Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hot - Stormy - Clear evening

A most unusual day. Very hot still and humid. We went shopping this morning and spent a lot. It had been our intention to run-down the contents of the freezer prior to moving but as we are back to square one, I bought loads of stuff in the butchers. We are back now to our normal state of being able to withstand a siege of several months. When we returned, it was so overcast we unloaded in the garage because it looked so threatening, and about 5 minutes later the clouds opened. But that was only storm 1. Storm 2 came in the afternoon and was really fierce. It was so dark the streetlights came on and you couldn't count more than a second between lightning-flash and thunder-clap; which I've always understood to mean that one is in the centre of it.

Now the evening is here the cloud has broken up and the sky is quite clear. But it is still devilishly hot; 26C and 88% humidity.

David rang this morning and both girls are much improved. But the main reason for the call was to say what fun they were having with the bread-machine; watching the dough-ball being churned round by the paddle !! Ho Hum. They will have a great time with it; all those different bread recipes to explore and a house full of baking bread smell. I hope it doesn't lead to a big weight gain for them, as it did for me.

The flower picture is some crocosmia or monbretia, whatever - and I'm sure it also has a folk-name but I can't remember what it is. Perhaps one of our 'horticultural correspondents' could help? I don't know if it is my imagination, but it too seems rather early in the year. I was going to say that August seemed the right month - but it is of course the 22nd July already. Doesn't time fly?

I've been researching Wakefield Sculpture Park and Google Images as usual was productive. But with the images mostly being around 200 x 150 pixels they clearly didn't have in mind that you would download them to illustrate a Blog. Not to worry. When I have my own photographs I can bore you all to death with them. I had a nice WebUser PM message saying the reader was glad I had removed the adjective 'boring' from my WU signature about the Blog , because he didn't find it boring at all. More encouragement.......................


Bungus said...

We were further from the eye of the storm with only one really loud thunderclap. The cloudburst here started about 2.30 and was followed by steady rainfall. S, from an inspection of plantpot saucers concludes that there was at least 19 mm precipitation.
There being no TV of interest, we went down to the Snooty Fox in the evening and sat for an hour (on wet seats) down by the fast flowing, flotsam bearing River Maun, where it was quite cool. Cool enough to eventually drive us into the bar for the last couple of hours.

Might you suggest that David take the family on a laundrette visit? It may mean a journey of several days as these are now rare creatures but the visual wonder of the Breadmaker will be totally eclipsed by the spectacle of the several mighty Bendix machines with their multivarying loads and shifting unsynchronised cycles.

According to the book, Crocosmia is often confused with both Montbretia (perhaps because m. is a variety of c.?) and Tritonia (which is itself closely related to Freesia, Ixia and Sparaxia). Surprisingly, perhaps, none of them seem to have common or garden names.

Whatever you do, nurture that reader who doesn't find your blog boring 'at all'! That is someone you cannot afford to lose. I'd say 50% boring would be a good score. So you can well afford to offend me!

Bungus said...

While writing the earler comment I had an uninvited visit, not from the Kernel this time but from 'Port Scan'.
It read:
Port Scan logged;
Time - 23/07/2006 12.08.38;
Soc Type - Port Scan;
Severity - Minor;
Direction - Incoming;
Protocal VDP;
Remote Host -
Any ideas, anyone?

Jill said...

I would call that monbretia, and so would my Mum! We had lots in the garden where I gew up, and it used to flower at the same time as my Dad's dahlias (he won prizes), all the oranges and reds in one big glowing bed, which makes me hot just thinking about it......

I think you are right, am sure it was later on in the year, end of August/September?