Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sweltering - Too hot for Blogging

It really is too hot for blogging, so I intend to keep it short. In 'comments' Jill says they returned too early and wish they were back in the Artic circle. Although the actual temperature (in these temperate climes) is lower than it has been, it is very humid and uncomfortable. The media are full of it. But I don't think I've seen the word 'sweltering' used; maybe it's gone out of fashion but that is exactly what it is.

The pictures today are both of our Echinacea which is out fairly early in the year. And again, we had rather hoped not to see them bloom. I haven't tinkered with the pictures, apart from cropping to improve the composition. The way they seem to have an eerie glow in the centre, as if someone has installed little bulbs, is how they are. And congratulations Casio, the colour is about right.

We are both still somewhat depressed by the fallen-through house-move and, together with the heat, I haven't felt in an internet mood all day. I remembered to switch on for my scheduled Norton scan and it didn't find anything. Not suprising really I suppose, because I pay it to prevent stuff getting in in the first place. If it found anything it would be admitting previous failure.

Bungus is planning a little break in September to the Wakefield Sculpture Park which, without hesitation I have said 'yes' to. There is apparently a Travelodge about a mile away where we can stay. Another photographic trip. HooRay. He stresses that Yvonne is, of course, more than welcome. She has already been, as part of a course she did at Sheffield Uni, but I guess there will be exhibit changes and interesting new things to see. The sun is almost down and I can't really regret it today.....

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Bungus said...

Sweltering is right. I am sure that last evening, from about 7.00 till 9.00, it got hotter and hotter (indoors). Trust I have matched your enthusiasm for blogging?