Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy day - warm and windy - Sainsburys

The tree in Picture 1 is a Liquidamber and is always gorgeous in its Autumn livery. If you ever think of buying one it is necessary to make sure get the dwarf version (max. eight 8-10 feet) the standard issue tree can reach 80 feet without even thinking about it. The reason Picture 2 abuts is because it is a detail from the same tree, down at the bottom. Weirdly varied leaves are the Liquidamber's thing and can vary from a shimmering blue, through emerald green to postbox red.

Picture 3 is just some gazanias? from Lidl and the orange colour is quite eye-catching. If they last till Thursday I'll probably take a bloom for Roy's close-up session. We don't want everyone stuck with artichoke heads!

Today has seemed action-packed. Shopping in Arnold Sainsburys' where lots of alterations are taking place. Difficult to park and freezing cold inside - a little fine tuning may be necessary. We picked Joan up and went to The Cheesecake Shop on Mapperley Top for lunch. Y and I both settled for the soup and toasted ciabatta, and Joan had a pasta and salad which looked more like a risotto with pasta bits in it. Ours was delicious but Joan's looked a little heavy.

The coffee, as always, was ace!

Re: Comments Thank you very much Jill for all the info on the Knitting Week. What with 13/14yr old youths wanting to knit and everything else you must feel good that you could make such a contribution. I'd love to see something knitted in wool from the underbelly of a musk ox - so, when it's finished please take it's photo! If you e-mail it me I would love to blog it. And the best anagram I could manage from Ungleby Cowpertrew is " Get up Brewery Clown " - anyway, Bungus is having us on !

AnonymousRob. According to Wiki, Bruce was born 22nd Feb 1928 and 'Doesn't he do well?'

Bungus. I admit that I must have enough rhythmic and tone sense to be able to enjoy Take Five. When I read your comment my first thought was "Good. At least the link worked". And Ungleby Cowpertrew also claims to have seen a musk ox roaming on the old Brinsley Pit Tip. If so the beast will be pursued and slain, whereupon I shall cook it, we can all eat it and send Jill the wool from the underbelly.

Quote of the day:-

'We are going to fetch you your bread and your butter,
Your beef, pork and mutton, eggs, apples and cheese"

Big Steamers - by Rudyard Kipling

We omnivores have never really got excited about lettuce and cucumbers and such......

....Catch you tomorrow.


bungus said...

Ungleby Cowpertrew has benn one of my many aliases since the 1950s.

I have been ordered to eat more meat.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Brucie is nearly 80! He most certainly is doing well. Hope I do as well if I live that long.
Have just spent an unproductive half hour trying to anagram Ungleby Cowpertrew. Now I know why I'd be no good on Countdown, though it might be worth a visit to see Carol Vorderman. Anyway I gave up and tried a couple of anagram sites suggested by Google. Both just gave a list of words that made no sense, eg Bloc Gurney Twerp We. To me an anagram should make sense and not just be a collection of words made up from the original.

bungus said...

No, it's just a name like Lockit and Gunscrew (Ironmongers) or Steel Peach & Tozer BC.

Jill said... If you look at this blog and scroll down an entry there is an interesting bit about making quince cheese, and some of the comments tell of its history. Well, I thought it was interesting....

It will be a long time before I photograph anything made of qiviet (underbelly etc.etc.) it is so fine - ask Y if she remembers 2ply knitting wool, and tell her this is like 1 ply, and she will explain. I have enough to do a scarf, or a smaller scarf if I use the yarn double, which I may do.

I think anagrams ought to make at least one sensible word, or a phrase, not just disjointed words. I like 'orchestra' which becomes 'carthorse'. At one time I had a little collection...OK, sad, I know!

Do hope the bood test was satisfactory.

And I love that tree, I have written down the name, would like one like that. Do they come dwarf, one you could plant in a pot, I wonder. Those blue/red/green leaves are wonderful.