Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fun Day in Mansfield. Lovely Weather

I seem to have managed to get the memorial in Mansfield Market Place a little skew-whiffed. Really I suppose I ought to delete it, go back to Picasa, straighten it and then download it again. Sometime,when I have a spare half hour, I may do that. But not today.

Bob and I had a very pleasant couple of hours in Mansfield. Just as Bob was leaving the house to catch his bus the phone rang, and by the time he arrived at the Bus Stop his bus was vanishing into the distance. It left early apparently. The next one (they run every half hour which is very good) ran late. But he text me from Forest Town to say he would be a few minutes etc.. I wish there was a halfway decent word for the past tense of 'text' because 'texted' is so ugly I have difficulty using it. A completely chance discovery was the The Widow Frost, the Wetherspoons Pub where we met, is a Wi-Fi Hotspot, a MyCloud one which I have used before and the helpful young chap at the bar told me where to sit to find a power-point rather than run my battery down.

Weatherwise it was fine. A little hot but with a pleasant breeze, which prevented it from feeling 'close'. We had a joke about the Humidity research but it is better to know about these things. I lent Bob my Teach Yourself Blogging book. That 'teach yourself' series must have been going at least 40 years. The first one I read was 'Logic' and while it didn't make me any more logical I did at least understand the academic background to the subject.

Before setting off I emailed David with the results of my research into getting one email account to check the contents of another. I know how to get an Outlook Express account to check the contents of GoogleMail but, as yet, I haven't worked out how to get one's Googlemail account to check the contents of others. In David's case Wanadoo for instance. But I shall continue to dig. Y rang quite early and we are both fairly sanguine about the 'move collapse'. What the hell? it's not the end of the world, come-day go-day, c'est la vie, and any other cliches you can think of.

I remembered to take Sandra's soft-apricots from Lidl. It's about a 20 mile round trip for them. Not quite in Madeline's league, but too far for a few bags of dried fruit. The meal in Wetherspoons was quite good; they usually are, and drinks are so reasonable. My pint of lemonade was £1.35 and Bob's beer was well under £2. And a Wi-Fi hotspot thrown in.

A lovely story from Palmers Green to end with. Ruby is starting French at School and was explaining about it when Elli, not five yet, announced that she too could speak French - and reeled off the days of the week, perfectly, in French. She must have picked it up at pre-school. Brain like a sponge! They never cease to amaze.........

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Bungus said...

What RadioG does not say is that the phone call was from him. Although he knew what time my bus should arrive in Mansfield, he also, for some reason, needed to know what time it would leave Ollerton. That is why I missed it. So much good it did him - with me being 41 minutes late (the bus I did catch was 13 minutes late when I boarded but made up 2 minutes on the run).

How about 'texed'

I have just tried to set up my own blog (how about another less offensive word for that? I did suggest one but it does not seem to have acquired universal usage) but I got fed up with being asked questions that I could not answer such as 'what is your user name?' and 'what is your password?'. I'd only just b****y told you five minutes ago, you stupid computer! If you can't remember, how do you wxpect me to?

I am pleased RadioG can be so 'Allah-keefik' (used as an adjective but literally 'God will take care of it' and more-or-less the equivalent of 'Ca ne fait rien' or 'Nitchevo'- to add to those already quoted. Also see later) about the collapse of the house sale. I would be in the depths of despair - but I didn't want to move anyway.

It is more like 30 miles to Lidl and back for us. A bit far if you only particularly want one item! My Wetherspoons beer was £1.65 and my steak & mushroom pie was very tasty and reasonably priced but too big.

Unlike the youngsters (my 10 year old grandaughter is teaching me PowerPoint - on which I did a 3-day course at Northern College but cannot find my notes) I have forgotten a lot of French but I can still, from 50 years ago, count to 10 in Arabic - and also tell the time, provided it is either half-past-one or ten-to-ten.

I could go on ...

Whoops, it has already put in my Blogger display name so I must have done better than I thought !!