Sunday, October 28, 2007

Birthday - everybody came or rang - lovely light

David and Helen came this morning and this picture is of the table prior to their Halloween Party which apparently was a WoW. One of my presents was a book "Tea" the drink that changed the world'.. I'd heard the author discussing it on OneWord and it sounded like a good read. I also received a tray of Sky and Brooke made fancy cakes. I won't divulge the recipe but they contained real worms, witches blood and other even more revolting ingredients. Fancy seeing Sky and Brooke twice in one week!

I can't list all my presents, after all I'm 72 not 12 but everything was what I wanted and lovely cards and phone-calls from all the big children and Ruby & Elli sang me 'Happy Birthday' all the way from Palmers Green. And Hannah has actually devoted a whole blog issue to the words, each line in a different font-colour and a smashing smiley blowing out the birthday candles. Thanks Hannah! Tracy and co. gave me an infrared shutter release for my Nikon but I can't get it to work. A conference with Reg is called for, or give Jessops a bad time - fortunately a receipt exists. And an enormously powerful 1,000,000 candle power rechargeable halogen lamp from John and co.

Unfortunately Y is still poorly and intermittently feverish. If she hasn't started to recover by say, Tuesday, I shall bully her into going to the doctor. It was certainly the right decision to stay at home today and I've muchly enjoyed 'messing about'.

Picture 2 is some of Reg's tomatoes again, scanned this time. So I suppose they are 'scanned' as against canned tomatoes'. An interesting technique! And I've just bid £4.99p for a proper Nikon flatbed scanner on ebay......and so far, with only an hour to go, I'm winning...... watch this space.....

The afternoon and early evening light has been phantasmagorical and I hope that Picture 3 conveys the feel. Even though Y is poorly she has enjoyed just looking out at the autumn colours.

And now to comments:-

Why Bungus became 'Blog' is a mystery, especially when closer investigation revealed the sender to be ( I was suspicious, but felt it was genuine as it referred to the actual blog-issue it was attached to. Anyway, it is cleared up now. Thanks for sizing the dolls and whilst I agree that Gardeners' Delight, and a few more varieties of tomato have the edge on Moneymaker for flavour I was always a fan. Perhaps because they were reliable, vigorous, disease-resistant, and happily produced 7 or 8 to the 1lb regularly. I would have been happy to blog the piece about printing photos on fabrics, had I received it ! All the technological wizardry of Google's 'Search Mail' failed to turn it up. So please send it to me again.

Y is watching Robin Hood prior to 'Strictly come dancing'. I refuse to, solely on the grounds that they have edited out Friar Tuck ! I used to feel he was a kindred spirit and, after all, there are pubs named after him.

Quote for the day:-

"Have no friends not equal to yourself"


I think that Hannah is waiting to read the blog. She is ace on Google Chat - so quick, and grown up. Here is a new smiley for her. It shows my blog leaving my computer and going to hers. Sleep tight everybody and I'll catch you tomorrow.



The Fanatstic Five said...

I'm the first to read, thanks for putting a verse about me I'm now going to hunt that smiley down wish me luck from Hannah
P.S. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!
P.S.S.Tell Grandma Hannah says ''Hope you get better soon''

bungus said...

Didn't realise it was birthday time. So belated Happy 72nd. Is it actually today?

The flatbed scanner sounds interesting. If your bid is successful, and I'll go an extra fiver as a birthday present (not altogether altruistic as it may mean you will be able to do whatever it was I couldn't do with photos - something to do with overhead light or something?)

Pete said...

Belated Birthday wishes from the IoM

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday RG - for whenever it is/was.


Jill said...

And a Happy Birthday from me too - very glad you have sunshine today, perhaps it will make Y feel better, she must be fed up with feeling rotten for so long. We've had non-stop rain all day here, it was raining when I got up at 8.00 and it is still falling now, and I don't think it ha stopped all day.....

Anybody running a book on which Royal was being blackmailed? it is on the internet somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I've just had a quick search on Google and it appears most sites are being reticent about the mysterious Royal. Some blogs and forums (fora?) are suggesting the usual suspects.

Personally I hope it's not true; can't have the Royal family becoming interesting - we'll never get rid of 'em!