Monday, July 17, 2006

Tea at Long Eaton - It's SO hot !

David and Helen's kitchen leads into the Conservatory leads onto the Decking & Pergola leads into the Garden. It is a most pleasant arrangement and suits both winter and summer. It was a very hot day but low humidity so not oppressive. I have just checked Google as I write this and it is still 32C. Apparently Wednesday is expected to reach 37C and be the hottest day ever recorded in this country. Wow. I shall do my best to keep cool. Big fan day and indoors I think.

They had done a smashing tea, loverly french bread, new potatoes, fillets of everything and a great salad.
I managed a picture, and I don't mind my son's right ear. If I'd cropped it out, a lot of bits I wanted to include would have gone with it. The paddling-pool was very tempting but I thought 'best not'. The girls are both beautiful but Brooke, although still sometimes a little shy, certainly knows when she is 'on camera. Talking of her shyness, which a year ago was so marked, I read her school-report and her teacher says you wouldn't believe she was the same girl now. She takes a leading part in everything and has excellent marks on nearly every subject. Sky's report, as you would expect, is excellent in everything. She is a born leader and we had a super chat about school - why she doesn't talk to her friend Mary anymore and important things of that nature. I also learnt some Harry Potter 'spells'. The best I can do is a phonetic attempt at 'brackyum emendus' which is for healing broken bones. So it might do my legs and back a bit of good !

The last picture is the hull of their recently acquired boat. A Topper. It needs a name. We tried Thomas Topper, Tony Topper and even Turpin Topper (which was seriously considered) but nothing yet seemed 'bang-on'. They can all enjoy the boat and they showed me pictures of them sailing it at Carsington. Super colourful sail and apparently a very popular model. As soon as I get some pictures of them in action I will Blog one. So now they have a big boat, a smaller boat and a wind-surf board. Never mind, they all have so much fun and that is what matters.

Y telephoned me and was surprised I was back. It has been Ruby's birthday and I wished her happy birthday this morning. She told me about some of her presents. Apparently there was friction because Andy had packed something for Elli too, and of course, That was the one Ruby wanted. I'm sure they sorted it all out, but Yvonne sounded, and admitted to, being tired. When she gets back tomorrow we are going straight over to Burtyon Joyce to pick the children up from School because it is Buckingham Palace Day and we shall stay there till Steve and Lisa return. After that I think a 'good rest' is called for. We forget we are 70 not 50 and sometimes I think, so does everybody else...........

I didn't leave Long Eaton till almost 7pm, feeling suitably done-for, but happy. So I am going to steadily get ready for bed and maybe listen to a little radio.

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Bungus said...

Your need for a big fan prompts me to say "Look no further; I am one of your biggest." Cool, man.

I am not happy with the 'photo of David's ear' (that sounds like a significant historical event; yes, I am thinking of Jenkins)whichI found deceptive. I will explain why by gmail as I would not wish to inadvertently (and it certainly would not be intended)cause any degree of offence. Not my favourite photo.

Then I moved on and had just started to admire the big red ironing board (it is obviously one of those days) - but then read the script.
Tip Topper any good? Or would that invite a capsize. 7 5/8 perhaps?

All i hadfor tea and supper on Monday was lettuce sandwiches. I slept well.

As for younger folk disregarding the frailties of their elders, my mother used to say, "That's it, kill the old ones of first." I would say that it has merit as a philosophy.

And it isn't just 'macro' that gets to me. What's wrong with 'typeface'? (a 'font', to me, will always be something to drown small children in, for religious purposes). Why the **** should we agree to limit ourselves to four letter words (yes, a deliberate pun)just to suit the Yank?