Monday, October 29, 2007

Blood Test - Fabric Printing - Y much better

The attached is courtesy of Bungus who felt it would be of wider interest and I think I agree. It all looks straightforward, but I don't know if he has kitchen-tested it. Should anyone want to use it I've given it a URL which you can copy/past to wherever you want it to be.

The actual URL will appear on the first full line after this first bit because to post it here just throws the layout of the page haywire.

Remember that with the picture, as with all the pictures if you left-click them you get an enlargement in a new window. Here is the URL:-
for copy/paste purposes.

Picture 2 is simply another one from yesterday and shows the weird, unworldly light we experienced.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes both on the blog, by e-mail, and on the forums which I lurk about on. And it isn't just that some computer is throwing up my birth-date because I received such pleasant personalised best wishes.

To Comments:-

I don't know about running a book on the 'Royal Story' Jill, but Y's first guess, obviously incorrect, was one of Sarah Ferguson's ugly daughters. And I am sure AnonymousRob that were it to have yielded to googling you would have been there, nifty googler that you are. I give you this link to The Alaska Report without commenting in any way on the picture they selected to accompany the piece. And for Bungus, I am pleased to report that I won the Nikon flatbed scanner on E-bay for £4.99 and the seller e-mailed me to say that it as been dispatched. Yet another toy to play with. Y said 'huh' in that inimitable way ladies do. Talking of whom, tomorrow I intend to show you my birthday card. Talk about 'knowing her husband' it was just my favourite sort of scene. Trees, a lane, and dappled sunlight.

I am very unhappy with 'Strictly come dancing'. The cynic in me is beginning to think there is a conspiracy to keep Penny Lancaster in, because the BBC would like the free footage of Rod Stewart at the end. I used to like the old system best where the phone-in votes were just added to the judges scores, without this dance-off and the judges having a casting vote. Even head judge Len Goodman agrees with me. Unless they change it back this might be the last series I watch, posh frocks notwithstanding.

Quote for the day, straight out of my birthday book about tea:-

"Safely on the far bank, I marvelled yet again that a simple cup of tea had cleared the mind and braced the heart so that what had seemed intractable became more manageable. What pharmacological cocktail could have the effect?"

John Griffiths

We have a National Trust committee meeting in Mansfield in the morning, if Y is up to it. She was up quite a lot this morning but I insisted she go back to bed this afternoon. She does seem much stronger though. The "Genius of Photography" was excellent in my opinion. Y found it interesting too and she isn't as addicted to the subject as I. The link is to the programmes 'homepage' and episode 1 brought the early years to life. The learned professors and curators weren't boring and the computer-graphics not overthetop. Looking forward to episode 2.

Sleep tight everybody. Catch you tomorrow.

p.s.You may notice in the left-hand column that I have installed a regularly updated news service courtesy of the BBC. Feedback would be welcome because if unpopular I will delete it.


Anonymous said...

1st try--- the infra red remote only works from infront of the camera.
Happy Birthday Reg & Mo

bungus said...

I have not tried printing on fabric but can see that it might have applications. Any ideas, anyone? Blazer badges, perhaps?

I wouldn't dare suggest that you have been taking 'Strictly Come Dancing' too seriously. It is, after all, trivial, cheap television for the masses (just like 'The X Factor' but lacking the entertainment quality).
Next thing, you will be taking ME too seriously!

Re 'Alaska Report':
1) I think you are being unecessarily unkind to Beatrice and Eugenie, neither of whom appear at all less attractive than average (other than to the jaundiced eye).
2) My first thought was Harry because of his track record and naivety. But they say it is someone a long way down the pecking order, so I don't think it can be him (unless they are giving out misleading information which seems far too sneaky to be a genuine possibility, doesn't it?)

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried printing directly on fabric as the article suggests though I have, successfully, used inkjet T-shirt transfers to put digital images on cotton. It works better with cotton of T-shirt thickness in my view.

One day I shall do a series of pictures like that. Can't imagine what a club judge would make of them but I don't intend to show them to one.

Nifty Googler

bungus said...

re BBC news service.
I already receive a BBC Daily email (example to be forwarded by email) plus Breaking News Alerts, so I don't think it will benefit me.

The Fanatstic Five said...

What is every one talking about I know I'm only little but this is mad
come on talk normal!