Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Walking on Wednesday - Middleton

A super sunny morning, just as predicted, and entirely right for a visit to Middleton Top. Roy had a specific photo-project in mind which I will not reveal until after this month's club competition.

If you open the link you will be able to read all about it. It would nice to go when the Butterley beam engine is 'in steam'.

While the chaps went a small walk to where they needed to be I messed about near the visitor's centre and the engine house near where Picture 1 was taken. Just to the left of this viewpoint was an excellent wooden bench overlooking the valley and I sat and enjoyed my flask of proper coffee.

Picture 2 is the engine house. The sign telling you all about it is not actually where it appears. So, as the photo is here for a didactic purpose, I have 'photoshopped' the important bit into the main picture. Also, at the rear of the visitor's centre is a cycle-hire depot which was busy - as was the whole place, due to the School Holidays.

At lunchtime we chip-cobbed at The Cliff Inn and coincided with a 30+ strong rambling party. Fortunately they had all ordered and most of them were sitting outside to enjoy the sun. There doesn't seem to be a decent web-page with a picture of the pub, but it was a nice enough place.

On the way home we called in at Morrisons because I needed bread and a curry-mix ( to finally finish off Sunday's £2 chicken - six portions we have had and the Thai curry-mix suggested the addition of fresh basil leaves and we've got a glut again) and Roy needed raffle-prizes - I don't think Reg needed anything. As I passed through the greengrocery bit I was reminded again of my quote for the day:-

"The flower in the vase still smiles, but no longer laughs"

Thought it best to link a page of further Chazal quotes. You can always Wiki him yourself.

I haven't published a link to my beloved ArtDaily Newspaper recently so there it is. Recently there has been some first rate stuff therein. The Quillan Collection of Photographs for instance and the article about it leads with a fantastic nude by Edward Weston circa. 1925. In some respects photography then was as good as it is today.

Although it shows some ridiculously early hour at the bottom I had a break to watch Michael Palin, about Poland, and very good it was too. We used to think that Eastern European women were all like Russian Shot-putters but he manages to interview a never ending stream of gorgeous, competent young women. And the men are fun too. How good to learn that Lech Walesa loves computers ! Only one episode to go, sadly, because we have loved it. The hour seems to last about 20 minutes - always a good sign.

Camera Club tomorrow evening and Y isn't going to Burton Joyce - two reasons - they are going out for the day but also because she has a very troublesome cold (with a temperature I suspect) and nagging cough which is keeping her awake at nights. So a rest-day will do her good. Steve has had the resuts of the MRI scan on his knee and it's a goodnews/bad news job really. He is always going to have trouble with it, but if he wants to publish a full 'sit-rep' he can add a lengthy comment.

.....Not tired so I plan a little radio, a read, a bit of chocolate................ Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow.


Jill said...

We have really enjoyed Michael Palin's trvels too, would now like to go to Gdansk......this features on some Baltic Cruises but not on the ones we've done, so we may have to do another one....I'm happy, it is my favourite place to cruise, not too hot, lots of capitals to visit and I can see a bit more of the Hermitage.... Am I imagining it or has Gdansk changed its name to Gydnia? If it has, it is on more cruises than I thought....

Love to Y, hope she feels better soon, sounds as if she needs a couple of days in bed.

bungus said...

In my view, an effective and justified bit of photoshopping.

To Jill:
I don't know whether Gdansk is Gdynia (sic) but I am pretty sure it used to be Danzig (not far from Luxembourg and Hilversum on pre-war radios).

Anonymous said...

I envy you being at Middleton Top yesterday though I don't envy having the schoolkids around. It reminded me of a comment of Wainwright's, "The human race, en masse, is not a pretty sight."
According to Wiki, Jill, Gdynia is 25km from Gdansk; maybe RG can do a link if he feels benevolent and deems it worthwhile.
Hope Y soon feels better.
See you later.