Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Big Heat continues - Big Fan on

Just a final look at Tenby and Caldey Island and you are fully entitled to wonder what the first picture is all about. Once, when I published a picture from a National Trust courtyard which included the toilets, Bungus said "You can't beat a good bog-shot". So this was taken on Caldey Island with him in mind. He says I ought to 'specialise'. The white remained white, rather than grey because on my magic little camera, I can set the 'white-balance' to bright sun. Please don't ask how it does it because I don't know.

Picture 2 was taken on the boat returning to Tenby. No doubt it should be called "All hands on deck" or something similarly corny. And I wasn't sitting in the other half of a catamaran; I just held the camera at arm's length and hoped for the best. I've had to 'straighten' it abit in Picasa, not being equipped with a wrist mounted spirit-level, because 'skew-whift' horizons can make you feel sea-sick. I'm not sure of the origins of 'skew-whift' but I grew up with it and love it.

When we did finally return home, after that horrendous coach journey, we were welcomed by Ballerina in full flower. There was a light shower and the raindrops on the petals add to her allure. The bush is too mature to contemplate moving her, lets just hope that the new owners leave her in peace. Rather than publish a picture of the whole bush I thought I would let a single floribunda head speak for the whole. I've had a busy day again, agents, solicitor, surveyors etc., to be rung. The Pickfords man came around 5pm and he was impressive. I'm sure they will serve us well, again. Don't know why I wasted my time net-trawling for different quotes when I knew that in the end I would settle for Pickfords.

Karen went up the loft, bless her, and recovered the fan which I have had full-on all day. Plus keeping the curtains closed in the big-room. Still very sticky though. Madeline had had a big storm last night in mid Wales and one is forecast for here, tonight. So I must remember to unplug modem, router, lappy, TV etc., before I go to bed.

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Bungus the Fogeyman said...

As sometimes happens, I misread a word and wondered why uyou would possibly be sitting "on the other half of the cameraman" which I suppose would be poor Y!
Your wrist action must still be pretty reliable after all these years and I have always seen it as 'Skew-whiff' (not 'whift') but, yes, it is a lovely word and one that has accompanied me since childhood.

We had no rain last night and only drizzle punctuated by short spells of somewhat heavier stuff on this Wed morning. At 16.14 the sun was shining (I am reminded of Flanders and Swan "In July the sun is hot / Is it shining, no it's not.")

See also comments on Monday's blog and 'Return From Holiday' which I have managed to resurrect from my notes! (it will seem somewhat prescient, referring as it does to 'skew-whiff'.