Thursday, July 27, 2006

Seemed even hotter - Couldn't be?

These are Clipstone Headstocks. The highest in Europe it was said. But of course the Colliery is closed now so it's a bit academic as they say.

This super shot is Bob's not mine, and he took it from the top deck of the bus bringing him to Mansfield for our lunch meeting. The top deck of a bus is about the only vantage point to get a picture which does them justice. On foot, you can't really see enough, and one isn't allowed in the pit-yard anymore. And his chosen distance is first-rate to avoid any problem with converging verticals. I did, of course, seek his permission before publishing it.

Yesterday evening Steve Google-Talked from Jersey, and we got the webcams to work. We saw them all, and had a visual tour round the 'suite', which looked super. Even Millicent entered into the spirit, and it was good fun.

After shopping and popping home to unload we made our way to Mansfield and met Bob for lunch, at the Widow Frost (Wetherspoons). Typically we had been sitting in opposite ends of the pub for 15 minutes before getting together. No matter - we had a good time, a laugh, and a pleasant meal. Things are very competitively priced (i.e. my pint of lemonade £1.69p) and the food is good quality. Y enjoyed it. She loves a bit of 'social' and it took her mind off the fact that it was 'non-moving day'. After the meal we had a mooch round and, of course, the remaindered book shop! I bought an uptodate World Atlas for £1.99. We still have the Times Atlas of The World which was one of my retirement presents. It weighs a ton, and unfortunately was published before the break-up of the Soviet Union, which makes it abit redundant really. I also bought Jonathon Livingston Seagull (didn't realise it was still in print) and I thought Sky would enjoy it - if not this year maybe next. And The Dalai Lama's 'Little Book of Wisdom' which I am sure will repay browsing through. On the advice of our 'knitting correspondent' we bought next week's Radio Times - to help us sort out our new NTL plaything. But even by just pressing promising-looking buttons, we are learning a lot. Joan has a Freeview digi-box and we may see her tomorrow. She will be a 'mine of information'.

When we got home I booted-up my laptop because it is Norton Scan day (all clear again) and my Gmail Inbox had a charming email from Eden books (via Amazon) gently pointing out that I had omitted to submit feedback. I immediately remedied this, and emailed back to say I was delighted with their 'speed and efficiency'.

I think, if anything, it is even hotter. It is now 9.20pm, and still 25C outdoors and 79% Humidity..................


Bungus said...

Nice to see the headstocks published. They are one of my favourite structures in Notts and I take a measure of pride in having been an initiator in the successful campaign to get them Grade 2 Listed. But please don't tell the residents of Clipstone. They want them demolished as they fear (wrongly, I strongly suspect)that they will have to bear the substantial upkeep costs.

Now that I have a digital camera, and can just about foresee blog days ahead, I may get around to the long intended recording, in words and pictures, of my favourite Notts Structures - some of architectural merit (in my view; ie, Daybrook Laundry) others of purely sentimental value, such as some favourite surviving pubs (I should have started in the 1950s) and the house where my parents spent all 58 years of their married lives.

Bungus said...

I forgot to add that here it turned much cooler in late afternoon and evening. Did not need to add any clothing mind, nor yet even close windows before midnight.