Sunday, July 02, 2006

Return from Holidays

We had a great holiday! Super weather - (as predicted by our Wales Correspondent, who was kind enough to research a five day forecast for us). Good hotel, sea-view bedroom, and incredibly good food. And I speak as a foodie. It was better than most expensive restaurants. The only downside was that we shared a table with 2 old dears who could 'bore' for England. They were masters of the 'disjointed conversation'. We tried to contribute but before finishing a sentence they would interrupt. An example:- having met a Tenby resident who knew lots about Tenby, and trying to introduce this, I was immediately countered by "Well I know about Jersey". But talking about Jersey didn't work either because the other one at once introduced the fact that her son "was a grenadier guardsman". At least it made Mrs Radiogandy and I realise how lucky we are, having each other.

I'd better identify the pictures. The 'beach-shot' is from Tenby (who needs the Bahamas?), looking towards Caldey Island (owned by a Cistercian Monastry). A very peaceful place on which we spent a whole day. With a magnifying glass, if you look on the skyline about a quarter along from the left, you can just see the lighthouse which figures in the other picture. The weather really was that good; I haven't faked it.

Lovely story about the other picture which shows the new Tenby Lifeboat at the quayside, just prior to being officially named and launched. The Mayor and dignitaries had boarded and were about 50 yards out on a demo. trip when A real-life emergency call was received. The official party had to be returned to the key and unceremoniously offloaded while the lifeboat attended to an emergency (with a success at the end of it). There was so much to do in Tenby that we abandoned the coach operator's official excursions (once you've seen one glass-blowing, one woodturning, one wool mill etc., you've seen enough in our opinion).
We found the Tudor Merchant's House (National Trust) very interesting. Archeologists had analysed the different layers of sediment (dried out fortunately) of the cess-pit and could describe people's diet and intestinal diseases etc., back to Elizabeth 1's time.

The Museums and Art Galleries were v. good. Augustus and Gwen John were Tenby people. Unfortunately they don't have the Augustus John portrait of Dylan Thomas (I think it's in the National Portrait Gallery) but prints of it abound. We went on a guided walk "The History of Tenby" and although I couldn't keep up physically I really enjoyed it mentally. I had explained to the guide lady that I don't walk very well, and not to slow the group down to suit me. But she did her best bless her and made a point of stopping at places where I could sit down. Ain't people nice? We had wanted to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens and worked it out. Train to Camarthen then short bus-ride, but we simply did'nt have time to cram it in. But we will, next time we go - and we do intend to return.

At the paper-shop, just round the corner, on the Monday we got the last Telegraph and the last Mail. So I ordered them for the rest of the week. An obvious solution it seemed to us. Our fellow guests however, spent the whole week moaning that he hadn't got their desired paper! Maybe we've been spoilt by our National Trust Coach parties, who may be similarly aged but are not stupid.

We had a hoot with Y's purchase of 3/4 length trousers which, due to her short legs, work out at 4/5th. The look great anyway. I'd love to 'blog' a picture but she wouldn't approve. Jill has written to say that she reads the Blog and enjoys the pictures, so I would need a model-consent form before I including one. Two boat-trips were managed, both smashing. The one just to Caldey Island and then, the following day, a cruise around the different islands. It was nice having my 'lappy' to deal with the day's photographs each evening and I kept to my side of the deal and made no effort to net-surf. There was, in fact, an internet cafe about a quarter of a mile away, advertising 20 minutes broadband for £1, but we both studiously ignored it.

One day, I really fancied a fresh crab sandwich for lunch. We looked in the nearest sandwich outlet and, fortunately read the small print on the packet. It said "made from crab-flavoured seafood". Bloody cheek!! Needless to say Mrs Radiogandy left me sitting comfortably and went hunting. She found the necessary in a pub specialising in fish dishes and returned with two gorgeous freshly-dressed crab sandwiches on granary, and carefully wrapped for her in kitchen foil. So much nicer than those ghastly 3 cornered plastic jobs.

I think that is enough to be going on with. Further pictures and bits may follow........

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Bungus the Fogeyman said...

The beach does look lovely. For weather forecasts why not try ><. It gives a 5 day forecast for any UK location (eg, Ollerton).

Now that you (or your old ladies) mention it, I spent my first honeymoon on Guernsey and the food was very good there too - lots of cream, as I recall. And my mother's young brother was awarded an American Bronze star for leading a raid on a German machine gun post at Monte Cassino. Lovely.

Re the lifeboat, what a pity the mayor could not go on the rescue mission. Those being saved would no doubt have assumed it to be standard Tenby procedure.

The Merchant's house cesspit details would have suited Sandra's mother. She was an aficionado of intestinal and other personal bodily matters, preferably discussed over lunch.

As you already know, I have never understood, apart from the crossword. why anyone should feel the need to see a newspaper (or have a wash) on holiday. Now that I am once again receiving blogs I shall be unable to find time to read even my one paperof the week (Observer).
And I had not realised that there is a minimum IQ requirement for joining the NT!

Your crab sandwich story reminds me of ordering fish in a coastal Norfolk pub and getting a square of reformed breadcrumbs from the freezer (as were the chips). Only acceptable inland if very cheap and to appease hunger - but at the seaside ...!!