Saturday, July 08, 2006

More comfortable weatherwise

Today has been much more comfortable, for me at least. 19C max. and 49% Humidity. And I understand that it's the humidity which has the bad effect on one. 49% is, I believe, unusually low. Bungus was kind enough to research the matter for me and I now know lots about the matter. Maybe even too much but it would be churlish to say so. Ray's succint explanation was more or less right anyway.

The pictures are easy to understand. The first two are Holyhocks obviously; dutch jobs which I grew from seed and if I went into the garage and found my seed-box, I would be able to tell you their names. But sorry! I don't know where the seed-box is. Picture 3 is also easy to explain. A casualty of photographing 1 and 2. I only meant to hold the rose-stem out of the way temporarily but I sprained it, so I cut it and brought it in and it now graces the dining-room table. I might have put it on the sideboard but it would look daft in Neales Antique sale-room.

Y has gone down to Palmers Green for the second of her three 'grannying' duties and comes back on Tuesday. Fortunately when I dropped her at the tram, I waited to see her safely on it. And it was a good job I did because there was an announcement about severe delays due to a road-accident blocking the rails at Radford Road. So she got back into the car and I took her to the Railway Station instead.

Bungus's 'uncontrolled duplicates' problem in Picasa seems to have been solved by using his SD card. He had, hitherto, just been using the camera's internal memory and producing 27 identical copies of everything, 26 of which he then had to delete. I'm getting on fine with my Web Albums version of Picasa. It is a great way to send photos to people and, in my opinion, beats one of its rivals Flickr by at least three lengths. The online storage capacity is enormous, and if 1000 images isn't enough, one can up it to 10000 or something - all safely stored on google's big computer up there in the sky. No need to burn CDs or DVDs as back-ups anymore, and FREE.

And I still keep making pleasant discoveries about Firefox. My cup overfloweth !


Bungus the Fogeyman said...

I think theoneon the left is either Arthur Hollyhock or his brother Fred. So the one on the right must be either Gladys or Ethel.

What do the last three sentences mean? I think I'll lie down for a bit.
(Please don't be upset - a lot of the things you have told me have been very useful. And remember, it was me what helped you understand Locoscript!)

Anonymous said...

I certainly have NOT forgotten Locoscript and our trusty Amstrad's. But I have had a fairly long gap between then and now and I'm a bit hyper-active with it all.

It's good to know that you find some of the things useful.