Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wollaton Hall - Just 2 more pictures

This engraved stone tablet is on the second floor above a main door at the rear. And I am hoping that one of our latin scholars can do a working translation. I guess if all else fails I could 'google' it.

Picture 2 is in the Great Hall and shows some muskets from the civil war. I was attracted by the interplay of the sunlight on the weapons, with the windows above.

We could have done with longer there, and it seemed that there was only one computer terminal on which to unearth further information. There were two people using it when we arrived, and three when we left.

I aim to leave Wollaton Hall for now but more will follow a further visit. We were so impressed, I think better research before we go would be a good idea.

Today has been a classic Rest Day and spent lazily. Shopped at Aldi, Lidl and the cheap shop because I wanted a storage box for computer software and photoshop tutorials where I could stores the discs in their cases. Normal storage equipment seems to expect you just to store the disc even though there is info you need on the case itself. Anyway, I found just the thing, so I have had a good tidy up in the office and books sorted too.

Fish, chips and peas for lunch and a very casual tea while watching 'Strictly come Dancing' which started today for its 4th year. The words are a live link folks and a very good webpage it is too. All the pictures of the competitors are in themselves live links so people who are interested can browse at will. Y tells me that the frocks were well up to standard and we each voted for our favourites. I voted for Willie Thorne the snooker player, but John Barnes the footballer was very good.

Quiet day planned for tomorrow too. Going to see Bungus in the evening and I shall take him a couple of 'blog posts' so he can develop some comment for when he returns. He is really sleeping badly so we must keep him occupied in the 'wee small hours'.

Sorry to hear Jill that your Virginia Creeper hasn't in fact 'crept'. And I have e-mailed Pete a ready guide to 'links'. Also Madeline, I shall see Roy on Wednesday and find out about his 'picture problem'.

Quote for the day :-

"Indecision may or may not be my problem."
Off to bed now. Lots of reading to catch up on. Sleep tight everybody.

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