Monday, July 03, 2006

Last Tenby Pictures ? - OOer this heat

Just another harbour picture I s'pose but I love the reflections and the shimmer on the water. This was when the tide was in on our last evening.

I expect that a mooring in Tenby Harbour costs a bomb and, even if we have never been boaty people, I can see that it would have its attractions. David and family thoroughly enjoy their boating and its various pursuits.

Picture 2 is a close up of the Victorian Post Box opposite the hotel and it only used to catch the light like this for about half an hour each morning, so it was just a matter of being patient. This version is severely cropped to show the effect. The original includes the harbour in the background and I couldn't decide which to publish.

Even though it was quite hot at Tenby and we 'caught' the sun, we didn't seem to suffer as I have since our return. It doesn't bother Y. The hotter the better. When we were in the humid 'rain forest' biome at the Eden Project, Y said she would like the house to be similar. When Steven comes he jokes that he should have brought a towel 'cos it's just like a sauna. The 'sea air' though is seldom other than lovely. Today has been uncomfortably hot and sticky and if it is the same tomorrow I have decided to leave curtains closed, as they do in really hot countries. There is another big fan up in the loft, but with Y in London and Peter and Derek all away Y has given me strict instructions not to risk the loft ladder. Anyway, it is a Karen morning tomorrow and she will get it down for me. Ray is suffering similarly up in Yorkshire but they had a thunderstorm yesterday evening and he thinks it's a tad cooler. Rain and thunder are forecast for here tomorrow. Lets hope so, if it will cool things down. I'm nearly melting.

Number 3 is a friendly chaffinch who obligingly sang to herald our departure and came to perch on this bit of fence about 2 yards from where we were sitting prior to breakfast. I've always thought that chaffinches are so dapper. Sort of blazer and flannels birds who are probably called Gerald. Some expert will no doubt point out to me that this is a female; in which case Geraldine then!

After breakfast it was get on the coach and travel back home. I think the driver miscalculated a service area because, even though we set off just after 9am it was 12.15pm before we had a break. And I really suffered. In the car we stop each 40 miles or so, to move my legs and I can manage an hour in a coach, but 3 hours was pushing it. And how all those old ladies managed without a 'wee' stop I shudder to think. I know I should have told him to stop but we were eager to get home. And Mrs. Radiogandy was keen to catch the footie and the tennis. Listening on 5live is good but not 'as good'. Bungus tells me he caught an item about
'pickling walnuts' on 5live just after 5am this morning. It must have been the heat that got him up too.

I had a busy morning. Returned the solicitor's answerphone message, arranged for Pickfords to come tomorrow. and other odds and ends. Sorted out my new Flash Drive and moved a lot of important photographs onto it. Bob is still having Picasa problems .......... Ho Hum ... Life goes on.


Madeline said...

Glad the weather came up to scratch. It wasn't so good here, but we're quite a bit further north than Tenby, mid-Wales really. By the way, it's a male chaffinch, so Gerald will do! I've missed your blog, so I'm glad you're back.

Bungus the Fogeyman said...

I think the harbour might make the pillar box (or is it a rectangular postbox?) more interesting to non-aficianados of the post box genre.

I have found the heat more bearaable sitting out in the shade rather than being indoors - but I too have tried the Indian Curtain Trick together with windows open both sides of the house (plus the back door) to create something of a through draft.

Chaffinches are lovely birds with a splendid song. We have one that sits atop one of the dreaded cupressuses, almost justifying thebtrees continuing existence! And I can confirm Madelne' gender identification. The hen bird is much less showy - just a dull brown with a white flash down the wing (not hard to mistake for a sparrow at a quick glance in bad light).

Just when Sandra had conceded that she might possibly consider a coach holiday you tell me of 3 hours without a stop! Her absolute max is an hour, so that has put the kybosh on that idea! Nice opportunity to use the nice word 'kybosh' though. As good as 'skew-whiff' I'd say. The Longman Dictionary has 'skew-whiff' but even Mrs Byrne has not picked up on 'kybosh', which I suspect is from the Hindustani.

Anonymous said...

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