Friday, July 28, 2006

Nottingham Trip - Still Hot


"And I love to live so pleasantly,
Live this life of luxury
Lazing on a sunny afternoon
In the summertime"

.................................................The Kinks ---- whenever.

We decided after coffee on a spur-of-the-moment excursion to Nottingham. Not only do we get a tram-ride and Y can go to Bromley House, but I get to have my doorstop sandwiches at St. Peters and a quick visit to Waterstones. The picture is of the gorgeous seat outside the Church Hall where we actually eat our food and have our beautifully served little pots of tea. In silvery pots with additional hot water and a cute little jug of milk. A pot of tea for one makes a good three cupsfull. This courtyard is so lovely and this morning had the advantage of dappled shade. I hadn't chased the people away; I arrived around 11.45am which is 15 minutes before the rush starts. We made room on our table for a chap who was looking lost and he proved most interesting to talk to. Born in Colombia, emigrated to Stockholm and on holiday here. He asked if it was always so hot in Nottingham and we had to admit that it isn't.

While Y was at Brommers I went to the Big Man's shop and bought a pair of shorts. I didn't try them on till we got home, but they are fine. Not been so comfortable for weeks. Y says they will be OK indoors but I'm not to go out in them ! She may be weakening though, because at tea-time she said "Those shorts are growing on me". Whatever - it is almost bound to bring the heatwave to an end, and rain. Like washing the car. Before I got that far though I looked in Dixons at 32" TVs. Before committing ourselves we will have a good look around though, and we always like to compare John Lewis because we have always been so satisfied with the service. Particularly if anything goes wrong.

Waterstones as always proved an irresistable pull and I managed to buy only 3 books, and a little handbag-sized clip-on book light for Y. Before Bungus intervenes I must point out that the light is not 'the same size as a handbag' but is designed to be 'popped into a handbag'. He was pleased with the way the Clipstone Headstocks looked in the Blog. And I do hope that he soon creates his Blog - he will enjoy it so. And so will we ! We can all make impertinent comments on it. He He!

More Nottingham Pictures tomorrow - including the 'Leaf Stem' a piece of modern sculpture which I like.........................

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Bungus said...

How about that then! The purchase of shorts was my reason for wanting to visit Matalan. I've not worn them since National Service in Tripoli when we were accustomed to roll the waistband over and over (just like girls did with their school skirts in the 60s) to make them as short as possible to avoid being mistaken for officers.
I had considered 'cut-offs as an alternative but yesterday in Mansfield I saw a man 20 years my junior wearing them and decided that if I was going to look a prat it should not be that sort of prat.

I got a little clip-on book light from Netto many months ago. I don't think I've ever used it!

As you are already aware, the 'Leaf Stem' has other, less respectful names (think 'Erotic Gherkin) but I like it too, whether inspite of or because of ...

Incidentally, you may recall admonishing me (quite reasonably)in the early blog days for inadvertently using your surname in a comment and thus blowing your cover. I somehow got into a website (I won't say what) earlier this evening and there it was, bold as brass, with all your declared personal details. There are not many secrets these days, are there, Big Brother?