Friday, July 07, 2006

Really Hot Rest Day - 28C

I know I had said no more Tenby photographs but the first picture I did with my Serif Panorama programme and I think it doesn't look at all bad. Provided you don't want to enlarge them much, they are OK. You have to set your camera to the lowest resolution possible so zoomed in on they soon look very 'blocky'. Bit of fun though.

Picture 2 is yesterday evening's Brinsley sky. I thought it foretold a stormy day today and we have had rain but certainly no thunder or anything. The temperature (according to google) in Nottingham at the moment is 28C and the Humidity is 88%. Not knowing what this actually means, and wondering if a Humidity of 100% implies being submerged in water, I consulted Ray. He says that he thinks that 100% would mean that the atmosphere could not absorb any more moisture (but not to quote him on the point). It seemed an eminently reasonable and logical explanation to me; so I shall accept it unless proven wrong.

We managed a completely lazy day after a little shopping first thing. Well I did at least - Mrs Radiogandy has been beavering away ironing, packing away winter clothes, washing machine-ing, making jellies and the myriad of tasks that ladies don't seem to be able to leave alone. She has managed to do this whilst watching the tennis. No problem at all in multi-tasking. It's just me that can't do that anymore.

I'm getting on fine with my new version of Picasa and the Web Albums. It's a brilliant programme and a brilliant concept. Short Blog tonight because I've bought a purposely made wedge-pillow from Aldi which keeps one's feet higher than one's hips. I'm going to try it out with a view to reducing my swollen ankles. Tracy keeps telling me I should do this and she is often right.

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Bungus the Fogeyman said...

As a graduate of the Gerald Ford School of Multitasking, I am qualified to agree with RadioG all the way.
I used to think I could write and watch TV at the same time but eventually found thatI was entirely losing the plot.
The most I can now manage is listening to the radio while buttering bread (not poaching an egg, it will be overcooked, or doing toast, it will burn).
'Never more than one thing at a time (and preferably less)' has become my motto.