Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Still 35C in shade

Having photo upload problems again. So I shall press on and hope to put them in later.

As you can see, I eventually succeeded. Don't ask me why Picture 2 is such poor quality? 'cos I dunno the answer. They both looked the same when I uploaded them. Maybe it will have sorted itself by the time it reaches you.

They are both hover-flies. The second one, which includes the rather ugly house-fly, shows the hover-fly actually hovering. That's why you can't see the wings; they are moving too fast.

The car went in for service. Nothing major needed doing but it needed 2 rear tyres. One was technically still legal but wouldn't be in another couple of thousand miles. It hasn't been heavy on tyres though; these are the first I've had to replace in nearly 3 years.

Y insisted in cutting back stuff that was growing through the fence and forcing the panels apart but reason prevailed in this heat and she didn't stay out too long. Betty next door told her off because she hadn't put her sun-hat on.

After a light salad lunch we spent some time mastering our new NTL digi-box. There is certainly lots there and lots to learn. We've worked out that if, in the 'guide' the programme isn't in bold and there isn't a little 'mini-view' button, we haven't got it. But there is lots and lots that we have got. Tomorrow we are meeting Bob for lunch in Mansfield. Unusually Y is free and not at BJ because Steve and family are in Jersey. We used Google Talk yesterday evening and this evening we are going to try with the webcams. But I've been trying to get mine to work earlier in the day, but without success. Lets hope it works if 'he calls me' rather than me setting up a test-call........


Jill said...

I've got a Freeview box on 'my' tv in the dining room (R has Sky on 'his' in the lounge) - if you buy a copy of the Radio Times it tells you all the Freeview Channels, these are the same as the Digibox we used to have?

Bungus said...

How nice to see a Brinsley hoverfly; I believe the yellow bands are just a little wider than on the Ollerton variety but i am sure they would get on well together.
To describe the second pic as 'such poor quality' is a touch harsh but the difference could be minor camera shake, a zephyr, or a tiny bit out of focus (I have found with my cheap camera that this is very critical).