop windows which are always full of colourful interesting looking bits.

The house move continues to lurch forward with drain reports and electricians coming etc., and of course how much delay has been caused by the postal strike I don't know.

Picture 2 is just the Virginia Creeper again in the morning sun. I don't seem to achieve the depth of red necessary to portray it accurately. I'll try again in RAW (digital photography term folks, sorry) on a suitably sunny morning.

Thanks Jill for telling us about your absences due to National Knitting Week and we all hope that you do not in fact encounter too many travelling problems. The above is a live-link but I thought our readers should have another look at your Yarnstorm blog. So that is a live link too. Multifarious interests are encouraged !

Bungus continues to improve and I have no doubt he will appear in person before too many more days have passed.

It is my EPS camera-club night tonight and our lecturer Geoff Young has an excellent reputation. He developed an interest in factory closures and obtained photographic access to some priceless bits of history, including Raleigh. I have seen him before at our RPS meetings but he has fresh stuff to show and I am looking forward. I am on 'cookhouse-fatigues' again tonight, doing the tea, and have remembered to buy the milk and a few more chocolate biscuits. When I joked about cookhouse-fatigues yesterday Reg remembered the RAF charge-form number '252', some things stick in your mind don't they ? Whatever else I do I must sit facing the pictures and not at right-angles ! It took me 10 days to recover from it last time - or was it the judging ?

Quote for the day :-

"Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy"

H. L. Mencken

I may return with more copy but I'm off now to collect Y from Burton Joyce. It is more reliable and considerably less hassle than her having to catch a bus and then the tram.

If I don't return this evening, sleep tight, and I'll catch you tomorrow.


bungus said...

A brief comment to reintroduce myself.
It is in the form of a synopsis of my last 3½ weeks. In compiling this short history I am fortunate to have had Sandra to fill in the gaps.

The Norfolk trip was followed by a few days of increasing abdominal pain.;
midnight ambulance to a & e;
a ‘lost’ day of intense pain;
a scan, excision of an unsuspected bowel cancer (prognosis good);
2 days of (wonderful) morphine induced euphoria / strange fantasies (chipmunks, Brazilians, a detailed plan to purchase Chelsea FC on behalf of myself and a young women doctor) / ‘horrible imaginings’ (Macbeth; Act 1 Sc 3);
2 days of unwitting vicious verbal abuse of those around me;
a gradual fortnight of increasing strength / ability to eat and drink / general improvement;
a test ascent of a flight of stairs and release into the wild – or to homecare with daily wound-dressing attendance (with belly photographs) by District Nurse.

Hope to rejoin fully in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Hello again. It's been a while since I last posted but, unlike Bungus, my absence has been self-imposed in the main. A fortnight in France was one reason.
It's good to hear (read?) from Bungus again and I hope you go from strength to strength.
It was also good to see RG at EPS last night, looking very well and managing his cookhouse fatigues with some aplomb! I felt his efforts merited nothing less than a very highly commended.
I'd be intrested to learn what RG, and others, thought of Geoff Young. It seemed to me that Chairman Reg hit the nail on the head when he said Geoff's work was more 'academic' than in the past. For me the factory closure work he has done in the past was more powerful and emotional and interpretive. I felt his colour work came across more as what he saw rather than what he felt.
Just my 'umble opinion, feel free to disagree. Still enjoyed it though.