Sunday, July 09, 2006

A dull day - 19C and 50% humidity

I haven't gone all religious but I do have a sneaking love of Churches and in particular, stained glass windows. And it is after all a Sunday.

These were both on Caldey Island and the second one I would have missed if Y had not drawn it to my attention. It was down some steps - but well worth the struggle. I don't think it would be possible to achieve these lighting effects artificially. It has just got to be the sun shining through.

The last picture is of a door in the last Church and it's hard to believe that it hasn't been especially created with photographers in mind. I've no idea of it's age. Pretty old. And I've no idea if the inscriptions at the side are genuine and 'in date'.

As my title suggests the day has been cooler and the humidity quite low. The morning started with storm clouds scudding across the sky northwards and apparently arriving in Yorks so they must have passed over Bungus. Probably as he was exercising Ralph. There have been a few drops of rain but nothing serious.

Although I have had a fairly quiet day I seem to have done a lot. I printed out the BBC's 'moving house' checklists. They are rather good. And we have one from Pickfords too. So we can have one each Ha Ha! I also downloaded a very interesting service from The Royal Mail where you enter details of your move, plus people to notify - like Local Authority, Powergen, Severn Trent Water etc., and this 'Iammoving' service notifies them for you. I would have hesitated had it not had the authority of the Royal Mail behind it. It will even send email 'moving-address cards' to friends etc. Should save on postage but my guess is that Mrs Radiogandy will want to send at least some by snailmail.

I also researched Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire, our National Trust destination on Wednesday, and printed off some pages of interest. It saves buying a guide-book.

Tracy rang this morning to see if I was OK (as she does) and I had told her that one of my jobs for the day was to drag the garden-tubs into two groups - those that are going and those that are staying. She said, with her usual clarity, "Why not just mark them rather than drag them about?" Of course. Why didn't I think of that? My occasional bouts of stupidity are not a sign of ageing. I've always had them. A very good friend once said "Out of ten of your ideas Graham, nine are rubbish - but the tenth is brilliant" I suppose it's not too bad a ratio. At least I do now have the odd 'good idea' - I had thought, while I was so ill, that the pool had completely dried up.

I also spoke to David - enjoying the pleasure of Carsington Water again. Apparently yesterday was not too good but let us hope they've had a reasonable day today. I could hear the sound of happy interested grandchildren in the background so they would have found fun things to do. He has consulted with John and is coming over tomorrow evening to sort out the wood, tools and have a look at what the caravan-demolition entails. It will be a relief when it is sorted.

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Bungus the Fogeyman said...

Nice pics. My father always tried to avoid entering churches and would,never go in a library. The silence upset him as much as being on a bridge over a river. He did read a lot though; my mother changed his books every fortnight.

We had drizzle sveral times in the day but nothing to keep me in or stop me mowing the lawns. It was windy though, and relatively quite cool.

I think your 'tub moving' exercise is typical of MENSANS - even those who didn't stay long - and an offshoot of the 'Absent Minded Professor Syndrome'. I think your caravan siting may be another example. I once made a set of bunk beds; purpose designed for the room, with the top one projecting only two thirds over the one below. There were 286 screws in them and when we moved house I had to unscrew every one. Sandra has sometimes said to me, "For an intelligent man you are sometimes incredibly stupid". I take it as a compliment.