Sunday, July 02, 2006

Just a little more 'holidays' ...zz.....zzzz

You will have to excuse the Blog for not being in strict chronological order. The first picture is of the Catina Chapter of the Hells Angels, who I met on our journey out. My research tells me that Catina is in eastern Sicily south of Mount Etna, so they had come a fair distance to reach Strenshall Services on the motorway. Their bikes were fabulous, mostly Harley's, and we talked 'bikes' as language would allow and they had actually heard of the Triumph Bonneville. I sought their permission before taking the photograph (I thought it best ha ha!) and received a charming smile from the young lady. Isn't it amazing how much a pretty girl improves a picture? That's probably sexist or something but who cares.
Picture 2 is Tenby's new Lifeboat Station which houses the new lifeboat mentioned yesterday. Our Isle of Man correspondent tells me that the boat is Tamar Class; the first one commissioned, equipped with the latest computerised gizmos and can do 25knots. The Manx one, on which Manxislander turns out, is Mersey Class and only capable of 16knots. I obtained model-release authority to include Mrs Radiogandy walking purposefully towards the door.

Picture 3 is the Harbour and Quay around 10.15pm and I am quite proud of the result. I used the camera's nightscene setting which keeps the shutter open until the camera decides that enough light has been admitted. The whole thing seems fiendishly clever and certainly reaches much better exposure decisions than I could - LRPS or not! One needs a tripod 'cos the shutter is open quite some seconds. I just jammed my pocket-sized tripod in the top of some railings, composed the scene and the camera did the rest.

I didn't mention yesterday but when we opened mail, listened to answerphone messages et al , we discovered that our purchasers want to move in on July 27th. Ho hum. We need our skates on, but the date suits. Tracy can help, Joan will help and we are hoping that the boys will demolish and remove the caravan (one of the buyer's requests) and it certainly isn't worth taking the concrete-posted fence down to tow it out. It was a daft idea to put it there in the first place - not one of my better decisions! Also, our purchase seems to be proceeding. ...... Whether or not we shall be able to synchronise ?


Bungus the Fogeyman said...

Is it just me? or are Hell's Angels less intimidating than they once appeared to be? Having said that, 'The Wild Ones' does seem pretty tame now.

Now I know that, if I have to be shipwrecked, Tenby is a better option than The Isle of Man, especially if you get the mayor thrown in (as it were).
The night scene is very effective and seems pretty much Golden sectionin many ways.
I had always thought you to be an Associate rather than a Licentiate but I suppose the end of today's first para should have given me a clue.

Progress on house move seems to be proceeding well. here's wishing it stays that way.
In view of the imminence will you have time for anything else? To visit or receive visitors, for instance?

Please also see yesterday's comments.

Anonymous said...

The Hells Angels were positively angelic. If the legend on the back of their leathers hadn't said so, and Catina Chapter, I wouldn't have guessed.

Licentiate only I'm afraid and many years ago at that. I discovered that the £83 per year, for the privilege of putting LRPS after your name, didn't cause one to take better pictures.

Visits always welcome. And your comment as to your 'yesterday's comments' baffles me. There aint any.