Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lovely day - Long Eaton - 'Nails' - Mapperley Top - TJ's

What a super day for 'gramps' - started off at Long Eaton and we had so much to be shown and told about. The featured boat had been made as a result of Cubs (to which girls now go instead of Brownies - seems sensible to us) and was a magnificent structure. The boat is operated by an eccentric cam which, when turned, makes the boat bob and weave about just as if it is in the waves. All the crew are hand-made and drawn and apparently the end one bears a distinct resemblance to Akela. I also had a present of a keyring with a photo of Sky and Brooke in a miniature plastic case. We also collected our Jeans for Genes zip-fobs. Y played a tidy game of noughts & crosses and actually managed to win one. It was probably due to Sky being gentle.

Then we went to Carlton Hill for Y's three-weekly 'nails' service and this time settled for a completely natural look rather than 'white tips' and they do look great.

I did the charity-shop run and in Oxfam found this great old-fashioned tripod for a fiver. It weighs a ton as against the modern light-weight jobs. But to me, its general sturdiness is an advantage and I don't intend carrying it up mountains anyway. At least, not for a week or two. To induce camera-shake would entail hitting it with a 12lb lump-hammer.

The book also appealed - when I've read it I shall take it over to Bungus !

Then it was Mapperley Hilltop and The Cheesecake Shop for lunch. TJ is on holiday this week so Y rang her and she joined us for lunch. Then we went back to Sherwood armed with 3 portions of cheesecake and TJ made a pot of tea to accompany it. An unplanned but pleasant end to our outing.

Then home, and, as I type I can see a pale moon rising - wouldn't be surprised if there's a frost. Reg left a message on the 'telling-bone' and WoW is 'on' for tomorrow. I don't know what is planned but he and Roy are coming here around 10-ish.

Thanks Bungus for the 'apple crump' recipe - it sounds better than 'crumble' anyway and looks promising. Shall definitely give it a try. And Jill - we don't know this 'ogham' village in Essex, Egham we have heard of so that's what we put in.

Quote for the day, from my 'miserable old git' book:-

"I worked myself up from nothing
to a state of extreme poverty"

The moon is quite high now (8pm) and about 3 quarter full, and the barometric pressure over 30 so I really feel a frost is likely. Will be pleasant for our Walk on Wednesday wherever we go and I can try out my new tripod. Lots of photography stuff to do for Thursday - I haven't even started yet. Catch you tomorrow.

p.s. "The genius of Photography" starts on BBC 4 on Thursday evening 9pm which means it clashes with the Camera Club. Fortunately, from the same web-page, it is repeated on Monday the 29th at 8pm.


Anonymous said...

If you are going to watch or record The Genius of Photography on Thursday night, make sure you catch the programme on Chambre Hardman that immediately follows it. It's excellent and is narrated by the one and only, much-missed John Peel.

bungus said...

bungus said...
To us, the big appeal of the apple crump is its simplicity.
I tend to avoid other folk’s crumbles as the ‘pastry' never seems to me to be properly cooked. When I make my own I always use half flour / half porridge oats (see Delia) and cook it for at least an hour.

The ‘old gits’ book looks interesting. I have little doubt that I shall agree with most of it and disagree strongly with the rest!